I don’t generally hate Mondays, but I do have to admit that it’s my least favorite day of the week. Going back to the 6 a.m. alarm, stumbling around while I try to wake up, yawning profusely; none of these things are fun to me. And before you tell me to get more sleep, let me please inform the audience that even after a full night of sleep I still feel like death on Monday morning.

Chances are you’ve also felt like that on a Monday. So while catching a quick nap at work would be amazing, it’s probably not going to happen. Instead, try one of these ten tips to make your Monday a touch more bearable

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1. Make a playlist with Monday songs. There are many songs with the word “Monday” in the title. Try “Manic Monday” by the Bangles or “Monday, Monday” by the Mamas and the Papas.

2. Tell your cubicle neighbor about all the interesting things you did this weekend. Didn’t do anything cool? Pretend that you did.

3. Play some of your guilty pleasure, upbeat music on the way to work.

4. Nothing breaks the Monday monotony like looking at hilarious clip art. Check out these hilarious and horrifying clip art gems.

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5. Treat yourself to an extra candy bar. If you’re dieting, let Monday be your splurge day. If you’re going to feel miserable today, don’t let your lack of carbs take you down, too.

6. CAFFEINE. There’s no shame in an extra latte. If coffee isn’t your thing, indulge in another mug of green or black tea. Drinking anything that’s colder or hotter than room temperature will snap you out of the doldrums.

7. Get out of the building and take a walk during your lunch. Nothing helps the Monday blues like some vitamin D-rich sunlight. Exercise also pumps up your endorphins and gives you a chance to either vent your frustration or finally wake up. If you can’t pull yourself away for that long (or if it’s too cold), then just take a quick pop outside to fill your lungs with some fresh air.

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8. Think of how much awesome TV is on Monday nights. There’s Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Dancing with the Stars… There are also the occasional football or basketball games, depending on the season.

9. Eat breakfast. Seriously, you’re never too busy or in too much of a rush to skip your morning meal. Breakfast is essential when you need to focus on surviving Monday.

10. Look forward to something that you can only get once Monday is over. It can be a Kit Kat, happy hour, or even next Friday. Just create a mental goal for yourself.

And above all, remind yourself that it can’t be Monday forever.

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