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Tuesday Sucks! Here’s 10 Ways to Make This Day Suck Less

A few months back I wrote a post about how Monday sucks and how you can make it suck less.

But while Monday still sucks, Tuesday sucks even more. Think about it: you’re not fresh off the weekend, and the next weekend is still too far away.

Ugh. Tuesday.

So to shake off those Tuesday blues, try one of these ten surefire tips to make Tuesday better.

monday tuesday rebecca black meme
This is what her song should’ve been about.

2. Do a little spring (or winter, or summer) cleaning. Get rid of extraneous files, papers, and junk you’ve collected over the past year. I promise that it will make you feel productive and orderly.

3. Google your name. This is an excellent use of time for two reasons. 1. You can get a decent overview of your online reputation. 2. Content scrapers don’t generally get rid of the author name when they take and spin articles from your blog. Track these scrapers down and get your content back!

4. Imagine that you have an unlimited amount of money. Then go to Google maps and decide what street, bridge, intersection, or highway of Virginia you’d like named after you or your dog.

5. During a break, toss around a stress ball or play paper football with one of your coworkers. Even the slightest of physical exercise will get your body moving, your blood pumping, and help snap you out of the doldrums.

tuesday dancing girl
This girl is way too happy about Tuesday.

7. Instead of emailing your coworkers, get up and go ask them your question in person. Not only will this help you kill a little time, but you can also foster some camaraderie and get to know your fellow employees.

8. Attempt to take a really ugly Instagram picture. Use terrible composition and an awful filter and wait to see how many people still like it.

9. Continue your spring/summer/winter cleaning with your computer. Sort through your documents and pictures, delete unnecessary files, and create those folders that you’ve always meant to create. Organizing now will help you keep your electronic organization in control going forward.

10. Still feeling sluggish? Go read this article on Buzzfeed. If Ryan Gosling and/or cute animals can’t help you, then I’m afraid nothing can.

And above all, remind yourself that it can’t be Tuesday forever.

Have you tried any of these tips on a sluggish Tuesday? Anything else you’d like to add to the list?