12 Best Promotional Products for Lawyers

  1. Presidential stress balls
  2. Police car magnets
  3. Eagle plush toys
  4. Leather coasters
  5. House-shaped keychains
  6. Credit card mints
  7. Money-shaped stress balls
  8. Popcorn tins
  9. Webcam covers
  10. USB drives
  11. Stylus pens
  12. Padfolios

Back in the day, most lawyers advertised their services on park benches, busses, and even in the yellow pages. Fortunately, a majority of those practices are now outdated and replaced with more refined methods of advertising. Today, promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising and lawyers are taking note!

Get your marketing in order by using any of these promotional giveaways! They may just bring some personality to your firm.

1. Abraham Lincoln Bust Stress Ball

Abraham Lincoln stress ball

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and a statesman before becoming president? Not only is a bust of Lincoln unique, it’s also made with squishy foam your clients can squeeze to relieve stress. After all, it’s no secret that going through legal litigation can be stressful for just about anyone.

Who Can Use It?

Civil Rights Lawyer, Government Lawyer, General Practice Lawyer

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2.Police Car Magnet

police car magnet

While this magnet may not have flashing red and blue lights, the design will still catch the eye the way a real police vehicle might. Lawyers who deal with criminal cases or other traffic laws can use this item to promote their practice! A magnet can be placed on the fridge at home or at work, and there’s plenty of space to add all your information.

Who Can Use It?

Criminal Lawyer, DUI Attorney, Traffic Violation Lawyer

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3. Plush Eagle Toy

eagle stuffed animal with custom t-shirt

The bald eagle represents the strength and freedom of America, plus it makes a pretty cute plush toy. Just about any type of lawyer can use this item to advertise their services! If your clients have children, this is also a great item to have handy to put a smile on their face. 

Who Can Use It?

Civil Rights Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Government Lawyer

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4. Leather Coasters

custom leather coasters

Coasters are useful items to protect tables from water rings, so why not gift your clients with their own set to keep at home? They are a practical item that anyone can put to good use. Leather coasters have a high-end look and feel making them perfect for “thank you” gifts with your logo on top. You can even keep a set in your office to protect your desk when giving refreshments to clients that come in.

Who Can Use It?

General Practice Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Private Sector Lawyer

5. House-Shaped Keychain

custom house-shaped keychains

Buying a house is an exciting moment for your clients, so why not add a customized house-shaped keychain to their brand-new set of keys? The house shape can also be applicable to lawyers who work with families or child services. You can add your contact information so that your client can easily contact you with questions, concerns, or even with referrals!

Who Can Use It?

Estate Attorney, Real Estate Lawyer, Family Lawyer

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6. Credit Card Mints

custom credit card shaped mints

Mints are a handy item to keep with you whenever you need to feel refreshed. Not only can they help prepare you to make your opening statements, they are also excellent for clients. These credit card mints can easily slide into a pocket or briefcase for easy access.

Who Can Use It?

Trial Lawyer, Public Defense Attorney, Prosecution Lawyer

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7. Money Stress Ball

money shaped stress ball

There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of humor to your advertising. Humor makes your practice more memorable to potential clients! If your firm deals with finances, investments, or trusts, a stress ball shaped like a $100 dollar bill is perfect.

Who Can Use It?

Estate Law Attorneys, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer

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8. Popcorn Tin

custom popcorn tins

Snacks are something anyone can get behind. Popcorn tins are a great gift idea for your clients both past and present. You can send them out around the holidays, as a “thank you”, or as a warm welcome for newcomers to your practice. Once the treat you filled it with is gone, your clients can re-use the tin.

Who Can Use It?

General Practice Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Private Sector Lawyer

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9. Webcam Cover

custom webcam covers

Do you work to protect your client’s privacy? A webcam cover is a useful item your clients can use on their laptops at home! You can add your firm’s name or logo on this budget-friendly item for a personal touch. Consider keeping these in your office for any laptops or monitors that have cameras.

Who Can Use It?

Criminal Lawyer, Entertainment Lawyer, Malpractice Lawyer

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10. USB Drive

custom usb drives

There are usually a lot of documents to keep track of during any legal case. A flash drive is a great way to keep both yourself and your clients organized. Put all the important documents on a flash drive and give it to your clients. This helps cut down on paper waste, and it keeps everything confidential.

Who Can Use It?

Estate Planning Lawyer, Divorce Attorney, Corporate Lawyer

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11. Stylus Pen

custom stylus pens

Whether you’re signing contracts or just taking notes during a meeting, a good pen is a necessity for any lawyer. Keep pens with your firm’s name on them for clients to take home. This is an easy way to spread the word about your practice. Pens with a stylus tip are also great for touchscreen devices. And don’t forget to have a few logo pencils on hand as well, just in case you don’t want to commit anything to ink!

Who can use it?

Contract Attorney, Divorce Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer

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12. Padfolio

custom padfolios

During the next court appearance, you and your clients should look polished and professional. A padfolio is an essential item to help keep documents organized and confidential. There are compartments to store business cards, pens, and even phone chargers.

Who can use it?

Criminal Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Can a Lawyer Advertise?

Yes! Lawyers can and should advertise their services to gain new clients, network among other professionals, and spread their name locally. There are plenty of ways a lawyer can use their advertising budget with digital ads and even in print.

When advertising, lawyers should make a point to add a personal touch. An easy way to do this is to use promotional products like the ones features above! There’s no better way to make a personal connection than to give a potential client a useful item with your name and contact information on it.

Final Thoughts

Lawyers have a unique advantage when advertising because of the personal connections they build with their clients. Using promotional products to advertise a lawyer’s practice is a no-brainer because the items can help new clients feel important. Whether a lawyer is fresh out of school or established within a practice, advertising with promotional products is a smart business move.


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