2019 was the year of stylish drinkware, mobile technology, fun patterns, and throwback fashion. It feels like the year has gone by in the blink of an eye, but it brought exciting trends that we will be rocking into 2020!

Let’s take a look back on the trendiest promotional products of 2019.

  1. Transparent Fanny Pack
  2. Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers
  3. Mood Tumbler with Straw
  4. Reusable Straw
  5. Mermaid Sequin Backpack
  6. Reusable Confetti Cups
  7. Wireless Charging Technology
  8. Screw-on Lid Water Bottle
  9. PopSockets®
  10. Woodgrain Sunglasses
  11. Hemp Oil Lip Balm
  12. Unicorn Stress Ball

1. Transparent Fanny Packs

Transparent fanny packs

Fanny packs, a 90s staple, came back into fashion this year. If you are part of the 32 million people who attend music festivals every year, fanny packs keep all your essentials secured to your waist without having to lug around a bag. The best part? Most concert venues and sports stadiums only allow clear see-through bags, making this fanny pack a win-win trend.

2. Stemless Wine Glass Tumblers

stemless wine tumbler black

Stemless wine glasses have been a staple at dinner parties for years, but in 2019 stemless wine glass tumblers ware all the rage. They are insulated to keep drinks at the right temperature, and they come with a lid! These tumblers are perfect for sipping a summer spritzer in style.

3. Mood Tumbler with Straw

custom color-changing tumblers

These mood cup tumblers change color when filled with icy cold liquid, like your morning iced coffee.  Not only are they stylish, but the press-on lid and straw are practical for drinking hot or cold liquids on-the-go. The double-wall insulation will keep your drink at the right temperature so you can enjoy it all day long.

4. Reusable Straws

custom reusable straws

This year we truly realized the way our plastic consumption impacts the environment by being consumed by animals and clogging their digestive systems or airways. Each day, half a million straws are used across the world. Naturally, plastic straws were an item that people needed an alternative for, and reusable straws took the spotlight! This stainless-steel straw is collapsible to take with you anywhere, and even comes with a cleaning brush and carrying case!

Did You Know? 82% of people have a more favorable impression of a brand after receiving a promotional product.

5. Mermaid Sequin Backpack

custom sequin drawstring bag

Who doesn’t want to channel their inner mermaid with glitz and glam? This sequin backpack has all the mermaid vibes and even features reversible sequins with a different color. You can fit a change of clothes for the gym or a couple books and your laptop for the train ride to work inside this backpack. Not to mention, you’ll look adorable wearing it.

6. Reusable Confetti Cups

custom confetti cups

Reusable cups are popular not only in your home, but bars and restaurants are also getting in on the trend too. They help cut down on the waste from the half a trillion disposable cups produced every year. The design on these confetti cups takes the trend to a whole new level. The different color combination is great for celebrations or can be used as a souvenir and party favor.

7. Wireless Charging Technology

custom wireless charging pads

There is nothing more convenient than just resting your phone on a wireless charging pad and letting it charge up. A charging pad is perfect to keep on your desk at work or on your nightstand at home. You won’t have to worry about having a charging cable long enough or running out of battery, especially considering the average person spends 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their phone!

8. Screw-on Lid Water Bottle

blue aluminum water bottle

Take one look around the gym or office and you’ll see these screw-on lid water bottles nearly everywhere. Not only are they trendy, but they help cut down on the 1,000,000 plastic water bottles humans buy every minute! They come in so many different colors and designs that half the fun is picking out which style you want. The skinny bottle design allows it to fit in nearly any cup holder or bag pocket, and the screw-on lid prevents leaks.

Did You Know? Nearly 100% of consumers say they will go out of their way to get a promotional product.

9. PopSockets®

personalized popsockets

Taking the perfect selfie is an art form many of us are still trying to master. PopSockets® make taking selfies and watching YouTube videos with your smartphone easy. Gone are the days of losing your grip to take a group photo or trying to find something to prop your phone on to watch the latest tutorial.  They come in different colors and styles you can match your case to, too!

10. Woodgrain Sunglasses

custom woodgrain sunglasses

Woodgrain was a hugely popular pattern in 2019, which brings us to these sunglasses! They are not made of wood, but you’d never know at first glance. These shades are the perfect accessory to match any outfit and look equally great on both men and women.

11. Hemp Oil Lip Balm

custom hemp lip balm

Hemp oil is a fantastic moisturizer and protects and soothes chapped lips. In 2019, hemp oil exploded with popularity especially in the beauty industry. It is known to even have anti-aging properties! Lip balm is an item that most people like to keep handy especially during colder months.

12. Unicorn Stress Ball

unicorn shaped stress ball

2019 was the year of the unicorn. Well, not officially at least. From pastel-colored “unicorn” hair and makeup trends to popular Halloween costume, these mythical creatures are more popular than ever. This unicorn stress ball is not only cute, but it is made with squishy foam that’s fun to play with or admire on your desk.

Did You Know? 85% of people who received a promotional product did business with that company.

This year we had some exciting trending products, and there are so many more that didn’t make the list. 2019 was a year to remember for the industry, and it can only get even better from here!

Who Else had Trending Products in 2019?

2019 was a big year for marketing and advertising, with many popular companies thinking outside the box to create clever promotional products. In fact, several brands got in on the trendiest products for 2019 by putting their own spin on branding, Red Lobster got in on the fanny pack trend, and Starbucks was paved the way for color-changing tumblers! Taco bell even gave away branded backpacks for back-to-school.

And there you have it! 2019 was an exciting year for promotional products with trends for every industry and any customer. What trends will 2020 to the promotional products industry? Only time will tell!


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