13 Springtime Promo Items No One Should Be Without

Everybody in Illinois has been extremely happy about this amazing weather we have been having. Can you blame them? Warm spring temperatures mean spending every possible moment outdoors. Few things are more fun than grilling out and having a little party, right?

Well, promo products could be what completes the party, even though you may not know it yet. Here are the best promo products for this amazing weather, if you want to celebrate it!

Fun Flinger Football

Fun Flinger Football

Let’s start with the large foam football. Everybody loves throwing the good ol’ pig skin around! Whether you get a little game of “touch football” going or you prefer “monkey in the middle,” a football is always a necessity for outdoor activities. Toss it around, get a few random games going, and just wait for the time to fly! To mix things up a little bit, you may even want to go with the Fun Flinger Football. This especially comes in handy when you are impatiently waiting for your turn to play Bags or a heated game of ladder toss (which I’d also recommend when looking for a good time outside).

Colorful Sunglasses

Colorful Sunglasses

Since you’ll likely be out in the sun, you may also want a pair of stylish personalized sunglasses to shade your eyes. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting hit in the face with a football because the sun was in your eyes (which actually happened to me this past weekend.) If there are any youngsters at the party with you, keep them entertained with an adorable plush dog or a container of bubbles — they’ll stay out of harm’s way and you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt by a fly ball.

Confetti Seed Packets

Confetti Seed Packets

If you’re not particularly sporty but you love the idea of organizing a group activity for springtime, then give this a whirl: seeded confetti! These little packets contain brightly-colored confetti, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Once they’re in the ground, they’ll sprout beautiful flowers! Make a game out of it and you’ll have all the adults and children at your party wanting to join the fun.

Mood Stadium Cups

Mood Stadium Cups

What happens when you get parched from all the exercise? Hydrate, of course! Let’s be honest: Drinks are a major part of any organized party. Nothing sucks more than a warm beer or pop, so go with an insulated foam koozie to help fix that. For those drinking mixed drinks (or simply water or lemonade), a brightly-colored plastic stadium cup will come in handy. Or, try the color-changing cups if your goal is to make a big splash!

Jerzees Pullover Hoodie

Jerzees Pullover Hoodie

After you’ve had fun in the sunshine all day, it’s inevitable that the sun will start to go down and you’ll feel a little chilly. It is probably one of the greatest feelings ever knowing you have a random hoodie sitting in the back of your car. I would be very thankful for whichever company provided me warmth with that hoodie, especially if I stuck around for a bonfire with friends and family. In addition to the hooded sweatshirt, keep a collapsible chair and a sturdy umbrella in your trunk and you’ll be ready for any weather that comes your way! Or, if you don’t feel like keeping a chair in the trunk, sitting on the ground with a nice embroidered fleece blanket would be fine, too.

There you have it, the top promo products for this perfect weather! Don’t miss out on the best party because you were not prepared! Take advantage of this unseasonably warm spring season and get active before it gets too hot outside. After all, who says you can’t work hard and play hard?

What are your favorite springtime promo items? What’s your favorite warm weather activity?

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  1. Amy Swanson

    I swear I turn into a five year old when I’m outside and the weather is nice, haha. Give me some sidewalk chalk ( and I’m good for a of couple hours! I’m always a sucker for ‘Bags’ or just running around playing ‘tag’ 🙂

    I really just want to get outside now haha, fun post Jaimie!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Same here, Amy! i just LOVE being outside. And yeah, I am a definite sucker for bags. I have pool parties at my house all summer long and I am always sure that we play bags…my house my rules lol

      And yeah, sidewalk Chalk is always a good time

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    Excellent spring promo item choices, Jaimie! I’d also recommend a fun messenger bag so that you have a way to transport all of these great promo items to and from the party! It’s an even better way to keep that hoodie around! 🙂

    • Jaimie Smith

      Yes!! Because unless you have a HUGE purse, there’s no way you would be able to carry all that around easily. The bag would be perfect!

  3. Rachel

    I love all these suggestions! Now I want to go hang out outside! I think the Mood Stadium Cups are my favorite, mostly because mood-changing stuff is always fun. 🙂 Great ideas for the chillier nights, too. You’re right — having a hoodie on hand for an impromptu evening in the night air is always a plus. Thanks, Jaimie!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Yes!! I can’t even count how many times I would always have to ask someone to borrow a hoodie! I started to feel kinda bad (especially if I forgot to give it back) so i would start keeping one in my car.
      And I agree, mood changing anything is always fun. When i was younger I used to think I was so cool because I had a mood changing ring, lol. Mood changing cups are even cooler 🙂

  4. Jaimie Smith

    Same here, Amy! i just LOVE being outside. And yeah, I am a definite sucker for bags. I have pool parties at my house all summer long and I am always sure that we play bags…my house my rules 😉 lol

    And yeah, sidewalk Chalk is always a good time 🙂

  5. Jen

    I love that seed confetti! Great picks Jaimie, I love spring time!!!!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Me too, Jen! you should get some of that confetti for when you move into your house! We can celebrate that way, then you will have flowers sprouting around your new home! lol 🙂

  6. Alex Brodsky

    Cool post Jaimie!

    I love the football! It’s similar to “The Vortex” that John Elway threw over 100 yards and all the way out of Mile High Stadium! I grew up thinking I could do that too, and I very well could have been able to had I not torn my rotator cuff during a Tea Party with my stuffed animals: Snoopy and Mr. Mittens.

    • Jaimie Smith

      LMAO. Oh Alex, you def could have done that. It is highly unfortunate that you had torn your vertex during a sweet tea party.
      I still believe that one day you still can. Just add it to your bucket list, maybe Mariano and Little Girl Dolphin can help you achieve this! 😉

  7. Eric

    Collapsible chairs. Perfect for summer concerts, fireworks displays, all that good stuff. Far better than blankets. Back support + keeping you up and off the ground (take that, rain storm!) = Perfect Summer Promo Item.

    Nice post!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Thanks Eric!
      Chairs are indeed awesome!! But idk why, but I find myself a lot at bonfires actually WANTING to sit on a blanket on the ground, idk I’m just weird lol.

  8. Jill Tooley

    Since we’re on the subject of springtime, it reminds me of Easter…and you know what that means? EGGS! I think that silly putty eggs would be cute for kids in this kind of weather, too! I used to entertain myself for hours with the comics section of the newspaper and a container of silly putty! I wonder if kids these days still do that… 😉

    Nice list, Jaimie! I’m sorry you got hit in the head with a football! Sunglasses really can keep you safe, after all.

  9. Jaimie Smith

    Lmao yeah, it sucked, but I tend to get hit a lot with something every time I play anything so I am slowly getting used to it lol.
    But yes I used to love playing with Silly Putty. It could keep me entertained for hours. But I doubt kids these days are laying with Silly Putty, with technology these days. Its kind of sad, they are missing out on all the random fun stuff we used to always do when we were all kids.

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