When it comes to advertising, nothing is more important than a logo. In fact, 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo. Logos are visual and they’re everywhere, so it only makes sense that they’re subject to a phenomenon known as pareidolia – the tendency to impose a meaningful interpretation on an object where there is none.

You’ve probably seen faces on everyday items like houses or electrical sockets. Maybe you’ve looked at a cloud and thought it looked like an elephant. The logos featured here are also subject to the same misinterpretation, and the results are hilarious.

Here is a list of popular logos that look like something else. You won’t be able to unsee the logo perspective once you’ve seen it!

Watch this video for a recap of the funny logo perspectives in this list!

Vans Logo is the Square Root of Ans

1. Vans Logo is the Square Root of “ANS”

Here’s a math problem that’s unsolvable – the square root of “ANS”. The Vans logo may look like an algebra equation, but they’re very proud of their design, which was first used on a skateboard and eventually printed on their shoes. Today, millions of people proudly wear the Vans square root logo!

Pepsi Logo is a Fat Man

2. Pepsi Logo is a Fat Man

If you turn Pepsi’s logo into a person, you’ve got a guy with a too small shirt and a too big gut. After all, that’s what you get from drinking all that soda! Pepsi started using their globe logo in the 60s, and then dropped their name from the design thirty years later. Now we can all enjoy this funny logo perspective!

Tous Logo is a Big-Chested Bear

3. Tous Logo is a Big-Chested Bear

For more than 25 years, a teddy with tatas was unintentionally the logo for Tous. According to the jewelry store’s website, the bear embodied one of the brand’s most important values: “tenderness.” Some Tous stores still have the teddy bear on the wall, though they’ve fixed the legs so they’re less voluptuous.

2012 Olympics Logo Looks Like Lisa Simpson

4. 2012 Olympics Logo Looks Like Lisa Simpson

The 2012 Olympics saw over 180,000 spectators in London, even though many people hated that year’s logo. They found the geometric shapes too difficult to read, and worse, some even saw Lisa Simpson on the right hand side. This unfortunate logo goes down as one of the worst in history.

Dirty Bird Logo is Male Anatomy

5. Dirty Bird Logo is Male Anatomy

The Dirty Bird, a food truck that travels around Mississippi and NYC, ruffled a lot of feathers with their phallic logo. Despite the backlash, the brand has fully embraced their hilariously crude logo. Employees even wear branded shirts with the “Eat Cock!” slogan.

Airbnb Logo is Female Anatomy

6. Airbnb Logo is Female Anatomy

Airbnb started using this logo in 2014, and according to BBC News, it had immediate backlash. People on Twitter said it reminded them of “certain sexual organs.” The vacation rental company created their new logo as part of a total rebrand, which also included one of the best slogans of all time, “Belong Anywhere.”

Walmart Logo is the Imperial Crest

7. Walmart Logo is the Imperial Crest

Walmart’s “spark” fueled the imagination of Star Wars nerds all over the world. Fans claimed the famous logo looked suspiciously close to the Imperial Crest – the emblem used by the Galactic Empire. Darth Vader and his crew probably weren’t exactly thinking about low prices on milk when they created their logo!

Google Chrome Logo is Simon Says

8. Google Chrome Logo is Simon Says

Google is innovative in many ways, but it looks like they ripped off Simon Says for Chrome. Milton Bradley introduced Simon in 1978, while Chrome wasn’t released until 30 years later. The memory toy and browser’s logo both use the same color scheme, so it’s easy to confuse the two!

LG Logo is Pac-Man

9. LG Logo is Pac-Man

LG stands for “Life’s Good,” and life is really good if you beat level 256 in Pac-Man. Of course, that wasn’t the inspiration for LG’s logo. According to LG’s website, the letters and circle “symbolize the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology.” The company prides itself on forming close relationships with their customers, even if they see Pac-Man in the logo!

Adidas Logo is a Sinking Ship

10. Adidas Logo is a Sinking Ship

Adidas must have sunk a lot of money into designing their logo because it looks an awful lot like the Titanic when you add a shadow to the bottom. Adidas has been crashing into that Nike iceberg for years as they’re currently in the number 2 spot, making 45% less in annual revenue than Nike.

Dodge Viper Logo is Daffy Duck

11. Dodge Viper Logo is Daffy Duck

If you have a moment, flip the Dodge Viper logo upside down. You’ll now see Daffy Duck in all his feathered, loony-tuned glory! This logo perspective is a total accident since Dodge’s logo is clearly a snake. Still, you have to respect the crazy internet users who made this discovery!

Sunrise Sushi Logo is a Butt

12. Sunrise Sushi Logo is a Butt

You won’t be able to visit Sunrise Sushi today, but this Japanese restaurant still belongs on the list of weird logo perspectives. Just look at it, and you’ll see a big red butt sitting on top of a building. It’s hard to unsee this image once you see it.

Kids Exchange is Using the Wrong Font

13. Kids Exchange is Using the Wrong Font

A “Kids Exchange” is a place where you go when your kid’s clothes stop fitting, so they can be resold at a cheaper price. A “Kid Sex Change” is an entirely different service and probably not one the store offers. This unfortunate logo perspective is proof that a good font makes all the difference.

Chicago Bulls Logo is an Angry Robot Reading

14. Chicago Bulls Logo is an Angry Robot Reading

Reading robots sounds like the name of a tutoring center, but it’s what you get when you turn the Chicago Bulls logo upside down. The story goes that the fierce bull was created by a man named Dean Wessel in exchange for free tickets. Thanks to the success of Michael Jordan and the 90s Bulls, the team will reportedly never change their logo.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

A logo that works upside down is known as an ambigram logo!

Dishonorable Mentions

Sherwin Williams Logo is a Polluted Earth

Sherwin Williams Logo
is a Polluted Earth

Mazda Logo is an Owl

Mazda Logo
is an Owl

Onvo Media Logo is Two Turtles

Onvo Media Logo
is Two Turtles

Ford Logo Spells “Brat” When It's Flipped

Ford Logo Spells
“Brat” Upside Down

What Are Funny Logo Fails?

You have to wonder what they were thinking! Here are some hilarious logo fails that will make your day.

A-Style Clothing

A-Style Clothing

A-Style Clothing is an apparel brand in Italy. In 2004, the company, which takes pride in its gorilla marketing, posted stickers of their suggestive logo all over Milan. People noticed that the logo looked awfully provocative, and soon enough, news outlets picked up the story.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

Gamers love the Resident Evil franchise since it’s terrifying and fun to play. There may be zombies in the game, but the real scare came from this poster for the sixth installment, which looks like a giraffe engaged in a sexual act. Yikes.

Mega Flicks

Mega Flicks

Here’s another example of a font gone wrong. Mega Flicks, a video store in Florida, was ruthlessly laughed at for the sign outside of their store, which suspiciously looked like it said the “F-word” instead of “Flicks.”

Office of Government Commerce

Office of Government Commerce

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in the United Kingdom reportedly paid over $16,000 to create this logo, which looks like a man engaged in self-pleasure when you turn it sideways. Media outlets took notice, and the OGC had a few laughs at their own expense.

Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental

You may think this dental office, located in the Philippines, is actually a brothel when you look at its logo. The idea was to show silhouettes of the dentist and the patient in the chair. Unfortunately, it just ended up looking like fornication.

Cass Toys

Cass Toys

Cass Toys is a vintage manufacturer best known for their wood trucks, trains, and airplanes. This company’s logo looks like it says something else at first glance.

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

Junior Jazz Dance Classes

Nothing seems wrong with this logo at first. You probably just see a man and woman dancing. However, look at the design from the top down. Now you should see the top half of a naked woman. This logo is unintentionally obscene.

How to Avoid a Logo Fail

It’s easy for your brand to avoid making the list of logo fails. You just have to be sure that your design checks all of these boxes!

Doesn’t Look Like Something Else

Doesn’t Look Like Something Else

Stare at your logo like it’s an optical illusion. Is there any way that it can be seen as provocative? Do you see any words or objects other than what’s there? If you’re afraid of being biased, ask other people for their opinions.

Puts the Company in a Positive Light

Puts the Company in a Positive Light

Sherman Williams got a lot of heat for using a soiled Earth as their logo, especially in this age of global warming. Another company named Peak Medical had people shaking their heads when they used a flatlined pulse. Consider what your logo is saying before you use it.

Viewable at All Angles

Viewable at All Angles

The Bulls, Dodge Viper, and Ford logo look like something else when turned upside down. Same when you turn the UK’s Office of Government Commerce’s logo sideways. It may seem strange, but look at your logo from a variety of perspectives.

Uses the Right Font

Uses the Right Font

The font can really make or break your logo. It should be easy to read and shouldn’t be misinterpreted as saying something else. A poor use of spacing, or an “a” that looks like an “o” can destroy your credibility.

Is Totally Original

Is Totally Original

Your logo shouldn’t be confused with anyone else’s. It also shouldn’t look like the Imperial Crest or Simon Says as is the case with Walmart and Google Chrome. Make sure your design is 100% original.

People love their favorite brands and will go as far as wearing shirts, hats, or hoodies printed with the company’s logo. A logo is a success when no one is laughing at it, and it’s instead thought of as timeless!

The Bottom Line

There are so many people looking at your logo, and they come from all different walks of life. While you can’t help what they see, you can make sure your brand’s strong enough to overcome all memes and social media comments that come your way.

Just as long as you don’t release offensive ads to pair with your logo, it’s easy to do damage control. And remember – try not to make your company look like a butt or any other body part. It’s for the best.


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