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14 Unfortunate Logo Perspectives You Can’t Unsee

A logo can play a huge role in representing a company’s image. With that being said, a good logo is way better than a bad one! Despite many hours with the design team and the countless numbers of drafts, some logos should have never made it past the finish line. With a trick of the eye logos can transform into an entirely different image that is hard to unsee.

Warning: some of these logos may be offensive, however we want this to be a learning experience on poor logo design.

Let’s take a look at some of the most unfortunate logo designs out there:

#1 Pepsi

What do you get when you take Pepsi’s logo and turn it into a person? An obese person with their gut hanging out. Not only can this be insulting, what message was Pepsi trying to get across?  At least now we can never accuse Pepsi of false advertisement. From a marketing perspective, Pepsi clearly wasn’t thinking.


#2 Sherwin Williams

As a company, dreaming about having businesses all over the globe is an excellent goal to have. Unless you’re Sherwin Williams. Perhaps showing the Earth being covered in your paint was a great idea in theory, but maybe red wasn’t the best color choice? After all, droplets of red are typically associated with blood not paint.

sherwin williams

#3 2012 London Olympics

Logos should be easy to read and the message should be fairly clear to its audience. If your customer has to stare at the logo for five minutes and still not know what it is, then you’ve lost their attention. Aside from seeing the Olympic rings and the word “London”, nothing about this logo makes sense. Instead of showing some of London’s landmarks the designers chose random geometric shapes. Many people claimed that this logo had too close of a resemblance to a Swastika.

London Olympics

#4 Walmart

Mimicking another company’s design shows poor creativity skills. Not only that, but now when people look at your logo they’re going to be thinking of where they saw the design first instead of your company. Although Walmart first opened 15 years before the first Star Wars movie, they didn’t add the design at the end until 2008. Too bad the Galactic Empire beat you to it Walmart.


#5 KFC

Before KFC redesigned their logo, many people felt that Colonel Sanders tie made him look like a stick figure with a giant head. This one is a little more difficult to see compared to the others, but once you remove the jacket and background it’s hard NOT to see. Luckily, KFC listened to it’s customers and made Colonel Sanders look less like a bobble-head.


#6 Google Chrome

Google is mostly known for being a search engine, however they also felt they needed to become their own internet browser. When looking at all the internet browser logos it’s safe to say that they’re typically spherical. Therefore with this theory in mind Google’s logo for chrome makes sense. It’s basically the Google colors thrown into a ball. Unfortunately, their logo also looks like the nostalgic Simon memory game.


#7 LG

Just like Google chrome’s logo, we’re heading once again down the road of nostalgia. This time with Pac-Man! To be fair, the LG logo looks like a face, which was probably the original intention. But as soon as you alter it just a tad, it looks like the fruit-chasing, dot-munching character we all love. After seeing the logo transform into Pac-Man that’s all you can see as your mind reminisces on the good ole days.

lg pacman

#8 Adidas

This athletic brand has too changed their logo, but if you grew up in the 1990s the three stripes logo was around for what seemed like forever. After Titanic came out in 1997 people quickly starting seeing the ship from Adidas’ logo. To see this requires quite a bit of imagination since you must draw the rest of the ship. Once you see the logo attached to the drawing of a ship, it’s hard to see three harmless strips instead of smoke stacks.


#9 Vans

One may wonder why a popular skating brand would want a logo that looks like a math equation. Maybe Vans wanted to find the square root of ans? How rude of them to not let us know what the answer is! If you’re a math person this message is very easy to notice. Luckily for those of us that aren’t math people, the cash register does the math for us at checkout.


#10 Dodge Viper

It’s important to look at your logo from every angle. Sometimes logos look great when you’re looking at them head on, but flip it upside down and you get a completely different image. Dodge did a great job making their Viper logo look like a cartoon viper. At some point though someone must have looked at the logo upside down. This person also must have been a huge Looney Tunes fan, because it looks just like Daffy Duck.


#11 Weight Watchers

There’s a reason we have spaces between words when we write. Imagineifwealltypedlikethis. Wow, would that be a headache or what? Not to mention when we don’t separate our words it’s very easy for our brains to form other words in the sequence. Just like Weight Watchers. When you combine the words together the first word you see is “twat”. After all, who would want to join Weight Watchers with a logo that encases an offensive word? We sure wouldn’t.


#12 Kids Exchange

This is another one that desperately needed a MASSIVE space between the two words. For those that don’t know, a kids exchange is a place parent’s or guardians can take old clothes that no longer fit so that other children can find clothes for them at a much cheaper price. For many people consignment sales are necessary just to afford clothes. This has the ability to send a great message, however kids exchange means something completely different than kids sex change.

kids exchange

#13 Braum’s

Some logos have a great image and some have a great slogan. Others have both that don’t go together at all. Sometimes it’s best to pick one over the other. If you’re going to have an ice cream logo your slogan probably shouldn’t be “made hot and fresh”. Thank you, but we like our ice cream cold and not freezer burnt. On the other hand, if you sold pizza’s or homemade donuts that were made hot and fresh, sign us up!


#14 Priority Medical Services

Acronyms are great! Instead of having to type out “be right back,” you can now type “brb.” This is the same with companies. Could  you imagine having to say International House of Pancakes every time instead of saying IHOP? It would be exhausting! However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of deal. While this works great for some companies, others shouldn’t even go there. Priority Medical Services is one of those companies, unless of course PMS is their top priority.


Creating a good and effective logo can be tough. Sometimes, despite countless efforts of editing, the final logo doesn’t make the cut. Learn from bad logos and go back to the drawing board! The bottom line is make it simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.





Did you learn anything new? Which of these logo perspectives surprised you the most?

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