15 Wedding Favors for Movie and Music Buffs

My wedding fandom is no secret (if you don’t believe me, then check out the wedding favors category on our blog).

That’s why I never tire of showcasing the best wedding favors I find — there are always so many to choose from. Today, I’m featuring 15 favors for music geeks and film buffs.

Take a look and get inspired! And if you need any proof that promo products can make great favors, read about our Pinterest contest winner and items she chose for favors.-

Vintage Sheet Music CD Pockets: Etsy

Vintage Sheet Music CD Pockets by paperhill

Aren’t these so cute? All you’d have to do is slip in your custom CD mix! You can even order custom-designed recordable CDs here!

Find them here: Vintage Sheet Music CD Pockets

[Image credit to paperhill on Etsy]

Translucent Colored Maracas: QLP



Fact: Alcohol and maracas go together like Taylor Swift and her heartthrob of the month. I received similar favors at a wedding a couple years back, and I still have them!

Find them here: Translucent Colored Maracas

Popcorn-Shaped Cookies: Etsy


Sugar Sanctuary Cookies

If wedding DVDs aren’t your bag and you’d rather show your movie passion through fancy cookies, then these incredible popcorn cookies will get you excited.

Find them here: Popcorn Cookie Favors

[Image credit to TheSugarSanctuary on Etsy]

Gratuity Filled Bags (Caramel Popcorn):  QLP


What could be better than sharing a bag of popcorn with your significant other on a cozy night in? Nothing, that’s what. These bags would look adorable with a custom thank you message on them!

Find them here: Gratuity Filled Bag

Playable Mini Harmonica Pendants: Etsy

Playable Harmonica Pendants by fancinybeads

Okay, these mini harmonicas are beyond cute. Not only would they make memorable keepsakes for wedding guests, but they’d provide entertainment during those boring cocktail hours in-between picture-taking.

Find them here: Playable Mini Harmonica Pendants

[Image credit to fancinybeads on Etsy]

Music-Themed Paper Easel Frames: QLP

Music Paper Easel Frames

Customized frames give guests the ultimate keepsake: A vibrant photo of the happy couple! These can be turned to accommodate landscape- or portrait-style pictures.

Find them here: Music-Themed Paper Easel Frames

Movie Slate Highlighters: QLP

Movie Slate Highlighter


You won’t find a more creative highlighter set than this, especially if you and your beloved are film junkies. Kids will love doodling with them, and adults could use them at the office!

Find them here: Movie Slate Highlighters

Large Cow Bells: QLP

Large Cow Bells


Is Christopher Walken on your list of shared interests? You’re in luck. That fondness can be immortalized with your very own version of the “Gotta Have More Cowbell” meme!

Find them here: Large Cow Bells

Music-Themed Handmade 1-Inch Pinback Buttons: Etsy

Handmade 1 Inch Buttons by buttonempire

Mini pinback buttons hit two niches at once — music lovers and the retro-obsessed. Pair these cute pins with a custom thank you note and you’ve got an instant (and inexpensive) wedding favor.

Find them here: Handmade 1-inch Pinback Buttons

[Image credit to buttonempire on Etsy]

Guitar Pick Mobile Styluses: QLP

Guitar Pick Mobile Stylus

For smaller weddings full of technophiles who refuse to sever ties with their smartphones, you can’t go wrong with these guitar pick-shaped styluses!

Find them here: Guitar Pick Mobile Styluses

Guitar Pick Key Chains: QLP

Guitar Pick Key Chains

If traditional guitar picks are too plain for your favors, then you might like these mini guitar key rings that double as picks. We think they’re pretty rockin’, anyway…

Find them here: Guitar Pick Key Chains

Film Strip Picture Frames: QLP

Film Slip In Frame

Fancy yourself on the silver screen? These movie-themed picture frames will get you there without having to deal with all of the paparazzi madness!

Find them here: Film Strip Picture Frames

Electric Piano: QLP


Annoy everyone forever! Just kidding. Customized electric pianos are actually quite fun to have around when things start to get crazy at receptions. Even people who have never officially learned to play can tap out a few songs on this mini electronic keyboard. Sit a favorite niece and nephew at this tiny piano and label their photos Lucy and Schroeder.

Find them here: Electric Piano

CD or DVD Folio Holders: QLP

CD DVD Holder

You’ll want to go with this style of disc holder if longevity is more your speed. Your personalized message goes on the front, but the disc will be expertly presented within.

Find them here: CD or DVD Folio Holders

Music & Film Themed Stress Balls: QLP

music stressballs

If you’re looking for favors to fill your photo prop table, have we got the item (or items!) for you! You probably already know we love stress balls here at QLP, but what you probably don’t know is they can be some of the most creative props for fun wedding day photos.

Try ordering your favorite instrument for your guests to play with, like the guitar, piano, or saxophone. Or for a little more interactivity, order the Caption Bubble Stress Ball, which can have your custom message printed in the bubble, or you can just print your initials on the back of the bubble and let your guests fill in their own message. Caption bubbles are great for music and movie buffs alike, but my favorite stress balls for TV and film lovers are the remote control, film reel, and camera.

Don’t fret if you didn’t see anything you liked in this post. We’ve got a lot more products on our site that would bring you and your guests joy on the big day! Simply contact us if you need more ideas, or head over to our website to peruse the thousands of options for yourself. Etsy is always a smart place to look as well (but be warned — you’ll likely want to buy everything you see). There’s plenty where these great gifts came from.

Which movie- or music-themed favor did you like the most? Any more wedding favor suggestions for movie nerds and music buffs? 

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Main image credit to CottontailDigitalPress on Flickr.

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    Love both the etsy products and QLP’s products, Jill! My favorite is the guitar pick stylus though, how cute and functional is that?! Great findings here 🙂

  2. Cybernetic SAM

    These are really cute!!! I love the paper music sheet envelopes and buttons! These are all ‘totes adorbs’ as the youth of America would say! Great theme ideas!

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