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20 More Posts with Excellent Offline Promo Tips

Everyone knows how important it is to promote your business or organization, and one thing to keep in mind is that both online and offline promotions are equally important. Even if you are a company that does 95% of your business on the web, offline promotion strategies can still help generate leads and bring attention and traffic to your website. There are many companies out there that think just one or the other will work and help your company grow, but that is wrong: A combination of both can do so much more!

Here are 20 posts that discuss offline promotion, why it’s important, how you can tackle both online and offline promotion so you can work on dominating your niche:

  1. Business Know How | 7 Offline Website Promotion Tips – Explore various mediums for offline promotion from radio to the “branded stuff” mentioned in this article.
  2. InfoServe Media | Offline Promo Tips and Strategies – Traditional promotion methods can be used to promote a business online, but are they the most cost-effective options? This post is great for smaller businesses on a budget.
  3. RAMMS Multimedia Solutions | Offline Promotion Guide – Online businesses don’t have to be strictly promoted on the internet! This guide explains how to effectively use offline methods of marketing.
  4. SiteProNews | Offline Promotion Matters Too – A paperless office is fine, but don’t forget that potential customers live and breathe offline. Find out how to reach them at the source!
  5. Have you ever considered promoting your blog offline? You should: doing so can be extremely beneficial to your business.
  6. Freelance Directory | 60+ Unique Ideas for Marketing Your Business Offline & Locally – Online promotion is especially crucial to freelancers. This post shows how to walk the walk and talk the talk in order to get your name out there.
  7. | 10 Tips for Offline Blog Promotion – Ten tips that can help your blog get recognition – from bumper stickers to public speaking events.
  8. Freelance Folder | 6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Online Business Offline – Do you struggle with promoting your online company? These resources would all jive well with your existing online promotion tactics!
  9. | 3 Ways to Promote Your Blogging Business Offline – Blog promotion is a science, and this post covers valuable info to make the process easier to understand.
  10. Kanaga Siva | Offline Promotion Tips That Can Jumpstart Your New Online Business – Offline promotion is so much more than distributing flyers (although that is an important step!). Read about flyers and 8 other offline promo techniques in this post.
  11. Barrett Web Services | 10 More Ways to Promote Your Website – There are so many ways to promote your website or web business; here are some more tips regarding both online and offline promotion.
  12. Quick Online Tips | 10 Useful Offline Blog Promotion Tips – This article has 10 more creative offline promotion tips for you – including how to “get friendly with journalists”!
  13. | Offline Promotion Of Your Website – Have you considered classified ads as an offline promotion method? This post explains why classified advertisements are worth your while.
  14. Duct Tape Marketing | 5 Forgotten Offline Marketing Tactics – Tips and tricks for gaining a new group of customers through various marketing techniques and strategies.
  15. Technshare | 12 More Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline – This article includes advice about offline promo tactics that could also help you establish credibility in your field.
  16. Blogstorm | 5 Killer Ways to Promote Offline – Five MASSIVELY creative examples of effective offline promotion – including the use of a streaker to get the message across!
  17. ArtPromote | Offline Web Site Promotion – Offline promotion ideas that are relatively inexpensive, effective, and easy to implement.
  18. Design Your Way | 20 Offline Marketing Ideas That Work – A detailed list of resources for your online business; you’ll discover new ways to promote yourself offline.
  19. Small Business Newz | 6 Places to Leave Your Stamp OFFline – This post mentions cost-effective options that will get your name out there and noticed.
  20. Live Plan | 10 Effective Offline Marketing Ideas for Startups in 2015 – This post offers advice for boosting your marketing tactics.

Have you found that offline promotion works best for you, or are you more of an online promoter? Or perhaps you use a combination of both? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog!

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  1. QLP Jill

    Awesome list. #16 cracks me up! Apparently, streakers and offline promotion go hand in hand. What a crazy idea! Do we have any streak-happy volunteers to advertise for Quality Logo Products? Bret? QLP Kid? 😉

  2. Scooby DOO!

    When in doubt, ask bubba. That’s how the west was won, so says DROCK!

  3. QLP Kid

    I love this List!

    -QLP Kid

    “It’s How the Midwest Was Won…”

  4. Mr. B Bonnet

    I think it’s SUPER easy to forget about promoting your business OFFLINE when you’re a “.com” company.

    Ignoring offline promotion possibilities does nothing but cut yourself short. While the majority of commerce is indeed moving towards the internet, offline promotions still have their time and place. Reorder reminders, print catalogs, and don’t forget… PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS.

    Door hangers are my personal favorite! Who doesn’t love a good door hanger… OK… maybe most people, but for some reason they give me warm fuzzies.

    None the less, the best way to think of offline promotions when your an “internet biz” is to tie the two together. They don’t have to operate in their own silos you know – JK! Include your URL on all your print collateral, envelopes included. Increase customer participation by running a contest online offering branded giveaways as the award for winning.

    The list goes on… and this comment could EASILY become a post in it’s own right, so I digress…

    Hug trees, advertise online AND offline, and drink coffee.

  5. Campus Quad

    One time while in college and many drinks later, I was dared to go streaking in the UIC quad.

    Did I do it.

    You bet I did; the best part – the grounds crew was outside setting up chairs and tables in the Quad for what was apparently a college event scheduled for the the next morning and my antics not only earned me an applause (thankfully NOT campus security) but a snuggle buddy later in the evening.

    I guess I could have put a henna tattoo of my employer on my back at the time, but something about naked people and marketing does not seem like the kind of thing I’d want to be associated with!

    I love you Blue!: )

  6. BusyBee

    Thanks for the list. Should keep me busy for the next hour haha.

  7. Dave

    Excellent list, I have definitely picked up some new ideas and strategies while browsing these links. Thank you!

  8. Marchi

    Great article!

  9. Shakira Libby

    Keep it up!!!! All the things you have done are amazing!! You make our family proud!!!

  10. Shant Nalbandian

    Blogs inside the blog….
    Wow, great list of blogs… thank you for sharing these blogs.

  11. Vivek

    Thanks for posting 20 excellent promo tips. Each and every point is clearly understandable.

    Sincerely it suits me. We all like your blog.

    Please keep sharing.

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