The 20 Most Suggestive Brand Slogans of All Time

Does your mind go straight to the gutter at the mention of anything remotely suggestive? Yeah, mine too.

I can’t keep these slogans PG- or G-rated in my head. I just can’t. It’s too hard! (See what I mean? Even that was kind of suggestive).

Let’s just get to my picks for the 20 most suggestive brand slogans of all time, shall we? Here they are, in no particular order:


“Where’s the cream filling?” Really, Hostess? I don’t even need to comment on this one.


Chevy’s “Like a rock” slogan was everywhere in the 1990s, and Bob Seger’s song still plays in my head when I see it. But that doesn’t make it any less suggestive to me as an adult.


“You can do it. We can help.” Thanks for the encouragement, Home Depot, but no thanks. I’m good.


Gatorade’s “Is it in you?” is the dirtiest one on my list, by far. Call me immature all you want, but COME ON.


McDonald’s ditched their previous slogan, “We love to see you smile,” with the somewhat vague and mildly suggestive “I’m lovin’ it.” It covers a lot of ground.


I’m pretty sure the use of the pronoun “it” has been responsible for a fair number of slogan misinterpretations, and KFC’s “It’s finger lickin’ good” is one of those.


Don’t get me wrong, Haagen-Dazs is delicious! However, “Pleasure is the path to joy” sounds like a cookie fortune from an adult book shop.


“Reach out and touch someone” should be 100% clean, but somehow it’s not. Especially when you ask yourself why AT&T would advise customers to do a thing like that.


“It’s all inside” may be perfectly PG to those of you with unsoiled minds, but the rest of you get it. JCPenney’s simple slogan could be risque if you think about it.


The lack of pronouns in “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” gives it a racier tone than necessary. Although, we’d all be lying if we denied giggling at this slogan at least once in our lives, right?


When Burger King told you to “Have it your way” during a commercial, you probably thought of burgers. But if you saw the slogan by itself? Gutter.


Yeah, Timex’s “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking” made my list as well. My reasoning was: The slogan certainly applies to watches, but the question is, what else does it apply to?


To be quite honest, I had no idea what the “Where’s the beef?” slogan meant when I was a kid, so this one by Wendy’s remained innocent until I became an adult. No longer…


Maxwell House’s “Good to the last drop!” is only as racy as you make it. That’s all I’ll say.


The Almond Joy and Mounds debate isn’t over. Not by a long shot! “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t” was one of those instantly catchy slogans that everyone still remembers.


When I saw “Pleasing people the world over” for the first time, I didn’t know which brand it was for. Then, I learned it was Holiday Inn’s slogan. No further comments needed…


Yellow Pages still uses the “Let your fingers do the walking” slogan, and my mind still enters the gutter when I see it. How about you?


“Isn’t life juicy?” Starburst asked, unwrapping the waxy paper with his fingers.


Okay, I’ll admit, “Eat fresh” is kind of a stretch. Subway probably never anticipated this slogan being racy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think about it anyway.


I saved one of the best for last: Nike’s classic “Just do it.” Yeah, ’nuff said.

Which brand slogans are the most suggestive to you? Did I miss any racy, lewd, or colorful taglines that you’d like to point out? Anything else to say? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Wash

    How about “Prego: it’s in there”?

  2. Eric

    I think the Holiday Inn just needs to be a little less literal in their advertising slogans, and – with that said – I think they also take the cake when it comes to making an inadvertently inappropriate slogan. Although they are a more moderately-priced hotel chain, I don’t think it would hurt them to advertise a little more, uh…exclusivity?

  3. maham

    if you have more collection of world best slogans than please put them here

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