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20 Posts to Help You Get Noticed at Trade Shows

All around the world, people attend trade shows specific to their industries. For many companies, trade shows can help new people find them and bring in more clients. So what’s the hardest thing about having your company booth at a trade show? Getting noticed and emerging from the crowd of companies trying to do the same thing. Below you’ll find some informative posts discussing strategies you can use to stand above the rest so your company can get noticed, and more importantly, remembered!

  1. Make Your Booth Stand Out at a Trade Show– Features thirteen distinct ways you can make a memorable impression
  2. Common Trade Show Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them – Read about 10 of the most common marketing mistakes that exhibitors make and how to avoid them.
  3. Tips on Trade Show Etiquette and How to Be the Coolest Booth on the Block – More excellent tips (and giveaway suggestions) to help you become the booth that everyone is talking about at your next trade show.
  4. 7 Tips for a Winning Trade Show Booth – What does greenery have to do with raffles? Both could help you kick butt at your next public event!
  5. Trade Show Tips and Tricks – Barbara Wayman of BlueTree Media shares some more handy tips and tricks to help make your trade show booth a success.
  6. Tradeshow Exhibit Design Tips – This article will help you decide on the design and the color scheme of your trade show booth. This is an older post but it’s still very relevant!
  7. Even More Excellent Trade Show Tips – This handy little trade show guide goes into great detail to educate people about everything from space selection to staff selection at conventions.
  8. Top 7 Trade Show Booth Display Tips for Your First Show – Are you a fresh face in the trade show world? Never fear: here are 7 crucial aspects to consider.
  9. 10 Easy Ways to Stand Out from the Pack at Your Next Trade Show – Ten creative ways to rally attention to your booth: including the importance of a company mascot.
  10. Tips For Trade Show Booth Displays – This article stresses the power of the smile, among many other tips that you may not have considered prior to your event.
  11. Branding at a Trade Show – Some great tips to help your branding efforts and get noticed while at a trade show.
  12. Tips and Tricks “From the Trade Show Trenches” – 30 different tips that you may not think of or hear about often but are all proven effective and useful.
  13. How to Exhibit at a Tradeshow – How to pre-plan and get organized before even thinking of running that booth!
  14. Trade Show Etiquette – The rules of what to do at your next trade show!
  15. A Whole Slew of Trade Show Articles – A lot of top-notch articles to help you with your trade show display, all kinds of tips, tricks, and so much more. This is a great resource page for anyone looking to learn about better ROI from tradeshows!
  16. Top Ten Killer Tradeshow Tips – Here are 10 great trade show tips we’ve come across that are sure to make your organization stand out at that next trade show.
  17. More Tips on How to Stand Out at a Trade Show – “If you’re setting up a display at a trade show, you have to do more than just pay for a booth space, put on a nice outfit that morning, and walk in the door for your company to get real results. You have to think about how you’ll cut through all the ‘noise’ to get in touch with your target audience.” Read the post for more about this!
  18. How to Boost Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth – Some quick and easy things to consider (and skip altogether) when having an exhibit at a trade show.
  19. Where Do You Spend Your Trade Show Promotion Dollars? – Your money could be gone before you know it – don’t let that happen.
  20. Show Me the Money: Maximizing Tradeshow ROI – Advice on how to make the most of your trade show exhibit (and don’t forget to follow up!)

Do you have some trade show advice that you didn’t see listed here? Would you like to ask any questions about trade show or convention giveaways (or do you need suggestions)? The comments section is your canvas, so post away! Thank you for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog, and we hope you now have all the resources you need to blaze through the competition at your next special event!

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  1. BigThing

    Ummm…. one NOTABLE omission from this list is an article on “BOOTH BABES”! 😉

  2. QLP Kid

    I really think these are great points. I especially like 19, 20. It is really easy to waste money with companies that claim they are their to help. It is rare to find a company that truly cares about helping you rather than making money and you really need to focus on your ROI of trade shows.

  3. Scooby DOO!

    Not to be sexist, but sex sells especially for products geared toward men. Are you exhibiting at a CPA conference? Hire talent to hand out rate cards, brochures, and your custom imprinted calculators from QLP. Are you working at a computer fair and HAVE to move your latest and greatest video card? Have some plasma’s displaying whatever you can get away with (and that is age appropriative for the show), and have some women wearing American Apparel or Bella shirts that are imprinted with your logo. If you happen to order them a size too small, no worries. It goes the same when roles are reversed. Tell me that you wouldn’t sell more pots and pans at Martha steward exhibition if you had booth dudes, with just logo’ed aprons. Ok, the goal was NOT to get Bret or Tim excited,… I must digress.

    The key- know your audience, and remember, if your goal is to sell, then you MUST get noticed, stand out, and like that little tree on the forest floor, must stretch to get the sunlight!

    • QLP Jill

      @Scooby – You’re right! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I’d gravitate toward a trade show booth that had a beefcake or two! 😉

  4. LittleMissPerfect

    Thanks for the top 20 list, guys! I want to have my first trade show booth soon and I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to approach it. Out of all of these posts, I got the most out of #12. I never would’ve thought of most of those tips!

  5. Augustin

    I am impressed with this post……thanks for sharing this list!

  6. Kris J.

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    – Kris

  7. Jay

    Here’s an article that gives some good advice to novice trade show exhibitors

  8. Imagecraft Exhibits

    Thanks for sharing this article!

  9. james

    nice information

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