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20 Blog Posts with Tips for Offline Promotion

There are many businesses that only focus their marketing efforts in one place, either online or offline. What the most successful companies will tell you is that a combination of both is the best way to go. This will help you in all areas of your business because it will drive new traffic and build new customers so your company can keep growing. Here are some great blog posts about offline promotion strategies and why they are still important and relevant in this computer and internet-dominated world.

  1. 60+ Unique Ideas for Marketing Your Business Offline & Locally – Here are 60+ Unique Ideas for offline promotion for your business (there’s some excellent info in here).
  2. 4 Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline – A few helpful tips to get more people to your blog using offline promo methods.
  3. Understanding the Different Methods of Offline Promotion – There are so many great ways to promote offline, this article will help you understand many of them (an oldie but a goodie).
  4. Offline Promotion Guide – A great guide for promoting your online company or site offline.
  5. Offline Promotion – The Other Source for Potential Customers – 11 tips to increase the reach of your influence.
  6. Business Know How | 7 Offline Website Promotion Tips – Explore various mediums for offline promotion from radio to the “branded stuff” mentioned in this article.
  7. Offline Lead Generation Tips – 9 offline lead generation tips for businesses exploring location-based marketing.
  8. Merging Your Online and Offline Marketing Strategies – Some more great strategies for promoting offline to bring business online.
  9. A How To Guide for Offline Marketing – A handy how to guide to help you decide the best offline marketing to increase your business.
  10. Best Ways to Market Your Business Offline – Proven offline marketing methods to spend your money on.
  11. Offline Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business – Another great article with tips for offline marketing strategies to help your internet business grow.
  12. How to Generate Leads Using Offline Marketing Strategies – Good leads are the lifeblood of your home based business, or any small business for that matter.
  13. Difference Between Online And Offline Marketing – Good article discussing the difference between offline and online marketing.
  14. Interesting Article on Small Business Marketing Strategies – How To Use “Glazer-Kennedy Style” Small Business Marketing Strategies To Solve All Your Advertising, Marketing And Sales Problems.
  15. 10 Web Marketing Strategies For Online Business Owners – More great tips for marketing your online business offline.
  16. Get Your Online and Offline Marketing Working Together – Most businesses spend a large percentage of their profits on promoting their business online and offline to their customers.
  17. Offline Marketing Ideas To Explode Your Online Business And Profits – An excellent post with some top notch offline marketing ideas.
  18. How Offline Marketing Helps To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Profits – “Buyers are more likely to trust an website if they have seen it advertised or mentioned somewhere.”
  19. Bizness Apps | 10 Offline Marketing Strategies that Still Work Today – From business cards to speaking at events, there are a number of ways to make an impression offline.
  20. Integrating Online and Offline Marketing – A blog post explaining how you should not ignore either, both online and offline marketing are essential.

Have these 20 resources been helpful to you? Which do you think is more important: offline promotion or online promotion? Leave a comment or two below and share your thoughts. For additional information on promotional marketing or about promo products, then contact Quality Logo Products® anytime! Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog.

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  1. QLP Jill

    Offline promotion is definitely still relevant! I know people go crazy for online presence these days, but many don’t realize that it’s harder to succeed if you’re limited only to that.

  2. The Man of Mystery

    I think its VERY EASY to get sucked into the whole digital media craze and abandon or ignore offline marketing. I think doing so might prove costly for some companies. If anything, maybe with things turned on their head, that is, marketing budgets flowing towards digital as opposed to offline, offline or traditional marketing will become more cost effective! There is only so much inventory online, so as things become saturated, the LOW COST allure digital media has today will fade, and suddenly, offline marketing will become that much more attractive again.

  3. KB

    Digital advertising may only be in front of a potential customers for a matter of seconds. A good promotional product…indefinitely. The more face time you get the more you will be remembered and the more successful you will be.

  4. Joe

    I agree….

    The good companies truly understand the importance of having a great marketing plan not only online but also offline. Great post!

  5. Gregory Despain

    Interesting post, Thanks !

  6. Shakia Conaughty

    I discovered this blog a few weeks back but totally forgot to bookmark it – I wont make the same mistake again! 🙂

  7. Black jack

    I will have to come back here again – I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks!

  8. Darren

    One of my favourite offline promo methods is to get on the phone and talk to prequalified leads. I search local newspapers and magazines to get an idea of what people are already spending on their advertising, then I call them up. I get their permission to manually add their email address to a prospects email list. When the content rich emails arrive in their inbox they know what it is and open the email. It helps the clickthrough rate.

    Talking to people really makes that connection. A real voice in a meaningful context is so rare these days and deserves a renaissance.

  9. Selbys

    One offline marketing channels that businesses with longer sales cycle can consider is trade shows. In a trade show, you get the chance to meet with hundreds of decision makers. These are the people that decided on thousand to million dollar deals.

    And it will be very hard to close a thousand dollar deal with an add to cart button.

  10. Shant Nalbandian

    Thank you, for such a useful list of blogs for offline business promotion. This makes my work much easier.

  11. utpal panda

    It was a very useful list of blogs, nowadays digital marketing is trending a lot but offline marketing is equally important to do 360 degree marketing.

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