21 Posts about Using Promotional Products for Your Business

In my humble opinion, every business should incorporate promotional products into their ad campaigns. Promo items are great for helping new companies establish their brands and helping existing companies increase their sales and find new leads. When customers use promo items, they give other people a look at a company’s logo, and that just keeps generating interest. It’s the Circle of Promotional Life, you know?

Of course, I’m a stress ball and a company mascot, so I understand if you don’t want to take my word for it. Fortunately, there are plenty of other sources around the Internet that talk about why promo products are so helpful and how to choose giveaways that will knock your customers’ socks off (unless you’re giving away branded socks – you want people to keep those on, in that case).

Need some proof that promos are crucial and effective? Here are 21 articles and blog posts that discuss the power of promotional items!


It’s a document chock-full of statistics and survey results courtesy of PPAI, a trade organization for the promotional products industry. Need numbers to show why promo items are so effective? Start here!

The Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association explains what promo products can do for your customers. Don’t worry; there’s market research in here, too!

Hey, if a blogger for the New York Times’ small business blog thinks there’s something to this whole promotional products thing, you know it’s worth taking a look at.

In this post, blogger and college instructor Joshua Cintron breaks down the benefits for you. He teaches courses in fiscal management, so we think he knows something about a good investment in business advertising.

Just because online advertising is a big deal doesn’t mean that traditional giveaways are obsolete, as this blogger argues for The Huffington Post.

It’s another post from another industry trade organization – in this case, SAGE. SAGE exists to provide helpful research and business solutions for promo product companies, so you know there are some stats in here.

This article from the website of venture capitalist Evan Carmichael might not have been written by the man himself, but it includes plenty of information to suggest why promo products are a great choice for anyone starting a business.

When you’re investing in advertising, cost is a concern. Don’t we know it! So here’s an article with an infographic to soothe those fears and show you how cost effective promo items can be.


Here’s an article from a general business help site, full of all sorts of do’s and don’ts for the promotional products newbie. Branded chocolate in summertime? We agree – definitely an idea to reconsider.

Okay, you’re convinced that promo items are a good investment, but you don’t have to use them for just one event. Consultant Phil Gerbyshak uses the power of his awesome last name to suggest all sorts of situations in which promo products make great giveaways.

Who says that online advertising and offline advertising have to be two separate efforts? Not these two bloggers and social networking consultants!

You’ve probably guessed that there are a lot of articles like this on the Internet. Here’s one with a handy list of steps for putting that stress ball you love into action.

Is it better to give a gift that’s made by another known company, like Nike or EOS, or a gift with only your logo on it? What happens if you give a gift made by Nike that features your logo? (It’s possible!)


The article’s title is long, but the process it offers is simple. Marketing Sherpa shows you how to set up a promotional products campaign in five easy steps.

It’s great to get advice from business owners who have been in your shoes. See what established professionals have to say about choosing the right product for your business.

A trade show is one of the biggest opportunities you’ll have to get your name out in the world, so here’s a post about choosing an ideal giveaway for your next conference.


We’re a big fan of the fourth rule: come bearing gifts! Promotional products go a long way in showing patients some TLC and making sure any healthcare facility’s advertising plan is in good shape.

Here’s a compilation of promotional products that will add up to excellent exposure for any bank, investment firms, accounting office, or other businesses that provides financial services

Surprising no one, college students love free t-shirts. Find out what other promo items and advertising techniques are great for getting students’ attention at a university event.

There’s nothing quite like being able to give new homeowners the keys to their own domicile. Real estate agents know, however, that attaching a branded keychain to those keys is a nice promotional touch. See what else this article has to say about promo items for real estate.

You don’t just have to give your promotional gear away for free, you know. Plenty of nonprofit organizations have sold branded items to help raise funds for their cause, as this article shows!

* * *

Are you sold on promotional products yet? We hope so! Once you’re ready to order the promotional items you’ve always wanted, head over to the Quality Logo Products website and start browsing. We’d love to help you with your promo advertising. Got questions? You can always send an email (, pick up the phone (866-312-5646), or contact us on Facebook and Twitter.


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