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24 Blog Posts About Business Branding Strategies

Here is a collection of standout blogs that explain the nuances of brand marketing. Strategies, specifics of the process, and lists of correct procedures for building a strong brand are listed. Quench your branding thirst and check out these 24 resources to help you on your way to the top!

  1. Brand and Market | Marketing with Tags: QR Code Generators – QR codes can be scanned by smartphones via photo and take you directly to a website or phone number! Find out how to implement these tags for YOUR business.
  2. Brand Philosophy | Aspirational Brands – This post offers an explanation of aspirational brands like Ferrari or Dolce & Gabbana and how they are marketed.
  3. RawR Marketing | Social Media Marketing Tips – Tips on having a plan and strategy for using Web 2.0 social media marketing, including what to do and what NOT to do.
  4. KeySplash Creative | 5 Core Steps to Building a Business Brand Strategy – How to research, define, set long term goals, stay consistent, and persevere as you pursue strengthening your brand.
  5. The Marketing Donut | Ten ways to build a brand for your small business – Tips and strategies to strengthen your brand visibility and overall impact of your business, including logo and niche importance.
  6. SiteProNews | How to Use Facebook as a Branding Strategy for Your Business – Advice and how to use Facebook to market your business. Also points out Facebook page setup steps that will prove the most crucial for branding!
  7. PLAVEB | Brand Identity, Corporate Identity and Branding – A brief blog about building brand identity, corporate identity, and branding.
  8. Jacquie Ottman’s Green Marketing Blog | Brand Strategy – An informative blog about green marketing strategies, both online and offline.
  9. LogoTalk | The Basics of Logo Design – Defines the importance of logos, how to create them, and how to use them in a professional capacity.
  10. WAHM | Guidelines for Starting a Brand Strategy Consulting Business – Brand strategy consulting is in high demand. Find out what needs to be done, and known, in order to start your own brand strategy consulting business.
  11. Business Strategy Innovation | Your Personal Brand – An article about making a transition from personal to business marketing with Web 2.0 and social media identity.
  12. Personal Branding Blog | Twitter Personal Branding Q + A – Have you wondered about the appropriate uses of a business Facebook page or Twitter profile? That question and many more are answered in this post.
  13. | Guide to Developing a Business Brand – A brief guide discussing some common applications of branding, including how to discover your own brand and gain insight into popular brands.
  14. Blogs N Reviews | Corporate Branding: An Effective Business Strategy – How to use corporate branding strategies to initiate and maintain recognition of your brand.
  15. Marketing Pilgrim | 9 Cost-Effective PPC Branding Strategies – Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is profitable and easy, but there are many things to consider before signing up!
  16. | Brand Aid: The Basics of Branding – An explanation of branding basics – defining, solidifying, strategy, and equity development of your brand.
  17. BrandBucket | Using Your Website To Brand Your New Business Name – An explanation of why to pay attention to color, logo, content, and other valuable features of your .com.
  18. crowdSPRING | Branding Secrets Of The World’s Best Brands – An explanation of the most successful brands’ components, from a good name and logo all the way to consistency and value.
  19. Marketo | The Essential Skill Set for Modern B2B Marketers – An explanation of B2B (business to business) marketing and how it should work in combination with existing branding strategies.
  20. Grow Your Writing Business | Build Your Own Brand – Brand You – A guide to personal branding, what it entails, and its significance to the user.
  21. | How to Create a Powerful Marketing Message – A guide to creatively distinguishing your marketing in order to stand out.
  22. Diva Marketing Blog | Social Media Redefines the Brand Experience – How brand experience goes beyond customer use to convey an invaluable human experience.
  23. Pepperdine University | 8 Steps to Building Innovative Brand Strategy – A concise evaluation and breakdown of the brand architecture business model.

As you can see, brand marketing is so much more than creating a logo and advertising with it. Successful branding means establishing yourself across a variety of outlets and always staying one step ahead of your competitors. Which one of these blog posts has helped you accomplish your marketing goals? Which branding techniques have you found the most helpful?

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  1. Scooby DOO!

    Don’t forget ONE KEY ELEMENT; sell a product that there is a universal need for. Often times entrepreneurs fall in love with their product or idea so much, that they cloud their reasoning, and (falsely) believe they can be successful solely through good marketing. A good business starts with a great product (or service).

  2. QLP Jill

    You’re absolutely right, Scooby! Marketing and branding are important, but you need to have a quality product as a foundation.

    I enjoyed reading #2 on this list – I always wondered why so-called “premium” brands could get away with marketing themselves differently (and so much more expensively) than everyone else!

  3. Bret BRET

    Great post!

    In this day in age branding is more important than ever. I mean Google’s brand net worth, as recently measured by Nielson, is valued more than most counties total GDP!

    I think it’s best said… Thanks to technology; every person who visits, interacts with or buys from you can be a part of your sales force and marketing efforts OR they can be that for your competition…

    You decide!

  4. Business Marketing

    The most important thing to do in a blog post is provide good links.

  5. Daniel Wilson

    Great Article!

    I am also looking for same advice for my Branding website.It is very much important and technical point of view is also good.for beginner who are interested in Branding because each and every step is meaningful and easy to understand and it is also user friendly. I am going to share with others also.

  6. Fluid UI

    Hi, this is a great list. Working my way through the list at the moment. Thanks

  7. Elissa

    Very informative…

  8. Tanya Sharma

    Nice blog, list of blogs you provided on business branding strategies. Was really helpful. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Great list. Thanks for sharing this informative post. It’s very helpful.

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