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24 Blog Posts About Business Branding Strategies

Here is a collection of standout blogs that explain the nuances of brand marketing. Strategies, specifics of the process, and lists of correct procedures for building a strong brand are listed. Quench your branding thirst and check out these 24 resources to help you on your way to the top!

  1. Brand and Market | Marketing with Tags: QR Code Generators – QR codes can be scanned by smartphones via photo and take you directly to a website or phone number! Find out how to implement these tags for YOUR business.
  2. Brand Philosophy | Aspirational Brands – This post offers an explanation of aspirational brands like Ferrari or Dolce & Gabbana and how they are marketed.
  3. RawR Marketing | Social Media Marketing Tips – Tips on having a plan and strategy for using Web 2.0 social media marketing, including what to do and what NOT to do.
  4. KeySplash Creative | 5 Core Steps to Building a Business Brand Strategy – How to research, define, set long term goals, stay consistent, and persevere as you pursue strengthening your brand.
  5. The Marketing Donut | Ten ways to build a brand for your small business – Tips and strategies to strengthen your brand visibility and overall impact of your business, including logo and niche importance.
  6. SiteProNews | How to Use Facebook as a Branding Strategy for Your Business – Advice and how to use Facebook to market your business. Also points out Facebook page setup steps that will prove the most crucial for branding!
  7. PLAVEB | Brand Identity, Corporate Identity and Branding – A brief blog about building brand identity, corporate identity, and branding.
  8. Jacquie Ottman’s Green Marketing Blog | Brand Strategy – An informative blog about green marketing strategies, both online and offline.
  9. LogoTalk | The Basics of Logo Design – Defines the importance of logos, how to create them, and how to use them in a professional capacity.
  10. WAHM | Guidelines for Starting a Brand Strategy Consulting Business – Brand strategy consulting is in high demand. Find out what needs to be done, and known, in order to start your own brand strategy consulting business.
  11. Business Strategy Innovation | Your Personal Brand – An article about making a transition from personal to business marketing with Web 2.0 and social media identity.
  12. Personal Branding Blog | Twitter Personal Branding Q + A – Have you wondered about the appropriate uses of a business Facebook page or Twitter profile? That question and many more are answered in this post.
  13. | Guide to Developing a Business Brand – A brief guide discussing some common applications of branding, including how to discover your own brand and gain insight into popular brands.
  14. Blogs N Reviews | Corporate Branding: An Effective Business Strategy – How to use corporate branding strategies to initiate and maintain recognition of your brand.
  15. Marketing Pilgrim | 9 Cost-Effective PPC Branding Strategies – Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is profitable and easy, but there are many things to consider before signing up!
  16. | Brand Aid: The Basics of Branding – An explanation of branding basics – defining, solidifying, strategy, and equity development of your brand.
  17. BrandBucket | Using Your Website To Brand Your New Business Name – An explanation of why to pay attention to color, logo, content, and other valuable features of your .com.
  18. crowdSPRING | Branding Secrets Of The World’s Best Brands – An explanation of the most successful brands’ components, from a good name and logo all the way to consistency and value.
  19. Marketo | The Essential Skill Set for Modern B2B Marketers – An explanation of B2B (business to business) marketing and how it should work in combination with existing branding strategies.
  20. Grow Your Writing Business | Build Your Own Brand – Brand You – A guide to personal branding, what it entails, and its significance to the user.
  21. | How to Create a Powerful Marketing Message – A guide to creatively distinguishing your marketing in order to stand out.
  22. Diva Marketing Blog | Social Media Redefines the Brand Experience – How brand experience goes beyond customer use to convey an invaluable human experience.
  23. Pepperdine University | 8 Steps to Building Innovative Brand Strategy – A concise evaluation and breakdown of the brand architecture business model.

As you can see, brand marketing is so much more than creating a logo and advertising with it. Successful branding means establishing yourself across a variety of outlets and always staying one step ahead of your competitors.