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24 Wedding Favors for Geeky Brides and Grooms

Do you know how hard it is to find untraditional wedding favors that fit your personality? I had no idea until I got married last year and realized that the majority of catalog-featured gifts just weren’t my style. In an effort to save you some time and help you generate ideas, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite wedding-suitable gifts for nerds of all walks of life. No matter which type of geek you are, I hope you’ll find something here that you’ll like!

The Puzzle Geek

I don’t know a single geek who doesn’t enjoy solving puzzles! Share your problem-solving passion with your guests and customize one of these fun products as wedding favors. The Mind Trap 3D Puzzle (left) and the Maze Puzzle Pen (middle) are the most affordable options, but don’t disregard the Ball of Whack (right) for smaller weddings or for bridesmaid/groomsman gifts.

The Comic Book Geek

Whether you read comic books and graphic novels or design them, these adorable stress balls will fit right in with your theme. The Super Heroine Stress Ball (middle) and Super Hero Stress Ball (right) would entertain your superhero-loving guests (don’t forget to save one of each for a cake topper!) and the Caption Bubble Stress Ball (left) appeals to a broader audience. We also have an African-American Super Hero Stress Ball (not pictured).

The Word Geek / The Art Geek

Word nerds like me can’t resist a good word scramble or a good book, which is why I thought the Word Jumble (left) or the Deluxe Photo Bookmark (middle) would suit bookworm-types at a geeky wedding. Or, if you’re more of the “artsy-fartsy” type, then you might like the Crayo-Craze 6 Color Crayon Wheel (right). Although the crayons aren’t of professional quality, they’re presented in an unconventional way you might like.

The Gaming Geek

Geeks like all kinds of games – from video games and board games to role-playing games. I’ve tried to represent all of those types here! The Velour Pouch with Chocolate Coins has the best of both worlds: Mario-esque, foil-wrapped chocolate coins AND a convenient pouch to store your dice afterwards. The Perplexia Master Pyramid appeals to puzzle and game lovers, and the Game Controller Stress Ball is perfect for video game buffs.

The Toy Geek

Nifty gifties at your service! Believe it or not, before virtually every household had an advanced video game system, we geeks would stay entertained by playing outside. Two of my favorite Yo-Yo and the 9″ Value Flyer, make creative wedding favors for playful couples. And let’s not forget about the retro classic, Nutty Putty – bring back your guests’ memories and they’ll be putty in your hands forever!

The Nature Geek

Pay some respect to Earth at your wedding and give away gifts that reflect your green attitude! Encourage guests to plant a tree by giving them each a Tree in a Bag (left), help them cut down on plastic bag waste with the high-class Portrait Tote (middle), or get them to turn their thumbs green with their own Sprout Pouch (right). Mother Nature will thank you, and so will your fellow planet-loving guests.

The Tech Geek

I love receiving gadgets and gizmos even though I may not fully understand how to use all of them. With a little practice, even the most technologically-impaired guests will appreciate a Puzzle USB Hub (left) and its dual use potential. Tech geeks and retro geeks might also enjoy the Encore Music Cooler (middle), the cooler that’s also a speaker/amplifier with MP3 hookup, or the VoIP Internet Phone and Mouse (right), which is an optical 3 button mouse and a VoIP telephone!

The Math Geek / The Science Geek

Math and science nerds will find comfort in any of these three gift ideas. The 4-Color Calculator (left) is bold, colorful, and ready for you to express your personal message to friends and family. The Star Man Figure Stress Ball (middle) appeals to astronomy lovers and the Hydro Water Powered Clock (right), despite its somewhat redundant name, will render your wedding unforgettable!

Like what you see? These nerdy gifts are only the tip of the iceberg! If you have a certain item in mind, then just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it.