25 of the Best Blogs to Help You Learn Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to learn more about graphic design? Are you in need of comprehensive resources to help you improve as a designer? We’ve found 25 blog posts, articles, and websites to assist you in your design quest! You’ll find a wide variety of links here, and you’ll learn facts about web design, computer graphics, design tutorials, web banners, web development, Photoshop, WordPress templates, and much more. Read these 25 posts and you’ll be on your way to understanding the basics of graphic design:

  1. Vandelay Design Blog | Web Design Blog – An attractive site that provides quality resources for designers.
  2. Graphic Design Blender | Top Designers Discuss Why They Blog – Is it important to blog as a designer? YES! This excellent site explains why.
  3. All Graphic Design | Graphic Design Web Logs, Web Design Blogs, Computer Graphics & Digital Arts – Provides links and info to graphic design blogs, arranged A-Z.
  4. TutorialBlog | Photoshop Tutorials, Design Tutorials, Writing, Freelance Advice, Social Media, New Media, Art, and Design – An easy-to-use compilation of tutorials and blogs on graphic design, blogging, and more.
  5. Just Creative Design | Best Graphic Design Articles of April 2008 – A variety of graphic design articles that range from Photoshop tutorials and portfolio tips to CSS strategies.
  6. Graphic Design Blog | Can You Teach Yourself Graphic Design? – An explanation of how the author taught himself graphic design and how you can do the same!
  7. iThemes | Two Great Ways to Build Your Freelance Web Design Business with iThemes – How to profit from installing iThemes blogs and custom work for clients.
  8. Creative Nerds | How to Become One of the World’s Best Designers – An article on how to become one of the world’s top designers.
  9. Elegant UI | Web Design Magazines and Blogs – A list of web design magazines and blogs that would benefit any aspiring designer.
  10. Albert Lie | What Constitutes Good Web Design? – All about design aspects – graphic, web, photography, digital art, and all things related to design. Also, an explanation of good web design and what it consists of.
  11. GoMediaZine | Blank Canvas: How Do You Learn? – Graphic design tutorials, freebies, and advice by working artists and designers. A brief evaluation of what works best for different learning types with a link to graphic design tutorials.
  12. InspireBit | 25 Beautiful Web Banners That Grab Your Attention – An article describing the importance of an attractive web banner on your site.
  13. Evolt.org | The Best Web Development Tool Ever – A guide on planning web development.
  14. Observatory: Design Observer | Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes – A list of 11 (that’s right: 11) common things you will encounter as a graphic designer and how to handle them.
  15. Tutorial9 | Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tuts, and Resources – A list of tutorials and free downloads to help you with your designs.
  16. GoMediaZine | Design a Sleek Website Interface in Photoshop – How to design website interfaces with Adobe Photoshop.
  17. Ask MetaFilter | Learning Basic Graphic Design in NYC – Valuable advice for graphic design students.
  18. Digital Arts | Graphic Design is Back – A review of graphic design art.
  19. How2MakeaWebsite | How to Make a Website – Advises how to approach all steps of website production and offers free web design tutorials and traffic software.
  20. The Independent | Graphic Design is a Hugely Competitive Industry but It’s Worth the Effort – Explains the evolution of graphic design as a career choice.
  21. PSDFan | Learn Design Socially and Effortlessly – Teaches how to use sub-conscious inspiration and social interaction as graphic design inspiration.
  22. The Perfect Design Blog | 101 Graphic Design Tips for Business Success – Tips for the beginning graphic designer, including learning tips and how to profit from them.
  23. Website Tips | Logo Design – A list of articles on logo design and principles.
  24. UC Designer | You the Designer – Find inspiration and relevant articles and resources.
  25. Article Alley | Best Web Design Tips – A post about how to be more efficient and cost-effective in web design.