As a business owner, you’re going to need a memorable logo to stay in the public’s brain. From billboards to promotional pens, this is what helps you establish your brand!  

Many experts, scholars, and organizations agree – logos are insanely influential, even in this digital world. Without further ado, read up on why that’s the case and how you can create one of your own.

Here are 25 articles that discuss the importance of a good logo to a growing company:

#1:  5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Logo

Before you start creating a logo, you need to keep a few details in mind. This blog post from Quality Logo Products® breaks it all down.

#2:  How Important is it for a Company to Have a Great Logo?

The BBC takes a break from “Doctor Who” to bring you a comprehensive article about the value in company logos.

#3:  The History of Logo Design

Logos have been used for hundreds of years. If the ancient Egyptians and Romans found them valuable, then you should too!

#4:  How Important is a Logo to Your Brand’s Success

Naz Riahi, a contributor for The Huffington Post, discusses logo changes and what they mean for a growing business.

#5:  What Your Logo Says About You

Your logo is talking behind your back! Make sure it’s sending the right message by diving into the psychology of your logo’s design. 

#6:  The Importance of a Logo

Kris Decker of 99 Designs gives you five really good reasons why you should have a company logo. While you’re at it, check out some of 99 Design’s awesome services!

#7:  What Makes a Good Logo

A good logo has a few qualities that help it stand out from the rest. Read this helpful article and make sure your design checks off all the boxes.

#8:  The Art of Logo Design

Take a break from all that reading and watch a video on logo design from PBS Digital Studios. They talk to the experts to uncover what makes a logo work.

#9:  The Best and Worst Examples of Rebranding

Companies like Instagram, IHOP, and Spotify have changed their logos. Some of these work, while others don’t. Learn why!

#10:   What Makes a Good Business Logo

Take it from the experts at Design Hill – a company logo has to have a few qualities to be effective and get people talking.

#11:  The 50 Most Iconic Brand Logos of All Time

Be inspired by companies that have hit the jackpot with their logos. From Apple to Starbucks, this article from Complex talks about them all!

#12:  12 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

You know how to make a good logo, but what might make yours fail? Graphic designer Jacob Cass gives you the ultimate list.

Take a snack break from all these articles and check out some custom lunch bags! They’re the perfect place for your new logo!

#13:  What Your Logo’s Color Says About Your Company

The psychology behind a logo’s color is broken down in this infographic from Fast Company.

#14:  The Dystopian Future of Logo Design

In this digital world, where does logo design stand? This article from Roundpeg explores its future when it comes to our tech devices.  

#15:  The Evolution of Logo Design Trends Over the Decades

Music and fashion have changed over the years, but so too has logo design. Take a journey back in time and stay hip on all the trends.

#16:  7 Stupid Branding Mistakes Your Small Business is Making

Sujan Patel of Entrepreneur lays it straight and tells you how to fix all the dumb stuff you’re doing in branding, especially with your logo.  

#17:  The Do’s and Don’ts of Logo Design

Elle and Company’s article highlights what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your company’s logo design. 

#18:  8 Reasons Why Typography is Important

Sometimes your logo needs a word or two to complete the picture. If that sounds like you, make sure you heed this important advice.  

#19:  The Logo: Your Business’s Achilles Heel or Strongest Link

Mike Kappel, a contributor for Forbes, digs deep and gives you all the tips that take your logo from zero to hero.

#20:  Here Are the Interesting Stories Behind 15 Famous Brand Logos

Some of the world’s most famous logos have an interesting backstory. This article from Scoop Whoop talks about some of the best.

#21:  What These Logo Redesigns Can Teach You About Branding

Many companies changed their logos in 2017. You can learn a lot from them about redesigns and how they work for a company.

#22:  7 Reasons Why Brands Matter to Consumers

Part of building a brand is creating a logo. This is an important part of being successful as a company, as you’ll see in this article from Tiny Bully Agency.

#23:  The Psychology and Philosophy of Branding

Susan Gurnelis, a contributor for Forbes, breaks down how branding works and what it means to consumers.

#24:  How to Choose from 4 Types of Company Logo Design

You have options when it come to settling on a design for your company. The team at Deluxe discuss each one.

#25:  Why Small Businesses Need Strong Logos

Dan Antonelli of Entrepreneur offers advice to small business owners about the value in having a company logo.

From McDonald’s to Nike, the most iconic brands have stood the test of time because they don’t need words to tell their story. Take inspiration from them and follow the expert’s advice. Maybe your logo will become just as famous some day!

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Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa is a promo expert with over four years of experience in the industry. She is the Lead Copywriter at Quality Logo Products and has had work published for the Promotional Products Association International and the Advertising Specialty Institute.