3 Funny Stress Balls That Make Me Laugh

This post is almost pathetic for me to admit (because the fact that I would be sitting around looking at stress balls for entertainment is not something to be proud of). But there are soooo many different kinds of stress balls out there, and some of them are even designed to entertain. Everyone could use a good laugh, especially if stress or tension is involved. I don’t know about you, but I think giving people a hearty laugh is an effective way to make your logo stick in people’s minds!

Don’t believe me? Here are three of the funniest stress balls I came across that would make me remember a company’s logo:

Sumo Stress Reliever

Sumo Stress Reliever

Sumo Stress Reliever

The Sumo Stress Ball is one of my favorites because it’s a damn original way to spread a logo! This little guy is so badass. He comes fully equipped with a diaper and a huge belly to put that logo on! If you make customers laugh with one of your promo items, then they’re probably going to keep it around AND show it to others. Come on, people are really going to remember a logo that was stretched across a sumo guy’s belly!

Porta-Potty Stress Ball

Porta-Potty Stress Ball

Porta Potty Stress Ball

Be honest… this has to be funny to anyone. For once, you’ll relieve the stress by squeezing a potty instead of running to one! This would give me a good laugh whenever I squeezed it and I’d notice the imprint every time. Lighten the mood with this original stress ball, which really does provide relief (just not THAT kind).

Vibrating Milk Cow Stress Ball

Vibrating Milk Cow Stress Ball

Vibrating Milk Cow Stress Ball

This got me because 1) how many chances will you have to squeeze a cow and 2) how many times will you encounter a cow that vibrates? This would be perfect for dairy industry logos or grand openings for steakhouses, restaurants, or farm stands. However, this would also be a huge hit with any kids! Milk your advertising for all it’s worth and go with the cow!

Like I said… sometimes the key to campaign success is making people laugh. Give a promotional product that will stick in people’s memories, like any of these stress balls! Stress relievers are where it’s at! Now I just need to find another source of entertainment than looking at stress balls…

Which stress ball shapes make you laugh?


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  1. Doc

    I agree that the best marketing technique is comedy. Take a look at the Super Bowl commercials. When we’re sitting at the water cooler the next morning, we don’t talk about the lame commercials, we talk about the funny Miller Lite or E-Trade commercials that had us all in tears of laughter.

  2. QLP Jill

    We have so many cute and/or funny stress balls on our site that I don’t even know where to begin! The Flying Pig Stress Ball is one of my favorites, along with the Super Smiley Stress Ball (because it’s Bubba in a superhero costume). You picked out some good ones – you can’t help but laugh when you see the Sumo guy! 🙂

  3. JJ "Suite G"

    There are way too many stress balls on the site for me to be able to select favorites from among them. Several of them are quite innovative.

    Case in point: the Breast Stress Reliever!


  4. Bret Bonnet

    My all-time favorite is the prostate stress ball. It just spooks people out.

    It’s crazy to think we offer almost 1500 UNIQUE stress ball shapes. It’s true what they say; there is a stress ball out there for everyone – JK! 🙂

    • QLP Jill

      I still think that the Prostate Stress Ball looks like some sort of exotic fruit…like a pomegranate or something! 🙂


    Prostate stress ball is also one of my favorites!! ha ha 🙂

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