3 Innovative Personalized Gifts for Technology Lovers

It’s no secret that we are in a time of rapid technological changes. Everything is constantly changing around us and there’s not much we can do about it. For example, I recently heard that Sony Walkmans are no longer going to be made; it seems like every one was running around with one of those giant things not too long ago! Or how about HD (high definition) being the new standard on TVs? We went from having massively thick big screen TVs, to having tiny flat screen TVs with high definition being the norm. Technology is evolving no matter where you look, so it’s really hard to believe that it wouldn’t affect every industry and business imaginable.

Promotional products now are way different than the products available years ago. You can find products that are much more advanced and crazy than people could even imagine. I picked out three products specifically for this purpose: if you were to go back ten years and ask for any of these items, a promotional products professional would call you insane!

Credit Card Size USB Flash Drive (4GB)

Credit Card Size USB Flash Drive (4GB)

Credit Card Size USB Flash Drive (4GB)

The most obvious thing that would shock people from ten years ago is the fact that there are small portable drives that can carry up to 4GB of information. (Remember when USB drives didn’t even hold a single GB of space?) But I love how this flash drive is in the shape of a credit card and is easily portable. I can put it in my wallet and have it whenever I need to save information.

LED Mouse Pad USB

LED Mouse Pad USB

LED Mouse Pad USB

I LOVE this mouse pad! What a great creation…send this out as part of a special promotion and people will hang on to it. It has a built-in 4-port USB and a brightly-colored LED light-up base which gives it some color and style. What a great thing to have your logo on. It’s technologically advanced, it’s useful, and it looks good!

Blue Light Mouse Pad / Calculator

Blue Light Mouse Pad / Calculator

Blue Light Mouse Pad/Calculator

A mouse pad/calculator…. it’s the perfect accessory for a desk if you ask me. Throw in the badass blue light-up and the USB Hub (not to mention the 1LR44 button cell battery it comes with) and people ten years ago would have told you to get out of town.

These advanced promo items aren’t the only forms of technology taking over. It’s amazing how technology-centered (and even obsessed) we are these days. What would people have thought of this a decade ago?

The promotional products industry has obviously been affected by technological changes throughout the years, but what’s the biggest change you’ve seen?


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  1. QLP Jill

    These are all very cool, Joe! The Credit Card USB drive is pretty awesome, isn’t it? It seems like it would be a lot harder to lose than a regular flash drive (which is good for someone like me).

    And I agree with you that any of these products probably would have raised an eyebrow or two ten years ago. I remember when a 1 GB drive was practically unheard of…and now they’re practically giving away 5 GB ones like candy.

    Hard drive storage space is one of the major technology differences I’ve noticed. I bought a 500 GB external hard drive a few years ago for about $100, and now you can get 1 TB (1000 GB) hard drives for that price! Oh well.

    Great post! 🙂

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Sometimes I think that technology moves so fast I feel like I am going to have a seizure just trying to wrap my brain around it. And we grew up in one of the best generation of hi-tech inventions – if I feel this way I can’t imagine how my parents and grandparents feel. It’s times like these I understand why some people say “ta’heck with this, I want to go back to simpler times!” and become hill and mountain side dwelling hippies….unattached and unaware. Ahhhh, sounds good.

  2. Bret Bonnet

    Now only if more suppliers and distributors would evolve as fast as these technology PRODUCTS have. I’m amazed by the analog/mom & pop shop mentality this industry still has today.

    Hand drawn artwork? PO’s written on the back of a napkin?

    Come on people… get with the times….


  3. JJ "Suite G"

    The evolution of lower-cost and higher-quality printing methods is probably the biggest technological advancement that the “industry” has undergone, but as far as the products themselves are concerned, the items listed above definitely represent some of the cooler tech gear that’s now available. I really, really want one of those LED Mouse Pad/Calculators!

    And yeah, ten years ago I wouldn’t have believed that floppy disks would become obsolete so quickly. This dang-blasted technology just won’t let up! The demise of the Walkman does make sense though–I haven’t listened to a cassette since I was ten.

    Sony Walkman

    • Cybernetic SAM

      Really 10? Man I was still using cassette mix tapes until last year! I am just now realizing I am always 8 years behind technology…. Not now though I got a kindle! Woo woo!

      • Stantz

        You were still using cassettes last year!? You’re old! Get with the times, Oldie Hawn!

    • Stantz

      I did have a few cd walkmans in the mid-90s. In fact, the first one I had (and loved) for many years didn’t even have any skip protection on it! I was amazed when I could listen to a cd without it skipping all the time.

      There are some personalized mp3 players on the QLP site. Maybe this will be the hot promotional item of the future!?

      • ASneed

        In 2002 I got a Sony Walkman portable cd player, and that thing was the best! In fact, it still works! =) I don’t use it…..but it is still awesome and it doesn’t skip, ever! Woot!

        I am getting better about keeping up with the times…..sometimes it is best to wait a little bit for the upgraded version though. Like right now, I wouldn’t want a 3D tv, because they’re working on this technology now, so in two years there will be a much better 3D tv out there, so I’m waiting for things like that still.

  4. Cybernetic SAM

    Haha I was just talking about how much I miss discmans and walkmans this morning, they’re always reliable….. it is a bitter sweet end to a generation… REMEMBER 5 1/4″ FLOPPY Diskettes!!!!!!! haha I felt so cool using those.

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