$3 LED Flashlight Saves a Man’s Life in Haiti

As a regular Wooter (a.k.a. a Woot buyer) on, sometimes I receive email updates from them regarding their website changes or special offers. However, nothing could have prepared me for the email I received from them on the evening of January 20, 2010.

The subject line read: “A Little Bright Spot in the Dark”, and the body of the email mentioned a Wooter that purchased a “Bag of Crap” (the Holy Grail of Wooters everywhere: buyers receive three completely random items of varying values from the Woot warehouse) for a measly $3; one of the items he received was a Lumpod LED Flashlight, which he attached to his cell phone. And you know what? That “cheap” flashlight SAVED HIS LIFE by lighting his way while he was relocating to a safe place in Haiti after the earthquake.

I don’t usually say this, but OMG!

How amazing is that? Who would have thought that a $3 flashlight could have that kind of power? I was blown away by Woot’s blog post containing the full correspondence email between Bryan Meyers (the survivor) and Matt J. Rutledge (Woot’s CEO), which you can read by clicking here.

I obviously can’t take credit for any part of’s blog post, but I very much wanted to share this with our blog readers in hopes of spreading the word! Pass on this incredible story to everyone and encourage them to donate to a worthy cause. This incident is proof that even something small can make a monumental difference!

Woot has compiled the following list of legitimate donation sites, which I’d like to repost below:

American Red Cross
Telephone: Call 314-516-2782 or 314-516-2800
Text message: Text the word “HAITI” to 90999, and a $10 donation
will be given to the Red Cross payable on your next mobile bill.
Doctors Without Borders
Telephone: 1-888-392-0392
UNICEF Haiti Earthquake Relief
Telephone: 800-4UNICEF
Food for the Poor Haiti Earthquake Relief
Telephone: 954-427-2222
World Vision Haiti Earthquake Relief
Telephone: 866-280-6587
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

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