4 Promo Items That Help Ease the Stress of Flying

Flying can be a stressful mode of transportation for most people. Aviatophobia (fear of flying), claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces), and mysophobia (fear of germs) are just a few symptoms of airplane travel, not to mention the sheer boredom it can cause.

However, no matter how stressed out travel makes people, it is the quickest way to get from point A to point B and essential for anyone with a time constraint. Sometimes air travel is unavoidable for even the most severe of plane phobias! In an attempt to alleviate concerns and calm in-flight jitters, I have compiled a list of four promotional products that will ease the pressure of flying:

Aero-Snooze Travel Kit

Aero-Snooze Travel Kit

1. Aero-Snooze Travel Kit

This kit comes complete with ear plugs and a sleep mask. I find it hard to take naps on a plane, but if I’m able to muffle the engine noise and screaming children with ear plugs it could make the snooze a little easier. The mask will make you feel more relaxed, and if you do open your eyes you won’t feel awkward when you see the kid in front of you staring at you. Aero-Snooze Travel Kits are TSA-compliant, too, so it wouldn’t be an issue to take them along in a carry-on bag.

Airplane Stress Reliever

Airplane Stress Reliever

2. Airplane Stress Reliever

Stress balls are a great way to ease tension quietly. Just give the tiny plane a squeeze and feel the anguish melt away! Okay, maybe it won’t work instantly, but it will give you something to focus on for a while. You could count the squeezes…like counting sheep, it will help relax your mind and maybe help you fall asleep. The cute face on these airplane stress relievers works extra well for getting anxious children to calm down during takeoff.

Fold-Up Book Light

Fold-Up Book Light

3. Book Light

The plane’s lights become very dim after takeoff. Even though each passenger is allowed to use their own personal light above their heads, it’s not an adequate reading light in the slightest. A headache is the last thing that’s going to help a nervous person relax! A book light is brighter, easier to adjust, and super compact. It can be used for reading newspapers, magazines, and of course — books.

4. Travel-Sized Game


Fishing Game

If you’re not into napping or reading on a flight, then get a hand-held travel game. There are so many different options to choose from, like Sudoku, Poker or a Fishing Game. I’d also suggest the Puzzle Game or the Mental Block Game if you can’t resist a good brain teaser or don’t like electronic games. Whichever one you choose, just remember to turn the sound off (if applicable) as a courtesy to the people around you!

There you have it! Four kinds of promotional products to help ease a long flight. All of these products work well on their own, but you could also consider personalizing a bunch of them into a convenient anti-stress travel kit for your customers! Travel agencies, airlines, and trip planners would earn some brownie points for giving these away to concerned customers.


Do you experience any of the phobias I mentioned above? Can you think of more promotional items that would successfully reduce stress levels of airplane passengers?


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  1. Rachel

    Great post, Jen! These are all really good ideas–I like the travel game idea especially. Sometimes you just need to do something besides sleeping or reading that’ll exercise your brain a little differently.

    As for other promo products that can help during an airplane trip … My first thought is a neck pillow. I’ve used them in car trips before, and they are really nice when you’re trying to relax in an uncomfortable seat. It would go well with the earplugs and sleep mask, too! 🙂 This one looks cozy:

    • Jen

      Great idea Rachel!

      I didn’t even think about Neck Pillows, what a perfect stress reliever for a flight!

  2. Jenna Markowski

    Congrats on your first blog post, Jen! This was a great idea! 😀
    I don’t have any trouble with flying, but I can totally see how these items would help someone that does! Plus, the Aero-Snooze Travel Kit and the Book Light would appeal even to people who aren’t afraid of flying.

    I think another good one would be a pack of gum like this:, to help with the ear-popping! 🙂

    • Jen

      Thank you Jenna! I hate when my ears pop. Great suggestion!

    • Amanda

      Good points Jenna. I also don’t have trouble flying–besides some slight nerves.

      And great first blog Jen! Good product choices and a nice topic. Well done. =)

  3. Mandy Kilinskis

    Those Airplane Stress Relievers are adorable! Anyone a little nervous during take off would definitely appreciate one! And I can’t count how many times I could’ve used a book light during long flights!

    Great post, Jen! Welcome to the blogsquad!

    • Jen

      Yay! Thank you Mandy!

  4. Cybernetic SAM

    Great Post Jen! I think all these items and my ipod filled with soothing music would really do the trick!

    • Jen

      Thanks Sam! Good point, an iPod is an essential for me too.

  5. amy

    Great first post Jen! 😀

    I’m scared to death of flying and any one of these products could probably help me get over my fear. It’s not a promotional product, but I’ve found that Dramamine works the best 😉

    • Jen

      Dramamine is the best! I take it on long car trips and when I go to amusement parks 🙂

  6. Joseph Giorgi

    Very cool debut post, Jen! 🙂

    It’s been a few years since I was on a plane, but I know that my last trip would have been a lot more pleasant if I would have had the sense to bring a couple of these items along — particularly that Aero-Snooze Travel Kit. I seem to recall screaming children being quite a nuisance on my last flight. God I hate kids! They need to stay off my plane — and off my lawn!

    • Jen

      Kids and small spaces don’t mix well.

  7. Kyle

    Congrats on your first post, Jen! These were some great ideas. =)

    The travel-sized games are definitely right up my alley. Now if only I had an excuse to travel by plane…

  8. LK

    These are great promotional products for the fearful flyer!!
    I enjoy flying, but I would definitely still appreciate the Aero-Snooze Kit and a book light.

    Good post!

  9. Jen

    Thanks Kyle!

    California is nice this time of year 😉

  10. JPorretto

    Welcome the the Squad! Congrats!

    I try to play it cool when I’m on the plane… but yeah, I dunlikeit. So anything to help me sleep (non-drug related) or keep me entertained (also non-drug related) is a great suggestion! Thanks!

  11. Amanda

    Welcome to the blogsquad–or team awesome, as Jen said earlier, lol.

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