4 Reasons Why You Should Care About Promotional Items: Time to Give a Hoot!

Quality Logo Products has been around the block a few times, and we’ve helped TONS of customers find the promotional products they need to boost their advertising campaigns. But why should YOU care about promotional items? Here are 4 reasons why you should give a hoot about the custom merchandise that we have to offer:

1. Promo Items are Fun!

Even if you hate personalized office supplies, embroidered shirts, or imprinted drinkware (we don’t see how that’s possible, but let’s just pretend), then we find it very hard to believe that you would hate printed stress balls, custom puzzles, or promotional bobble heads! The world of promotional items is more than just the same old business cards or bumper stickers – our website literally has something for everyone.

2. Promo Items Get Your Brand Noticed

Without distributing logo-emblazoned goodies at trade shows and conventions, how will you get attention from the attendees? Sure, you could try standing on a platform and yelling in order to beckon people to your booth, but we recommend enticing them with some fabulous personalized handouts! Plus, after the show is over, those clients will have a token of your brand…which makes it much easier for them to contact you when they need your services.

3. Promo Items are Cheap Advertising

The promotional products themselves may be high quality, but the price is definitely dirt-cheap! If you can’t afford to advertise through a wide variety of media outlets (or if you can afford it but you need a supplement to your efforts), then personalized merchandise is the way to go. If you give people something they care about and something they actually want, then they won’t be able to stop talking about your brand!

4. Promo Items Can Provide Quick and Long-Lasting Results

Try comparing the cost of 12 months’ worth of advertising with the cost of promotional calendars. Big difference, huh? When you customize items like calendars, day planners, or appointment books, you are getting your logo seen by customers all year round – for a minimal fee. Calendars aren’t the only products worthy of mentioning; check out the Quality Logo Products website to discover 650,000 promotional items that your customers will love!

Do you have any questions about promotional products? Would you like to chat with us? Respond in the comments section of this page – we love hearing what people have to say. Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog!


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  1. Erika

    I couldn’t agree more, promo products are definitely a great way to promote and have a long lasting effect because they help people remember your company. The place I used to work for, which was a hair cutting establishment and we gave out brushes and combs with our logo, address and phone # to all first time customers and the results were amazing. I am now opening my own salon and plan on doing the same thing.

    • QLP Jill

      Thanks for your comment, Erika! Promotional brushes and combs are great options for hair salons – I’ve also seen salon owners purchase compact mirrors and little makeup sets with their logos on them, which is a clever way to get customers to remember you. If you need help finding any promo items in the future, please visit the Quality Logo Products site: We even have a live chat feature so you can chat live with one of our customer service reps if you have questions about a product. Thanks again for your comment, and good luck with opening your own salon! 🙂

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