Just Say No to Jargon: Why Your Terminology Makes Eyes Glaze Over

On April 5th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

You're making a gargantuan mistake if you think your audience whips out an industry dictionary every time they visit your site. You're also in for a surprise if you assume your customers are already familiar with your lingo. Do you have a product or service...

Marketing & Branding

10 Marketing Blogs That Will Make Your Job Easier

On March 28th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

Business Insider once declared marketing degrees to be one of the most useless graduate degrees out there. Statistically, those with graduate degrees just don’t see enough of a salary increase to warrant the cost of the investment. Does that mean there isn’t a need for...

Office Life

Do You Suffer from Attitude Parasitism?

On March 22nd 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being motivated by money. Hell, anyone who says they aren't is probably trying to suck up to the boss! But money isn't everything, and employees who show up to work and demonstrate they're there just for the paycheck are probably...

Industry Insight

24 Wedding Favors for Geeky Brides and Grooms

On March 16th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

Do you know how hard it is to find untraditional wedding favors that fit your personality? I had no idea until I got married last year and realized that the majority of catalog-featured gifts just weren’t my style. In an effort to save you some...


Is Apple Giving Original iPad Owners the Middle Finger?

On March 9th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

I’ve noticed that there is ALWAYS news about Apple. They seem to be updating their technology so quickly that people can’t even keep up with it, and all the newspapers are talking about the latest thing that will be coming out from Apple. Well, like...


Want to Be a Kick-Ass Entrepreneur? Think Like the Ghostbusters!

On February 21st 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?” This was the question asked by singer-songwriter Ray Parker, Jr. in 1984, when his memorable theme song to a blockbuster film introduced millions of moviegoers to the slimy, supernatural, proton-fueled business of ghost-busting. Sure,...


How to Use the Align Tool in Adobe Illustrator

On February 15th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

Don't get so frustrated with Adobe Illustrator that you throw a rock at your laptop. That's just not practical. Next time, keep this guide handy. Before you know it, you'll be an aligning ace in AI. Here's how to use the Align tool in Adobe...


Bring on the Nostalgia: 5 Retro Foods You May Have Forgotten

On February 11th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

The past few weeks I’ve been frantically searching the freezer section of all my local grocery stores for Special K Strawberry Waffles. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere I go, so the other day I decided to Google them and see what was...


Who Else Wants Normal Size Names? The Demise of Small, Medium, and Large

On January 28th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

Hey retailers: stop putting words in my mouth! There is a long-understood system of ordering, and it's not cute when you create your own language - it’s frustrating. The sizing system is one of the biggest examples. I can’t count how many times I've been...

Marketing & Branding

What are the Strongest Sports Brands and How Do They Continue to Dominate?

On January 6th 2011 By Kyrsten Ledger

BRANDING! We hear about it all the time and it’s a vital part to any industry (including sports). But what is branding and what does it have to do with so many industries? Most people reading this probably understand what branding is, but here’s a...

Marketing & Branding

Gatorade Rebrands and Expands into a Workout Drink Trio

On December 29th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Gatorade. I know there are no addictive substances in it, but I get crabby and irritable if I go too long without it. And if I’m close to running out, then it’s a relative crisis in my book. You...

Marketing & Branding

What Are Viral Videos and How Are They Effective in Marketing?

On December 23rd 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Searching for a new way to promote your brand on a limited budget? Viral videos might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Let’s first begin with the definition of viral videos. As the term viral suggests, these videos are very communicable as they link...


Forget the Two Front Teeth: Children Want iPads This Christmas

On December 20th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

“Mommy? Daddy? All I want this year is for Santa Claus to bring me a Tablet PC with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit screen that has multi-touch functionality and downloadable apps so can have my very own portable interface for all my web-based needs. Pweeeeeze?” That’s what...


eBay, Baseball Cards, and Disappointment: A Lesson in Supply and Demand

On December 17th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

eBay is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the collectibles market. It’s also the worst. Bad news first. I used to be an avid baseball card collector; I had a half of a ROOM set aside for baseball cards. My Ken Griffey, Jr....


Stumped by Holiday Gifts? Donate to Charity in Someone's Name!

On December 9th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no doubt that thousands of consumers are running around anxiously trying to make the perfect gift purchase for friends and family. It’s already the second week of December and admittedly I have not ONE gift purchased....

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