5 Brands You Should Follow on Every Social Network You Have

Any brand can claim a Facebook or a Twitter page, but only the dedicated brands consistently deliver on all popular networks. A few of them stand out from the social media sea by customizing everything they can get their hands on.

There’s pretty much a new must-join social site or forum every day, and these 5 brands never fail to woo audiences on the most popular ones: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr. I highly suggest you follow all of their accounts; however, I’ve included a section to highlight the best of the best. You can click the icons below each logo to see the networks with your own eyes. Enjoy!



Red Bull brand


Red Bull

Red Bull wants to be the first name in your head when you need to guzzle an energy drink, but they also want you to like them online. Luckily, that’s an attainable goal because it’s hard not to like them via social media.

In addition to the traditional Facebook and Twitter, these guys will also rock your world on other popular social networks. They’re extremely active on YouTube, with two or more video uploads each day. There are tons of sporty pins and related content on Pinterest. Plus, Red Bull is active on Tumblr, where they show off various reasons why people buy the energy drink. Heck, even their Google Plus account aims to entertain fans with videos, pictures, and discussion questions.

What they’re best at: Twitter. Red Bull kicks butt at all of these social sites, but their Twitter etiquette leaves little to be desired. They never miss a beat replying to fans or sharing their content, and their Tweets are always consistent with the brand’s somewhat wacky image.




What’s GQ? It’s a fashion magazine for men that also offers fitness advice and entertainment updates. But I’d argue that women would enjoy it as well, because there is no shortage of eye candy…

GQ’s Facebook has it all, from pictures and article excerpts to sneak peeks of future issues, and the same can be said of their Twitter (although they don’t share exactly the same content). Their Google Plus is full of eye-catching images and effective one-liners from their articles, and they often offer public Hangouts to drive engagement. Of course there’s plenty of fashion inspiration on Pinterest, and workout tips and interview clips on YouTube. And last but not least, the GQ Tumblr has mastered the art of snappy pictures and article highlights (and previews). There’s the main Tumblr (clickable above) and an account dedicated to fashion.

What they’re best at: It’s a tough call because GQ is so good at all of these, but don’t miss their Tumblr or Facebook accounts.




Amazon is a huge brand that receives praise all the time — have you ever stopped to wonder why? Well, it’s because they’re pretty much amazing at everything. Including social media.

Amazon posts Deals of the Day on Facebook along with random products they think people will like, and announcements and sales on Twitter. They’re not as active on Google Plus as they could be, but they’ve posted bestsellers and highlights there with great success. Pinterest has interesting products and categories in store for potential or current customers, and YouTube holds behind-the-scenes content. Just like the last brand I mentioned, Amazon has more than one Tumblr account (one dedicated to books and one to music) but it’s not as impressive because it’s a bit dusty. I wish they’d post more, because they were on the right track!

What they’re best at: Facebook, without a doubt. I think their Tumblr could be a much bigger hit if they resumed it, too.




Disney needs no introduction and you may already assume they know how to social media. You’d be right! Any Disney fan — adult or child — would enjoy their online offerings.

Their Facebook has lots of pictures, trivia, and even countdown images for future guests to share depending on how many days remain until their vacation. Twitter has shareable quotes from Disney movies and open-ended questions to get people talking. Google Plus holds a great mixture of GIFs, photos, quotes, pictures, links, and a little bit of everything. More than 20 categorized boards await you on Pinterest, all full of inspiration and fan favorites. Their YouTube is incredibly active but very broad, so you’ll have to wade through lots of fandoms to get to the one you care about most. Tumblr is well utilized and has everything from movie stills and memes to articles, just like Google Plus.

What they’re best at: Another tough call, but they do Google Plus a whole lot better than most brands I’ve ever come across. Their Tumblr is a must-follow, too.




ModCloth came out of nowhere a few years ago and has since become a powerhouse in the clothing industry. Their retro-inspired fashions are to die for! Although they primarily appeal to women, there’s goodies for the guys as well.

This brand’s Facebook and Twitter have mixes of everything: product photos, customer selfies, sale announcements, and style inspiration. Plus, they’re quick to respond to customer inquiries on both networks. ModCloth also has one of the most interesting Google Plus accounts, and they frequently invite fans to public Hangouts to participate in the fun. Pinterest showcases 20 incredibly active boards that’ll make you want everything ever. Their YouTube segments are inspiring and entertaining, with tips on decor, fashion, and makeup application, along with product demonstrations. And last, the company’s Tumblr incorporates all of the above and puts a bow on it just because they can.

What they’re best at: Don’t pass up their Google Plus, YouTube, and Facebook no matter what. ModCloth knows what they’re doing on all of the networks, however, so don’t miss out.

Are you tired of looking at cool stuff yet? I’m not, either. Any of these 5 great brands will entertain you to the max, no matter which social networking site you enjoy the most. So, that means you should drop what you’re doing and follow all of them right now. You’ll love it; I promise!

Shameful self-promotion alert: QLP is on all of the social networks above, too! We may not be a household name (yet), but we’re adamant about adding a personal touch to every network we join. Check us out sometime…

Which of these 5 brands do you enjoy following the most? Any other companies you’d suggest for the list? Which social network is your favorite?

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  1. Amy Swanson

    Fun post, Jill! I try not to follow ModCloth on too many of my social sites because I have a habit of spending an entire paycheck on clothes and accessories 🙁 Also, I think I’m going to have to follow GQ on all the social sites… to read the articles…. yeah, that’s what we’re going to go with.

  2. Bret Bonnet

    Red Bull yummy!

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