5 Desert Island Promotional Products: Take That, Cast Away!

I’m sure that at one point or another we’ve all played the game “Desert Island.” It’s pretty basic: each person playing simply has to list the five things (i.e. movies, music, books, people, etc.) that they would want to have on-hand if they were ever stranded on a desert island. It’s not a game of survival and there aren’t really any rules other than to come up with fun, hypothetical answers. It’s just a way of passing the time.

So, in the interest of being a bit more targeted, I’ve put together a list of promotional items that will no doubt come in handy when you want to turn a desert island into a bona-fide vacation spot!

Adult Flip Flops

Adult Flip Flops

Adult Flip-Flops

I can tell you right off the bat that it’d be nice to have some fun beach wear to bum around in, and what’s better than a fancy new pair of sandals?! Think about it: you’re not going to want those bulky sneakers of yours getting in the way of optimal comfort. These flip-flops are stylish and comfy—not to mention that they’re ideal for taking some very long walks up and down the beach, which is something that you’ll likely be doing a lot of.

Mesh Beach Chair

Mesh Beach Chair

Mesh Beach Chair

If your comfort level ranks as highly on your list of priorities as mine does, then how about bringing along a cozy new chair? After all, this is your private isle, and you’re not going to want to just stand all day! You can feel free to relax, laze in the sun, and enjoying soaking up some of those healthy rays. Lean back and take advantage of this chair’s padded headrest for hours on end. What’s to stop you? And if one part of the beach gets boring, just fold the chair up, pack it into its carry bag and head off to another!

Breeze Mini Fan

Breeze Mini Fan

Breeze Mini Fan

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gentle wind to cool you off whilst you sunbathe at your private getaway? Well, you can make that possible when you’ve got a handy-dandy mini fan at your disposal! Whether you’re hanging out beach-side or exploring the island’s interior, you won’t have to depend on Mother-nature to provide you with your much needed breeze. The high winds are at your command now!




If Cast Away has taught us anything, it’s that no one should ever be completely alone on a desert isle. So, I would recommend a promotional Weepul to bring along on your excursion! Cute, fuzzy, and always dependable—you never have to worry about bad conversation when you’ve got one of these fun sprites to pal around with (much like the Wilson volleyball that Tom Hanks befriended on his desert Isle). Just keep in mind that when you start having conversations with inanimate objects, it’s probably time to find a way back to the mainland.

Tripod Boomerang

Tripod Boomerang

Tripod Boomerang

Now, since you only have a Weepul as your island companion, you’re probably going to need some sort of secondary entertainment. Well, why not take a promotional boomerang? All you really need is yourself! Plus, it’s sort of like having another companion. No matter how many times you throw it, it’ll just keep coming back. There’s gotta be something to be said for that, right?

Altogether, it makes sense to have a good mix of fun, fashion, relaxation, entertainment, and friendship when it comes to the perfect desert island fantasy!

How about you? What kind of promotional items or giveaways would strike your fancy if you were stuck on a private isle? What would you choose for your co-workers, employees, and friends?

Serenity Morris

Serenity is on the support staff for Quality Logo Products. Cynical and straight to the point, this no-nonsense gal is loveable and passionate about her various nerdy interests. When she is not geeking out about music, British television, and politics she is usually doodling her troubles away! Her artistic abilities are often commissioned for internal and external QLP promotional materials. You can also connect with Serenity on Google+.


  1. Ness

    I would probably also bring a case of these bad boys with me. I would assume it would come in handy. 😉

  2. Vernon

    I would have thought the “Promotional” Speed Boat would have made this list as well as the “Promotional” Flare Gun!?!?

  3. Juliette

    I have to admit, I was one of those who thought Wilson should have received a nomination for best supporting actor. I mean, who didn’t get tearful when he floated away?

    And as a very pale girl of Irish/Scottish heritage, I think I’d have to hope for some promotional sunscreen to protect me till I got used to the sun!

    • Bret Bonnet

      Doh! Sunscreen – how did we forget that! 🙂

      • Juliette

        Trust me, I forget it far too often…and suffer the consequences. Ouch!

  4. Jill Tooley

    Just thinking about a desert island makes me imagine sand…which, in turn, makes me think of California and how much I’d love to be there right now. If this snowstorm is truly the blizzard that we’ll be talking about for years to come, then that means we’ll have plenty of snow on the ground for the next couple months. ::SIGH::

    Seriously though, this is an excellent post! I play Desert Island all the time, but I’ve never played it with promotional products. You picked some really good ones, but here’s my list:

    A towel (what, I can’t be dry on a deserted island?)
    A windproof umbrella (for the shade, of course)
    A floating container (for my makeshift message in a bottle)
    An inflatable monkey (for the good conversation)
    An LED spotlight (so I don’t have to stay forever)

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to “Dwight Schrute” this and pick practical products…I tried to get a nice combo of impractical/useful in there! 😉

    P.S. I love the Weepul – he’s so cute!

    • Juliette

      Jill, you are definitely a hoopy frood who really knows where her towel is. 😉 (couldn’t resist a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference)

    • Cybernetic SAM

      yes! major kudos for the towel reference!

  5. Bret Bonnet

    Great blog post Serenity!

    Interesting timing also as I just finished watching the movie “Buried” with my wife last night and that got me REALLY thinking…

    For one, I’d take being stranded on a tropical island vs. being buried alive in a wooden box in the middle of the Iraqi dessert any day of the week, but the one thing that I kept thinking to myself was… When in your a tight spot, or stranded in this case; and you’re all alone – there is something comforting about LIGHT.

    Matches can get wet. Lighters run out of lighter fluid eventually, and glow sticks run out of glow… So why not pack a crank flashlight like this bad boy: with you before the next time you set sail?

    Now I agree, Weepuls are fun, cute, and all… but I’d much rather have a “Bubba” on tap when having conversations with an inanimate object! 🙂

    • Juliette

      Awesome point! Crank flashlights are extremely handy. I have a small one attached to my backpack. Came in handy while camping back in September.

      • Yowhatup!

        Just saw Buried myself…

        I hated the movie. Made me sick half of the time because the whole damn thing was in that box!!

  6. JPorretto

    Sam!! Way to write a good one!

    I’d just want a crate of golf balls air dropped:

    and a sand wedge. Then when I’m rescued maybe it wouldn’t take me 5 tries to get out of the damn sand trap =)

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Ahhhh! I hate sand traps with every fiber of my being!

  7. Joseph Giorgi

    Oh, how I wish it were possible to walk a few blocks to the nearest beach, set up a mesh chair, don my sandals, and enjoy the mid-afternoon heat. Sadly, I live in the Midwest, where—if current weather conditions are any indication—God has apparently decided to kick-start the second Ice Age. Needless to say, outdoor fun isn’t exactly in the cards, but I guess it’s nice to daydream about it.

    One day soon, our fickle sun will cast its life-giving warmth upon us and allow us to enjoy the simple pleasures of living. Then again, maybe it won’t. Maybe our sun has forgotten and abandoned us.

    Winter is depressing. 🙁

    Thanks a lot, Sam.

    • Vernon

      Well I am ready to face the abyss now thanks to your post!!! O_o

  8. Kyle

    I wish I could be stranded on a desert island for a couple of days just to avoid the upcoming blizzard later today… Oh well, it’s fun playing the “desert island” game regardless and all of the products mentioned would be great to have, especially the mini fan to combat the scorching heat. Why can’t we mix our blizzard with some desert island to get a more bearable climate? 🙂 One can only wish…

  9. TG

    Don’t forget about your own personalized water bottle to drink cocktails out of 🙂 Or in instances like today hot chocolate may be more appropriate.

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