5 Luxury Promotional Products Made for Lucky Lottery Winners

Do you ever have those days where you just feel really lucky? What do you do when you’re in that sort of mindset?

Many confident people play the lottery when they get a streak of luck. Just last month, the Mega Millions game here in Illinois reached a jackpot of $656,000,000! That’s a lot of dough, and with a prize like that people were buying up tickets left and right to get a piece of the action.

I’m not much of a gambler; if I have a couple of bucks in my pocket, then I usually save it for a rainy day. It’s how I’ve always been, but this past week I was feeling really lucky, so for the first time ever I played the lottery. I have to wait until Tuesday night to find out if I won anything (more than likely, I didn’t) but it’s fun to think about what I would do with millions of dollars if I did win.

In the true spirit of lottery dreams, I have compiled a short list of 5 expensive (but awesome) luxury promotional products that may interest aspiring (or existing) millionaires. Start making your wish list now!

Waterman Exception Slim GT Roller Ball Pen

Waterman Exception Slim GT Roller Ball Pen

The Waterman Exception Slim GT Roller Ball Pen screams classiness and luxury. When you need to sign the check to pay off your brand new yacht, a plastic pen just won’t do the trick. You need a pen made of 23.3 Karat gold (or silver) on a distinctive square-shaped brass barrel. One grip of these exquisite pens and you’ll never want to write with that old ballpoint stick pen ever again! Better yet, if you buy 120 pens for all of your friends and family, then it’ll only be in the measly $23,000 range. No big deal.

Upper West Side Wine Case Traveler-Double

After you quit your job, how are you supposed to pass your time? Why not throw swank parties for all of your friends and celebrate your good fortune? You could give away Upper West Side Wine Cases as the party favors and allow them to fill up with a couple of bottles of your best vintage from the bar. That way you’ll know all of your guests will be having a great time! Don’t worry, though: Having a modest event with 600 guests will only set you back about $27K. You only live once, right?

Cairo Blue Vase

Cairo Blue Vase

It’s not a bad idea to consider your future living arrangements as a millionaire, either. A mansion can be difficult to decorate, so I’d suggest buying 100 large Cairo Blue Vases. They’re the height of elegance so you’ll want to have one in each room. You could have “World’s Coolest Lottery Winner” engraved on each vase, to remind you every day how lucky you really are! With setup and engraving the cost of the vases would be around $28,000, but for you, that’s chump change.

7" Leather Digital Photo Frame (1GB)

7″ Leather Digital Photo Frame (1GB)

Or, while you’re traveling around the globe with your newfound fortune, don’t forget to take tons of pictures to upload onto the awesome 7” Leather Digital Photo Frame. This sleek, genuine leather photo frame is the perfect way to show off all of your luxurious vacations to exotic destinations. Are you feeling extra generous? Make sure to buy one for every person in your family; you can get 15 of them for just $2,000 or so. That’s less than you’ll spend on a hair cut each month.

Galileo Clock

Galileo Clock

The moment you win the lottery, it might feel like time is standing still. That’s why you will need the Galileo Clock to keep you on track! This stunning silver (or shiny gold) clock is a beautiful piece of art that will not only keep time, but prompt you to enjoy every minute of your new life as a millionaire. Having one of these lovely clocks engraved with your name is only around $250 after setup — what a bargain for such a gorgeous product.

After researching all of these costly promo products, I really want to win big and splurge on some of this cool stuff. Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t exactly need 100 expensive glass vases for your mansion or 120 elegant pens for your friends and family…but isn’t it fun to think that you could hook that up if you really wanted to?

Luxury promotional products can be pricey, but they can also be used and cherished for years to come. And the good news is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy all of these great promo products. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while!

If you had a million dollars would you be a saver like me, or blow it all right away (and what would you buy?) Any other expensive promo products suggestions I forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jaimie Smith

    Jen this was such a funny blog post!!
    Jeez, just thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery takes my mind completely away from what I am doing. How awesome would that be?? To have all that money and not worry about anything ever again!!
    Good luck with your lotto ticket this week Jen! If you win, just remember your good friend/second cousin/bridesmaid 😉

    • Jen

      Bahahaha! I wont forget about you Jaimie!

  2. Mandy Kilinskis

    After I gave half of my winnings to the government in taxes, I’d pay off all of my and my parents’ debt. Then I’d put some money away for grad school.

    But after that, I’d go nuts! I’d pick myself up one of these nice Orange and Black Briefcases and go see the world! It’s a stylish piece of luggage and perfect for holding the paperwork for that castle I’d buy in France!

    • Jen

      A castle in France, nice choice Mandy! I would also use some winning money to further my education.

  3. Amy Swanson

    My mother did her research when we played the lottery a few weeks ago, she was throwing around ‘incorporating’ and ‘trust funds’ and ‘money managers’ left and right when I asked what she would do with her winnings, haha. Of course we didn’t win, but it was cute how much she really wanted to.

    I like to think I’d be pretty savvy with my winnings and I’d hire someone else to manage it for me. However, there’s a good possibility I’d spend it all on shoes and be featured in one of those shows about how the lottery ruined my life. I’d love the chance to find out (hint, hint, hint, are you listening fate?! 😉 )

    • Jen

      It would be a great idea to hire someone credible to manage your money. I read that most lottery winners go bankrupt after just two years because of mismanaged money. Yikes!

  4. Alex Brodsky

    I would buy a million more lottery tickets! I’m greedy.

  5. Rachel

    I’d put a bunch of my winnings into savings/investments, give some to charities and arts organizations, and then use the rest to buy awesome stuff. 🙂 Probably also do a lot of traveling. And maybe construct a media room! You know, one of those movie theater rooms. I’ve always wanted one of those. Perhaps I’d splurge on some (super) fancy popcorn bowls too, hahaha!

    Fun post, Jen — and good luck on your lotto ticket 🙂

  6. Jeff Porretto

    You would know I won the lottery…. because you’d never see me again =]

    I would open up a puppy day care and share my cash with anyone who’d ever been truly good to me. And fill up a pool with stress balls just because.

    This was a fun one! Thanks!

  7. Jill Tooley

    How about the Aurora Borealis glass award? That one would look awesome on your new fireplace mantle, Jen! 😉

    I’ve always admired the Personal Espresso Sets on our site — if I ever hit the jackpot and throw an amazing party with favors, you’ll be getting one of those fo’ sho’!

    Now you’ve got me daydreaming about millions of dollars at my disposal… [insert sad face here]

  8. Jessica Autumn

    Those are cool 5 luxury promotional products. Promotional pens are my favorite when it comes to promotional items.

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