5 Picnic Essentials for Summer Promotions and Giveaways

Hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon, burgers, chips…. Now that your mouth is watering, what does this list of food have to do with? Summer picnics!

Whether it’s for the holidays, a company outing, a family reunion, or a graduation party, there are long lists of foods and outdoor activities that can assist in planning your perfect summer picnic. Before you start planning, consider these essential summertime promotional products to help complete your picnic or outdoor party plans.

Extra-Hand Snack & Beverage Tray

Extra-Hand Snack & Beverage Tray

Extra-Hand Snack & Beverage Tray

Ever wish you could be Inspector Gadget? “Go, Go, Extra-Hand Snack & Beverage Tray!” With this perfect summer accessory, your hand basically grows a tray that allows you to juggle your plate of food with your drink. This carrying tray is perfect for company outings when you need a free hand to shake hands with employees or employers without spilling your entire meal on them (and possibly costing you a $600 suit that your CEO decided to wear to a picnic).

Champion Corn Butterer

Champion Corn Butterer

Champion Corn Butterer

Summer and corn-on-the-cob go hand in hand. If you are one of the many who avoids corn-on-the-cob at all costs due to the hassle of forcing a square piece of butter to cover a round piece of corn, then this is the perfect promotional item to have at your picnic! Your guests will applaud you for saving them from the buttery mess that would normally avert them from enjoying a summer food classic.

Adhesive Bandage Dispenser

Adhesive Bandage Dispenser


Adhesive Bandage Dispenser


It’s important to be prepared for any injuries that can occur at a summer picnic. These fit-in-your-pocket bandage dispensers are perfect for family reunions, where little kids may be tripping during intense games of kickball, or for the adults running into the obviously-visible volleyball nets after too many celebratory drinks. If your outdoor event goes without a scratch, then guests are bound to reach for their bandage dispenser at a later date, see your logo, and think of how considerate you are for providing a band-aid in their time of need.

Top-This Ice Cream Scoop

Top-This Ice Cream Scoop

Top-This Ice Cream Scoop

What is the best way to top off your summer picnic? With a cherry and whipped cream, of course! Put together a make-your-own ice cream sundae bar and give your guests their own ice cream scoop to take home customized with your logo. Just make sure your guests get to the ice cream before the heat does (or else they’ll need straws)!

EZ Freeze Square Food Storage Container

EZ Freeze Square Food Storage Container

EZ Freeze Square Food Storage Container

Send your guests home with leftovers in these insulated food coolers. These handy containers have a freezable, gel-filled top to keep food cold on the go. Handing these out to your guests will get all those leftovers off your hands and offer your guests an awesome container to carry around their favorite cold foods for up to five hours. That’s long enough for a competitive game or two of beach volleyball, right?

No Fourth of July party or outdoor gathering is complete without memorable souvenirs to give away! Make your company picnic or summer fundraiser a sizzling success with warm-weather gifts; you’ll have your guests ants-y for the next summer picnic before you know it.

Which summertime giveaways have you used in the past? What’s the best picnic or barbecue promo item you ever received?


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  1. Mandy Kilinskis

    What a great selection of items, Lauren! I can definitely see the usefulness of the tray and food storage container! I haven’t seen those at many picnics, and they would be a hit for sure!

    Hmm, I think this calls for a QLP picnic…

  2. JPorretto

    I HAVE wanted to be Inspector Gadget! In fact to this day, when I do something awesome I’ll say “Go go gadget [Insert awesomeness here]”

    I think this is the first time ever I’ve simultaneously wanted corn on the cob AND Ice cream…. So thank you for that…

  3. Jana Quinn


    My mother and I have gotten into arguments over my clear disrespect for a perfectly formed butter stick, as I roll my corn in it indiscriminately. With something like this, we could dine together in harmony!

    • LK

      Exactly, who would have thought a small little promo prod could bring such peace to family dinners?!

  4. Amanda

    This post makes me want to go on a picnic! =) Great product lineup Lauren!

    The corn butterer is awesome–such a creative idea, and yet so useful!

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    These are great summertime giveaways, Lauren. Good work! 🙂 A snack and beverage tray would be amazing to have when eating outdoors. I’d be loading that thing up with a whole lot of burgers, chips, and potato salad—believe me! This post made me hungry for corn on the cob too. Mmmmm.

  6. Michelle

    These items make me very excited for summer! We should probably invest in some of them for our lunch time picnics!!

  7. Amy

    Great products selected Lauren! I think all of these could easily be used for summer picnics, as well as during the year at other parties. The extra-hand snack and beverage holder for sure! Nothing worse than awkwardly shifting a glass and appetizer plate to shake someone’s hand hahaha 🙂

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