5 Religious Giveaway Items for the Easter Season

Well, folks, here we are—smack dab in the middle of Lent, which means two things: 1) Easter is right around the corner, and 2) McDonald’s is running its seasonal special on the Filet-O-Fish!

Now, if you fancy yourself to be something of a good Christian, you’re probably already aware that Easter is about more than chocolate bunnies and colored eggs. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with secular traditions involving inordinate amounts of candy, it’s worth recognizing that both Lent and Easter have origins in Christianity, which is part of why the season is held in such high regard.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are several promotional giveaways available through Quality Logo Products that will make great additions to any organization’s effort to commemorate the Easter holiday. Here are a few:

Resurrection of Jesus Hand Fan

Resurrection of Jesus Hand Fan

Resurrection of Jesus Hand Fan

Everyone’s favorite King of Kings is reborn—and he’s ready to help promote the next church function or charitable event! Seeing as how Easter is the designated holiday for observing the resurrection of the man himself, what better way to call attention to it than with a full-color replica of the event emblazoned on a handy dandy hand fan (try saying that five times fast)!

Christian Fish Stress Ball

Christian Fish Stress Ball

Christian Fish Stress Ball

We’ve all seen them on bumper stickers and in storefronts, but guess what—the “Jesus Fish” is now available in stress ball form, which means missionary work just got a whole lot easier! Users can squeeze or throw them anytime they’re feeling the stress of a long trip or a bad day. Be warned, though, everyone will want one when they see it.

Faithful Followers Stapled Calendar

Faithful Followers Stapled Calendar

Faithful Followers Stapled Calendar

See the Son of Man’s greatest miracles and speeches brought to vibrant, vivid life every month of the year! Ideal for furnishing any home or office, this custom calendar showcases some of the blockbuster Biblical events that we’ve all come to know and love. From his famed baptism to his emergence from the tomb, the moments that helped make the Prince of Peace an emblem of goodness are featured here in full, remarkable view. Don’t miss out!

Dove Stress Reliever

Dove Stress Reliever

Dove Stress Ball

That’s right, now everyone can have their very own symbol of hope to help guide them through times of doubt and disbelief. Distribute these stress balls amongst the entire flock of parishioners this season to make services and gatherings instantly more lighthearted and enjoyable for every family in attendance.

Church Magnet

Church Magnet

Church Magnet (.020 Thickness)

Make the Lord and Savior a fixture in every congregation member’s household, and see to it that they never lose your church’s contact information or forget about upcoming services, fundraisers, outreach projects, or community events. Who knows, these custom magnets might even turn those C & E Christians (Christmas and Easter only) into Sunday regulars.

Don’t let the candies and chocolate treats dissuade your flock from focusing on what’s important this Easter—or any time of the year, for that matter. These and other themed promotional giveaways are only a click away at Quality Logo Products!

Have you used religious Easter promo products? Which ones are your favorites?

Joseph Giorgi

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  1. Jill Tooley

    Those carabiners are so cute! I didn’t even know we had those on our website. The Angel Stress Ball is a popular religious promo item that could generate some interest around the Easter season as well. Just look at that golden hair!

    I think that jelly beans would be another good choice for Easter – they may not be directly related to religion, but everyone loves them and it would be a welcome treat. Churches could print a warm “thank you” or a short Bible quote onto the wrappers, distribute them after Sunday service, and send churchgoers home with an extra dose of holiday cheer!

    • Joseph Giorgi

      True, everyone loves Jelly Beans–especially the gourmet ones with flavors like “hot cocoa” and “buttered popcorn.” Those are amazing.

      • Amanda Sneed

        My husband and I have never participated in the activities of Lent….but we do always enjoy McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwiches on special this time of year!

        Joseph–Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans are the best! I have loved those since I was a kid.

        Jill–I am really liking the carabiners & the dove shaped squeezies too…such cute ideas! =)

  2. Vernon

    I am still waiting for the church that hands out the fans w/Buddy Christ on them

    • Joseph Giorgi

      Hah. Yes!

  3. JPorretto

    I love when items that are VERY familiar to all of us get a little twist to them. We all recognize the fish, and we all know what a carabiner is, but here there’s just a little twist to both of them to make one interesting product. Sweet!

  4. Bret Bonnet

    What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection anyway?!?!?

    …. I could use one of those hand-fans right now though; that’s for sure. My office is a sauna right now! 🙁

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