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5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Logo

Looking for a new logo? You should apply the same amount of effort as you would when finding new décor for your home.

Usually people start with color when they decide to change a room around, right? Often times they’ll even go to the home improvement store to pick out color swatches that best match the room’s theme. That’s an example of the planning process, and it also happens to be an important part of the logo designing process!

Before creating your logo, consider the tips below. The order isn’t crucial as long as you implement all of them somehow.

1. Influential Design

Soak up your inspiration through historic movements in art. Look into art movements of the past, research trendy designs, and study popular logos. Inspiration sometimes comes from the oddest places. The more exposure the better. I’ve included a few examples below if you need a head start!

Dada Movement, 1916-1923 — (image from iLab)


The Bauhaus, 1919-1933 — (image from Madame Pickwick)


Trendy design, 2000’s — (image from Boagworld)


2. Font Sampling

Keep in mind some logos are font-based designs. So if you’re looking for more of a typographic logo, then make sure you look into various examples to help reach your decision. Sometimes type is the simplest choice for your brand, but other times it may not embody enough essence of your brand.


3. Color Selection

Color plays a vital role in logo design. It can be the cornerstone of your logo depending on foundation of your brand! If your company is just starting, then you have a fresh slate to work with. If this is the case, then it’s even more important you investigate how you want your brand represented.


Don’t have colors picked out? Try Adobe Kuler to plan. You can experiment with color schemes from analogous to complementary and anything in between.


4. Aesthetic

Also, before you start designing, think about the direction in which you’d like to take your brand. Color, font choice, and size all play a role in the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Make sure to explore all your options. It can be quite unsettling and expensive to realize — after your logo is already in production — that it lacks visual appeal and conceptually makes no sense.

Here are some great examples of logos that mesh well conceptually and visually.











5. Exhaust Your Resources

Most of all, make sure you’ve explored every option. There are tons of resources available in design magazines, blogs, and websites. No one wants an unsavory logo they’ll have to stare at for the next 5 years. So take the time to invest in something awesome!

Most business owners would love something well designed but often don’t know how to acquire the resources to get what they want. So whether you’re a business owner designing your own logo or you’re the designer looking for more ideas– have at it. Never rush the process or skimp on a design and you’ll be in good shape.

Lastly, just remember to make it fun. Creativity flows best when you’re enjoying what you’re doing.

What’s your favorite part of the logo development process? Any more good logo examples you can think of?

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  1. Wash

    Good tips! I think #4 is the most important: if you don’t know what you want to convey, how are your customers going to know?

    • Dréa Bell

      Thanks Wash! Yes. That is so true. Unfortunately, there are so many companies today that are a prime example of this.

  2. Seth

    This is a really informative blog with some great considerations for custom logo design. One thing I like to recommend to custom logo clients is to consider having a launch party for a custom logo. You can offer them some promotional product ideas and give them some good feedback for how to effectively manage and launch their brand!

  3. Website Logo

    Color plays an important role in a logo. Improper color combination will waste all your efforts and the logo will not look appropriate for your website.

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