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5 Ways to Say Thank You on Behalf of Your Business

Would you like to give face lifts to all of your employees? And what about your customers – don’t they deserve them, too? I’m referring, of course, to the only good kind of face lift out there: THE SMILE! Smiles lighten moods, release endorphins, and cost nothing. What’s in it for you? You’ll reinforce your brand’s values and build credibility when you reward hard work and loyalty. I’d like to share 5 different ways for you to say thank you to the people who consistently make your company a success!

Set up a reward program

Say thank you with rewards!

1. Set up a reward program

Reward programs do the trick whether you want to recognize your internal or external customers. Before you start a reward program for your clients, think long and hard about what they’ll find valuable. For example, you could offer them a special discount if they refer a friend or implement a points system that allows them to earn credit toward future purchases. Do the same when setting up an internal incentive program for employees; put yourself inside their brains for a few minutes and find a reward they’ll appreciate. For example, give each of your top performers an expertly-imprinted barbecue kit or a wine gift set when they excel and they won’t have any doubts about how thankful you are for their hard work.

Send thank you notes

Thank you cards > emails

2. Send thank you notes

No, this step isn’t interchangeable with sending an email! In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a technology-centric world and personal notes or letters don’t get sent with the frequency they once did. Nothing says “I CARE ABOUT YOU” like a handwritten, heartfelt note. Did one of your clients just place an order and then tell you how much you rock? Does one of your staff members constantly put in extra hours to help the company? Take a minute or two to write a personal message on a photo postcard, a custom thank you card, or even a sticky note (in the case of your employee). The recipient will feel warm and fuzzy and you’ll be reinforcing loyalty!

Make a friendly phone call

People love the sound of your voice!

3. Follow up with a friendly phone call

No matter how much you hate the sound of your own voice, your customers and staff would love to hear it! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with emails, but they tend to come off as impersonal no matter how many smiley faces and goofy emoticons you stick in there. Before you break out the pitchforks and torches, just hear me out. It may be super convenient to type “Thank You” into an otherwise blank email and hit send but it’s not necessarily the best way to express your gratitude. Pick up the phone, directly dial your customer’s (or employee’s) extension, and lay those words of thanks onto them. It will resonate with them much better!

Give gifts for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries

Don’t forget those important THANK YOU days!

4. Send birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts

Has anyone ever forgotten your birthday? Do you frequently get left out of the gift exchange during Christmas? It’s not the best feeling in the world; actually, it really sucks! Your employees work like madpeople to keep your company running and they deserve a thoughtful THANK YOU gift on special occasions. The same goes for customers…don’t hesitate to send holiday or birthday gifts to the people who keep your business running through thick and thin. Although an elaborate gift would impress your clients’ and employees’ pants off, a smaller gift works just as well to commemorate a special day. If that longtime client or nose-to-the-grindstone staff member has a milestone day coming up, then hand-deliver something like a Koozie 12-Pack Kooler or a soft cotton hoodie embroidered with your logo. Just remember to personally tell them thank you in addition to the gift!

Go out of your way to make them feel special

Do you really need a reason to make them smile?

5. Go out of your way to make them feel special

Of course it’s important to shout your thank yous from the mountaintops after a big sale or during special occasions, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid those two words every other time of the year. You don’t need a holiday to get into the spirit of giving! Big-spending customers and your all-star sales team may rake in the funds for your company, but every customer and employee should feel valued no matter how much they spend with you. Offer a coupon code to clients who could use the discount…just because. Take an employee out for lunch if he or she is having a bad day. Think of creative ways to perk up their moods (or maintain their good moods) and you’ll build a strong relationship based on gratitude!

How have you said thank you from a business standpoint? Have you used incentive or reward programs to say thanks? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂 THANK YOU for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog.

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  1. Kat

    I love this post! A smile is ALWAYS better than a frown…after all it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile!! And what better way to encourage smiles than to encourage employees to do their best or thanking customers with a heart-felt note! To take just 5 minutes out of someone’s day to make them smile is rewarding to both parties. And (my personal favorite) is to pass by a stranger, whether on the street, in a store, at the train station, etc that looks like they are having a bad day and just say “HI”. So, thank YOU, Jill, for this post. 🙂

    • QLP Jill

      I always smile and say hi to people when I cross paths with them – but it seems like they’re thinking: “Who is this crazy person?” Oh well…a small price to pay to share happiness, eh?

      @Kat – You’re welcome, and thank YOU for commenting! 🙂
      @QLP Kid – Or as long as the note isn’t just a questionable drawing, right? (Think dry erase board…)

  2. QLP Kid

    I love these ideas and i would agree with you that writing a personal note to an employee or customer really says a lot in today’s impersonal world. I also think the birthday card is a great idea as long as it does not look generic.Today more than ever a small personal touch can make a ignored email turn into a lasting relationship

  3. skelly

    Great post Jill. I think SHOWING your appreciation rather than just assuming your customers and employees know that youre appreciative can really amp up morale all the way around. Everyone is busy these days but its still important to take that extra minute to make someone’s day – it will be worth it in the future!

    PS. Jill nice reference to the dry erase board. And to think all the 724’ers think THEY have all the fun….

  4. Bret Bonnet

    What’s all this talk about touching?…. HR! 🙂

    I have to agree with Jill, in this day in age, you’ve got to pay closer attention to your EXISTING customers more than ever. After all, it’s said to cost twice as much to acquire a new customer than it is to get an additional order out of an existing customer.

    Back in my sales days I always found success in hand written thank you notes (I even used to pay someone to write them for me if I didn’t have the time!) and getting to know my customers on a personal level.

    @QLP Jill I like your 4th suggestion the best – Send birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts. I one time sent a customer a CACTUS for her birthday as a total joke and I earned myself a customer for life. Going on 12 years and counting now!

  5. Barb

    Bret, two things: Only YOU would pay someone to send a personal thank you note, and a cactus? LOL Seriously, not bad ideas!

    Jill, you have done it again – struck a chord. In the middle of all of this was something that hit home. I am so into emailing instead of calling. It seems so much easier, more efficient and frankly, less time-consuming. Often if someone calls with a quick question and asks me to call back, I will get the info and email them with the info. They have it in writing and I can cross it off of my To Do list. I think that you have motivated me to start returning those phone calls…on the phone! Have a great weekend!

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