Saying thank you is important – it makes others feel great, expresses gratitude, and it’s great for business! Sometimes, a verbal thank you can only go so far. It’s times like these that actions speak louder than words.

As a business you should continually find fun and memorable ways to show your loyal customers that you truly appreciate their business. Not only will this put a smile on their face, but it will also keep them coming back again and again. The best part about these tips is that they work for your employees as well. Many companies wouldn’t be where they’re at without their outstanding team.

Here are ways you can say thank you to your customers:

  • Set up a loyalty program
  • Send hand-written cards
  • Offer free delivery
  • Give away branded products
  • Make them feel special

#1 Set up a loyalty program

loyalty program graphic

Rewards programs are great, especially for customers that visit your business frequently. Before you start a loyalty program, though, think about your clients and what they would find valuable. For example, if your company is part of the food and beverage industry you could offer a buy one, get one free meal/beverage for every 4 visits.

Whereas, if you’re a clothing store you may offer a 20% discount for every $100 spent. The options are endless! Keep this in mind when treating your employees to a loyalty program too. Offering employee discounts on services or items that your company sells is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them.

#2 Send hand-written cards

thank you cards graphic

Cards, such as thank-you or birthday cards, are a thoughtful way to let someone know you care. With that being said, we are not talking about e-cards, emails, or cards with generic messages. Sending a card that is hand-written shows that you took time out of your day to make somebody else smile.

Did one of your clients place an order and give you an awesome review? Is one of your staff members constantly putting in extra hours to meet deadlines? If you answered yes to either of those, then take a minute or two to write a personal message on a card to show your appreciation. This tip is inexpensive and truly goes a long way!

#3 Offer free delivery

free delivery truck graphic

Even if it’s only for a limited time, customers love free delivery! Whether you offer free shipping on any order or orders over a certain dollar amount, your clients are sure to love your kind gesture – especially around the holidays. Studies show that customers are more likely to order items online when free shipping is offered.

The number goes up for loyal customers who receive a free shipping offer by email. In fact, 54% of shoppers are more likely to purchase something after they receive notice of free shipping. What better way to show your regulars how much you appreciate their business!

#4 Give away branded products

branded products graphic

Everyone loves getting gifts! Giving away branded products is a perfect way to give your customers something useful, and in turn, will promote your company further. Branded products can be geared towards special events, holidays, or what your company sells.

For example, a salon may give away photo magnets so clients can show off their new haircuts, or provide sample bottles of products. On the other hand, a landscaping company might hand out custom calendars to let customers know the best times to start gardening. If none of these work, you can never go wrong with a custom logo t-shirt! They’re soft, comfortable, and always look good.

#5 Make them feel special

people in a coffee shop graphic

Of course, all the other tips will make your customers and employees feel special, but it doesn’t have to end there. Stepping out of the box will not only make the members that contributed to your success feel great, but also amaze them with your thoughtfulness and generosity. There are numerous ways you can go with this depending on your intended audience (whether it’s your clientele, new customers, or your employees).

For example, coffee shops can host a coffee social, complete with sampling your coffee and learning something new about your product. Not a coffee shop? No problem! You can host an open house instead! Bring in a photo booth, grill out, or offer wine tasting. Treating your customers and/or employees to something fun will make them feel valued and appreciate working with such a fun company.

Saying “thank you” is never an old-fashioned idea. You can really stand out by making your business circle feel special. Give any of these ideas a whirl!

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