People get in trouble for all kinds of crazy things – being loud in a movie theater, freely jaywalking in a busy city, or maybe loitering outside of a public building. There’s so much you’re not allowed to do!

Now all you rabble-rousers have another thing to worry about – breaking any of these truly weird Illinois laws. They may not seem that serious at first glance, but be warned, they could land you in a heap of trouble.

Here are five of the strangest Illinois laws:

#1: Joliet Pronunciation Law

The rumor is you’ll get charged $5 if you mispronounce Joliet while in the town. For the record, if you don’t know how to pronounce Joliet it’s said as (Joe-lee-ETTE) and not (Jolly-ETTE).

#2: Chicago Giraffe Law

Cancel your fishing plans for next Friday night! It turns out, you can’t fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck in the Windy City.

#3: Decatur Steering Wheel Law

Sorry, but you can’t drive around in Decatur without a steering wheel. I assume you probably wouldn’t want to try anyway.

#4: Galesburg Bicycle Law

If you plan on “fancy riding” your bike on Galesburg’s streets, you better think twice. The town is very strict on wheelies, flip tricks, or any other funny business on two wheels.

#5: Normal Making Faces at Dogs Law

You know those weird faces you make at your dog? Keep those to yourself if you’re in Normal, Illinois. It’s illegal to make goofy faces at Fido when you’re in their town.

Bonus Cicero Humming Law

Do you have a jaunty tune in your heart? Well, squash that right now! You can’t hum on the streets of Cicero on Sundays. Monday through Saturday is perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

So now you know. As a proud Illinoisan for my entire life, I can honestly say these were surprising. You may think these Illinois laws are dumb and could even be coming up with all kinds of jokes about them. Still, legal is legal!

Meanwhile, Quality Logo Products® is headquartered Aurora, and we hope promotional products never become illegal here. It would be so sad to see stress balls and water bottles on any “Most Wanted” lists… unless, of course it’s on your list of promo products you want to get in the future. ?


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