50 Best Selling Promotional Items of 2011

Which promo items outsold all others in 2011? Squash your curiosity here.

The promotional products industry showed no signs of slowing down in 2011. Since the response to our top promo items of 2010 blog post was so positive, we’ve decided to give it another go this year. The 50 promotional products you’ll find here were chosen according to customer reviews, sales, and overall popularity. Don’t worry about category hopping until you’re blue in the face, because you’ll find a plethora of bestselling giveaway items right here!

Which products dominated in their respective categories this year? The Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle, the Mood Color Changing Pencil, the Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack, and the Round Stress Relievers cleaned up in 2011!

In order to keep things organized, we’ve split up the top-selling items into four main categories: 1) Drinkware; 2) Writing Instruments/Business Products; 3) Accessories/Bags; and 4) Tradeshow Giveaways/Stress Balls. We’ve also highlighted the category leaders of the 50 total featured products, which you’ll see pictured below. That being said, enjoy picking out your next promo!

Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle

Spotlight Promo Item: Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle

1. Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle

2. Smooth Stadium Cups

3. Mood Stadium Cups (17 Ounce)

4. Santa Fe Aluminum Bottle

5. Custom Bike Bottles

6. Budget Coffee Mug

7. Stadium Cups (22 ounce)

8. Custom Water Bottles

9. Mood Stadium Cups (12 ounce)

10. Stainless Deal Tumbler

Mood Color Changing Pencil

Spotlight Promo Item: Mood Color Changing Pencil (Second year in a row!)

1. Mood Color Changing Pencil

2. Metallic Viper Pen

3. Hedgehog Pen

4. Bic Clic Stic Pen

5. Krypton Pen

6. Silhouette Satin Grip Pen

7. Storm Pen

8. Sticky Note Pads (4″ x 3″ w/ 25 Sheets)

9. Digitally Printed Business Card Magnets

10. Adhesive Note Pads (2 1/2″ x 3″ w/ 25 Sheets)

11. Bic Grip Roller Pen

12. Mood Pencil with Colored Eraser

13. Wolverine Pen

14. Contender Pen

15. Bic Stic Pen

Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack

Spotlight Promo Item: Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack

1. Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpack

2. Value Non Woven Tote

3. Standard Non Woven Tote

4. Non Woven Promotional Tote Bag

5. Non Woven Cinch-Up Backpack

6. Neon Rubber Sunglasses

7. Non Woven Sports Pack

8. Budget Cooler Bags

Round Stress Relievers

Spotlight Promo Item: Round Stress Balls

1. Round Stress Balls

2. Can Koozie Coolers

3. Earth Stress Relievers

4. Gray Brain Squeezies

5. Star Squeezies

6. Football Squeezies

7. Heart Squeezies

8. Round Stress Relievers

9. Baseball Squeezies

10. Koozie Six-Pack Koolers

11. Basketball Squeezies

12. Mood Stress Balls

13. 3/4″ Neck Lanyards

14. Kan-Tastic Koozies

15. Plastic 9 inch Flyers

16. Simple Brain Stress Relievers

17. Western Saddle Key Tags

Voila! Now you have access to fifty of the bestselling promotional products on Quality Logo Products’ website.

Well, what do you think? The items you see above have rocked their way to the top of many customers’ lists. Now they need to rock their way onto yours.

Which of these popular promotional products is the best choice for your brand? Any giveaways you’d like to see on the list next year?


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  1. david k waltz

    When I go to a conference, I like to pick up USB flash drives, and things kids will like, rubik’s cube, super balls that light up when they bounce, finger lights, mini-flashlights, magic 8-ball, etc. After the cabinets fill up, the drink ware just is not as appealing.

  2. david k waltz


    When I go to a conference I like to pick up USB flashdrives, and items that kids will like: finger lights, balls that light up when they bounce, rubik’s cubes, magic 8-balls are some of the hits from that category.

  3. Bret Bonnet

    Me like me some Aluminum Water Bottles! 🙂

  4. Jeff Porretto

    Hmmm…. I’m seeing a distinct lack of plushies….

    I am disappoint. =[ I know you can’t put you’re drink in them, but…. or can you?!?!?

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    Gotta love those Cinch-Up Drawstring Backpacks!

    …And it doesn’t get any classier than Neon Rubber Sunglasses.

  6. Jen

    It doesn’t surprise me that the cinch-up drawstring back is the number one selling bag. They are awesome giveaways! I also love the Mood Stadium Cups, the Mood Stress Balls, and the Mood Color Changing Pencils, they are so cool.

  7. Jaimie Smith

    The Mood changing pencil sounds awesome! It def would have been interesting having one of those when I was going to school. Just to see my mood changing as i would go from one assignment to another. Probably would not have been a good mood color.

  8. Mandy Kilinskis

    I love the Krypton Pen! I’m so glad to see it’s pretty neon colors up among the top 50 products. I’m curious to see if 2012 shakes it up a little or if we’ll be seeing the same faces next year. 🙂

  9. Amy Swanson

    I love the “mood changing stress balls”! Anything brightly colored instantly attracts me, and with the benefit of lowering my stress? Win!

  10. Candice J.

    I love stress balls! They are soft and come in cool types and designs. Although I can’t pinpoint a favorite between all of this because I like them all sooo much! I mean I use a Cinch Drawstring Back Pack and Aluminum water bottle Everyday!! I just want to go to a trade-show so I can collect all the cool Swag! Such an awesome market for awesome products!

  11. Rachel

    Neat list! Wow, stadium cups must be pretty popular, seeing as 4 versions of them show up on the drinkware list! Also, I agree with Jeff — 2012 needs to get some plushies on the list. 🙂

  12. Baby Deals

    Great list. I like water bottles.

  13. Eric

    Agreeing with Jeff, plushies need some representation on this here list! Now, I can’t speak for the pencil variety, but I do use the “mood” color-changing pens every day: not only do they look pretty darn cool, but they write well, too. As for what I’d like to see next year? Acrylic tumblers. Great insulation to keep your beverage cool, with a fail-safe screw-on lid and straw to make sure you don’t spill your drink on yourself.

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