Industry Insight

6 Fabulous Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

On December 30th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

Are you stuck on what promotional items you should give away at trade shows, conventions, or expos? If you want to avoid showing up with the exact same product as your competitor, then listen up! Here are 6 super-spiffy logo items that will help you...


Christmas Chaos

On December 23rd 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

Let’s talk Christmas parties! Something we all run into this time of year is trying to schedule a good time for the whole family to join together. Because we all spread out to different places in our lives, it’s nearly impossible to join together; we...

Marketing & Branding

Marketing Superpowers

On December 10th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

I am an unashamed comic book nerd. I saw The Dark Knight at midnight opening night, I own tons of superhero t-shirts, and I've gone to the Chicago Wizard World Comic Con for the past four summers. Dutch humanist Erasmus said that if he had...


Spam is Getting Smarter: Protect Yourself from Fake Marketing and Scams!

On December 9th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

I hate to be so distrusting, but spam is definitely getting smarter, and one can never be too careful. Spammers call us, email us, and send us mail. What should you look for in your inboxes and mailboxes (and on the phone) and how can...


Grammar 101: Apostrophes

On December 8th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

As a copywriter, it's my job to make sure the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of our copy is as close to perfect as possible, while still maintaining that sizzle you've all come to know and love. After all, our website – the writing, the images,...

Company News

We Love Beer & Promotional Products - Now Available in California

On November 27th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

I can’t speak for everyone, here, at Quality Logo Products®, but I certainly love beer. This week, a 70 year old California law limiting the use of promotional give-aways for beer retailers was changed. Formerly, beer vendors could only give away promotional items that had...

Marketing & Branding

When Advertising Goes Too Far: An Online Lesson for Marketers

On November 17th 2009 By Kyrsten Ledger

The first time I saw an ad over a urinal, I thought to myself: “Wow, what a creative place to put advertising” I felt: I'm standing here staring at the wall anyways, now I actually have something to read. But then again, I'm a marketer....

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