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Gatorade Rebrands and Expands into a Workout Drink Trio

On December 29th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Gatorade. I know there are no addictive substances in it, but I get crabby and irritable if I go too long without it. And if I’m close to running out, then it’s a relative crisis in my book. You...

Marketing & Branding

What Are Viral Videos and How Are They Effective in Marketing?

On December 23rd 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Searching for a new way to promote your brand on a limited budget? Viral videos might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Let’s first begin with the definition of viral videos. As the term viral suggests, these videos are very communicable as they link...


Forget the Two Front Teeth: Children Want iPads This Christmas

On December 20th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

“Mommy? Daddy? All I want this year is for Santa Claus to bring me a Tablet PC with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit screen that has multi-touch functionality and downloadable apps so can have my very own portable interface for all my web-based needs. Pweeeeeze?” That’s what...


eBay, Baseball Cards, and Disappointment: A Lesson in Supply and Demand

On December 17th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

eBay is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the collectibles market. It’s also the worst. Bad news first. I used to be an avid baseball card collector; I had a half of a ROOM set aside for baseball cards. My Ken Griffey, Jr....


Stumped by Holiday Gifts? Donate to Charity in Someone's Name!

On December 9th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no doubt that thousands of consumers are running around anxiously trying to make the perfect gift purchase for friends and family. It’s already the second week of December and admittedly I have not ONE gift purchased....

Industry Insight

Mind Your Manners: 23 Posts on Trade Show Etiquette

On November 26th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Trade shows are among the most important events that a business owner or manager can attend. They allow guests to put a personal face with your company and brand nationwide. If you're the owner of a business, then it is imperative that you have a...

Industry Insight

What You Need to Know About Imprint Colors for Your Promo Items

On November 25th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Are you researching promotional products and reading about terms like PMS Color, spot color, or CMYK in regard to color imprint? Unless you've ordered your fair share of promo products in the past (or unless you're a veteran of the promotional advertising industry), you are...


Viral Marketing, Smellvertising, 3D Billboards, and YOU

On November 23rd 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

The way we interact has changed —pure and simple. Human interconnectivity has been redefined in recent years with the continued advancement of mobile technology and the popularization of social network involvement. We’re online all the time and we’re always on the lookout for something new...


Be Like Spider-Man: 20 Posts for the Freelance Entrepreneur

On November 18th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Freelancing: A word that commonly conjures up images of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) going roof top to roof top looking for the best pictures of crime, and in many ways that is accurate. From reporters to mercenaries, the world of freelancing is both hectic and demanding....

Marketing & Branding

A Lesson in Phenomenal Personal Branding: Michael Jordan

On November 16th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

My post begins with a six-word phrase: Michael Jordan on the Washington Wizards. Most Bulls fans did not appreciate this, and some refuse to acknowledge that it even happened. Not me - I loved it. Why? It’s simple…more Jordan! More fadeaways, more buzzer beaters, more...


Goodbye Thanksgiving and Togetherness, Hello Black Friday 2.0

On November 15th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

When I was a kid, the month of November held a single holiday - Thanksgiving. And you know what we did during the weeks that led up to that day? We played in piles of leaves, enjoyed the crisp autumn temperatures, and looked forward to...

Industry Insight

3 of the Dumbest Sports Promotions EVER

On November 11th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Well I’m back...did you miss me? I’ll start this post by pointing out what you may already know: the Packers are 6-3 and on a roll. Meanwhile, I think it’s pretty obvious that the Bears are the worst 5-3 of all-time. That’s all I’ll say...

Industry Insight

How to Promote Your Band with Free Stuff

On November 9th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

I’ve had a moderately successful band for over a decade now. Nothing you would know, most likely; at this point we are mostly weekend warriors. Everyone in our four-piece band has jobs and families, so we just like to play about one show a month,...

Marketing & Branding

Has Embedded Advertising Gone Too Far?

On November 8th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Embedded advertising has been running amok for decades now. It imposes itself on our daily lives with the subtlety of a biblical plague, yet goes largely unnoticed. It’s become so perfectly and diabolically inescapable that, at the end of the day, you just have to...

Marketing & Branding

20 Posts on Logos and Why They Are Essential for Brand Awareness

On November 5th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Branding is vital for any company, especially with the amount of competition most businesses have. A catchy, creative logo for your company can help you stand out and be remembered over your competitors, so spending the time or money on a high-quality eye-candy of a...

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