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Why We Love Tie-in Promotional Products for TV Shows and Movies

On November 4th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Although promotional products are huge commodities for direct mailings and networking events like trade shows, conventions, or open houses, they are also hot sellers when it comes to brand loyalty. We often think of promo items as special gifts we're given BY someone else, but...


Interview with a Female Entrepreneur: Niki Moon

On November 3rd 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

The number of women in the workforce has been on the rise over the past two decades. Even more importantly, however, is the increasing number of female business owners. Traditionally, entrepreneurship has been a male-dominated vocation but the number of eager women opening their own...


Long Live the Mom and Pop: Why Small Businesses Have a Magic Touch

On October 29th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

The saying "bigger is better" doesn’t always hold true. Take for example those old, huge brick cell phones that lived in the trunk of your car circa 1990. Though I never got the opportunity to see these mammoths in action (I’m far too young for...

Marketing & Branding

20 More Posts with Excellent Offline Promo Tips

On October 28th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Everyone knows how important it is to promote your business or organization, and one thing to keep in mind is that both online and offline promotions are equally important. Even if you are a company that does 95% of your business on the web, offline...

Marketing & Branding

7 Valuable Marketing, Business, and Life Lessons from Sesame Street

On October 20th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

There’s little question that Sesame Street is among the most brilliant children’s television shows ever. If I had a dollar for every day I learned something from the show, then I’d be one rich woman! Although I no longer spend my mornings watching Jim Henson’s...

Marketing & Branding

24 Blog Posts About Business Branding Strategies

On October 19th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Here is a collection of standout blogs that explain the nuances of brand marketing. Strategies, specifics of the process, and lists of correct procedures for building a strong brand are listed. Quench your branding thirst and check out these 24 resources to help you on...


What Happened to the Young Coffee Drinkers of America?

On October 15th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Up until a few days ago, I was under the impression that a large percentage of young adults and college students obsess over coffee. However, according to an article on MediaPost, coffee sales are dwindling among younger consumers, and marketers are encouraged to work harder...

Marketing & Branding

Controversial Advertising and Commercials: Effective or Repulsive?

On October 13th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Recently, there has been buzz about an extreme commercial being aired: the 10:10 UK campaign video featuring blood, gore, and exploding children. The public service announcement was intended to have shock value and urge people to cut down on carbon emissions, but outraged responses are...

Industry Insight

Can Promotional Products Boost Sports Attendance?

On October 8th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

I’m back to bring my self-proclaimed expertise about the sports industry and how it relates to our wonderful promotional industry. After my popular post a while back (sarcasm), I thought it would be good for my own safety to lay off the Bears/Packers rivalry. So,...

Marketing & Branding

Is Ethnic Marketing the New Wave of Market Strategy?

On October 7th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

As the United States becomes more and more culturally diverse, marketers are refocusing the way they promote their products to consumers. How are they doing it? Answer: Ethnic marketing, or implementing a marketing mix that reflects the attitudes, values and preferences of ethnic Americans. Ethnic...


How to Choose Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

On October 6th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

When you're planning a wedding, your mind tends to blank on some of the most important things. Did you remember to select a wedding favor or a gift for each member of your wedding party? Your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl, and ring bearer shouldn't...

Industry Insight

20 Posts to Help You Get Noticed at Trade Shows

On October 4th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

All around the world, people attend trade shows specific to their industries. For many companies, trade shows can help new people find them and bring in more clients. So what's the hardest thing about having your company booth at a trade show? Getting noticed and...

Industry Insight

Successfully Marketing to Generation Y

On October 1st 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

Gen Y is the free-spending generation made up of the individuals between the ages of 8 and 25. Gen Y'ers are 72 million strong and therefore represent a large part of consumer spending. Unlike their predecessors of Gen X, who purchased out of need, Gen...

Industry Insight

Promote Your Gym for the Holiday Season

On September 27th 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

With the holiday season approaching, now is a good time to begin promoting your gym. Because of the changes in weather and necessary preparations for family get-togethers, people often forget about fitness, placing it on a back burner until New Year's when they are resolute...

Marketing & Branding

20 Branding Tips for Small Businesses and Individuals

On September 23rd 2010 By Kyrsten Ledger

What steps are you taking to brand your personal name or company name in an unforgettable way? Get smart about branding and you'll swiftly be on track to make your brand a household name! For your reading pleasure (and to give you the fuel you...

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