6 Brands That Mastered Video Marketing

How can a brand master the art of marketing videos (TV commercials, Internet videos, etc…) when it seems so tough? In order for brands to achieve greatness with video marketing, their video must show evidence of all 3 Rs of Video Marketing:

1. Relatability 2. Reaction 3. Result

When you see a video you relate to, you will be led to a reaction. If that reaction is powerful enough, then it will result in an action (i.e. a sale). Here are 6 brands that have mastered the art of marketing through video – and guess what? All of them have strategically tackled the 3 Rs of Video Marketing!

These are my top 6 greatest examples of marketing-through-video and my 3 Rs of Video Marketing reactions that correspond to each video:


1. Relatability- Everyone loves cute kids (especially if they have no-nonsense attitudes).

2. Reaction- You say “aww” when you see him…then, all of a sudden you’re SMACKED in the face with humor!

3. Result- If his Doritos are as important as his Momma, then the chips must be worth eating!


1. Relatability- Vista’s issues tend to annoy a lot of people, so it’s easy for them to understand what’s going on and identify with it.

2. Reaction- You probably think something like: “Wow, they just dissed Windows Vista on TV! That is awesome!”

3. Result- They just pointed out a ton of problems with a PC. Maybe it’s better to order a Mac instead.

Dos Equis

1. Relatability- The sayings are easy to understand and they’re flipped around to add a comic twist.

2. Reaction- “If I drink Dos Equis, then I could also be “The Most Interesting Man in the World!”

3. Result- You are entertained and you automatically associate drinking Dos Equis with “being cool.”


1. Relatability- We have all seen the punk driving around in his pimped out auto.

2. Reaction- The catapulted car and the actor’s antics probably shock you and make you laugh.

3. Result- This video makes you more aware of the Volkswagon brand. If you remember the phrase: “German engineering in the house…Yaaa” every time you see a VW, then you’ll also recall the good feeling that commercial gave you and be more likely to purchase one at some point.

Old Spice

1. Relatability- Everyone can relate to the problem of smelling bad (some of us more than others)!

2. Reaction- “I want to be like him (I mean smell like him).”

3. Result- To not have B.O. (Just kidding)! But seriously, these commercials are too bizarre to forget and their viral popularity keeps people talking about Old Spice.


1. Relatability- Everyone has seen a kid throw a temper tantrum at the store (As a friend of mine once said, “Wal-Mart is the best birth control”).


3. Result- The child’s actions inspire people to buy their product (need I say more…).

So, the next time you see a video or a commercial, I encourage you to pay attention for the 3 Rs of Video Marketing and how you experience them!

What are your favorite commercials and what were your 3 Rs to the videos?

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  1. QLP Jill

    You’re right – all of these commercials are fantastic. All of them use humor to drive home their points (well, the ZaZoo example is more of an awkward humor, but you get the idea). I’m much more likely to remember a comedic commercial or a super-heartfelt commercial than anything else. Basically, if it strums my heartstrings or makes me laugh, then I’m going to recall the brand every time I think of it. That’s why these brands – Old Spice, Apple, ZaZoo, Volkswagon, Dos Equis, and Doritos – really struck gold while marketing through video!

    I don’t watch a lot of TV, so many of these are new to me. (I know, I’m out of the loop). Thanks for sharing them – especially the last one! It’s my favorite. 🙂

  2. Vernon

    I actually am a mark for the Volkswagen commercials/products for a whole other reason. Call me a narcissist but anything that is branded w/my own initials I am all for it!!!

  3. Vernon

    @QLP Jill: Yes the Old Spice commercials struck gold especially w/the Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) but they really didn’t sell anymore product than usual. Really great commercial/Spokesman but they didn’t move the product. Besides who WANTS to smell like Old Spice anyway? Uggh!!!

    • QLP Jill

      @Vernon – True…but the commercials definitely raised interest in the Old Spice brand again. 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to find one person (especially under the age of 30) who could mention Old Spice without wrinkling his/her nose in disgust. But now, after these wacky commercials, people smile and laugh when Old Spice is mentioned because they remember Isaiah Mustafa’s commanding presence on screen. If anything, I think the commercials have helped them in their efforts to crawl back into the public eye! I’m anxious to see what they come up with next because I have a feeling these commercials are only the beginning.

      Although, I do agree that the SCENT of Old Spice itself could be improved a bit; maybe it would help them sell more! 😉

  4. QLP Kid

    Well i think it goes without saying that i love all of these commercials. However I love the Volkswagen commercial for another reason. I remember watching it with my sisters when we were kids and laughing hysterically. When I see that commercial I remember those good times =)

  5. skelly

    I love the doritos commercial – I remember laughing when I first saw it air on TV. The ZaZoo commercial is genius – if I ever entertained the thought of children it is now most certainly long gone after watching that commercial!

  6. JJ Lemon

    I LOVE the old spice commercial!!! I Personally had no idea what old spice even was until these commercials came out on tv. They are hilarious and anything that makes me laugh i remember. All the commercials did a great job of making me laugh and i remember the brand now because of them

  7. Bret Bonnet

    And to think; all this time I thought I was the poster child for birth control… Sure enough the kid in this ZaZoo video takes the cake. Hot damn that’s so funny. Don’t you just hate that though? There is nothing more embarrassing when you’re out in public, especially in what is normally a “civil” place like out to dinner or a grocery shopping, and your friends kid or little brother just loses it. I imagine it’s not as bad when it’s YOUR kid, but you know what I mean when it’s not YOUR kid but you’re still present when the “situation” takes happens?!?! It’s like having “I’m with stupid” tattooed on your forehead. Ahh… I hate that feeling. I get chills just thinking about it.

    QLP Kid… I can’t believe you took the time to dig up your old H/S yearbook photo to be used as the main graphic for this post. You might not want to show this to your g/f the next time you go on a first date.

    Finally, on the topic of video mastery, I think these are ALL great examples, and video marketing is something Quality Logo Products definitely HAS to get involved in – I just want to do it because it offers our customers VALUE and not just because we CAN. Any suggestions for video topics? I know the blog squad and I have thrown around a few ideas thus far (some are not very PC)… but does anyone out there have any suggestions that might also take into consideration QLP Kid’s 3 “R”s towards video marketing success?!?!

  8. Lauren

    Those commercials were absolutely AMAZING! I must say I can also recall all of the brands as well!! But ‘our’ favorite is definetly the condoms one. We are still laughing!! I hope you all next door can here us over here laughing our heads off! BEST COMMERCIAL EVER. Next time Michelle and I go shopping, I’m making sure I get the big bag! hahahahaha

  9. QLP Kid

    @Lauren- Ha-ha i thought the ZaZoo commercial was hilarious =) We at 726 would all join in with your laughing…if we were allowed to… -JK!

  10. Scooby DOO!

    Old Spice finally got some new spice, Dominos just figured out how to bake a 1/2 decent pizza, Comcast just found a way to satirize AT&T’s Uverse… what will the marketing world come up with next? I hope Betty White stars in a Viagra or Trojan commercial!

  11. QLP Kid

    Ha-ha…Betty white would be perfect!

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