6 Tantalizing Business Takeaways from One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis

For those who may not watch it, One Tree Hill is a soap opera that airs on the WB. The show’s purpose is not only to entertain, but also to teach young adults important life lessons.

However, anyone who does watch One Tree Hill knows that nearly all of the characters live successful lives. I realize that it is very unlikely for a small group of friends to become as successful as the characters of One Tree Hill did, but there is still so much you can take from the show and the characters in it.

My personal favorite is Brooke Davis, played by Sophia Bush. If I could follow in any one character’s footsteps, it would definitely be hers. Brooke Davis is a great role model for anyone who is looking to make an impact someday. Before I get into what you can take from her in the business world, I’ll give a little background of the character.

Brooke Davis started the show as a teenager whose biggest concerns included where the party was that weekend and which guy she would hook up with. Well, in the most recent seasons, she certainly has come a long way. She is now a successful, ambitious woman with her own clothing line! Brooke went through many obstacles to get where she is now, but that is what gave her the traits that we could take from her to be successful in our own lives.

What takeaways can we absorb from One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis? Well, for starters…

Without the initial dream, Brooke wouldn't have a business.

Without the initial dream, Brooke wouldn’t have a business.

Dream: Brooke started her clothing line (known as Clothes Over Bros) while she was still in high school. She was heartbroken over a boy and decided to design a few dresses to get her mind off of it. Fashion was always her passion (and something she was good at), so she found a way to sell her designs online with help from her friends. She was surprised to find that many people were interested in her clothing line; she was actually getting business!

Quick tip: If you have a dream, then you just need to go for it. Brooke was inspired to chase her dream when she was getting over a heartbreak, which eventually made her a multi-millionaire. Find what you’re passionate about and then find a way to make it happen!

Work Your Butt Off: Since One Tree Hill skipped four years of Brooke’s life (one season ended with her online small business, and the next season followed her four years later after her clothing got big in New York), but they didn’t fail to stress how hard Brooke worked to get there. She was a 21-year-old girl who designed new clothes and attended meetings instead of partying and going out with her friends every night. She put her business first and was always on top of everything.

Quick tip: You won’t get anywhere if you think you can just B.S. your way through life. Hard work is not that scary, and most of the time it’s worth it in the end!

Balance Work and Life: After catching up with her old high school friends, Brooke decided to return to home for a visit with her friends. During this visit, she realized that she had missed out on some important things in life and that she missed her hometown of Tree Hill. This gave her the idea to open up a store in Tree Hill. With more hard work and dedication, she successfully opened the location and was then able to spend time with her close friends once again.

Quick tip: It is important to work hard in life, the hard work won’t seem worth it if you do not make time for yourself. Personal time is a necessity. Any businessperson needs to have a healthy balance of work and fun!

Brooke experienced some unfortunate setbacks, but that didn't stop her.

Brooke experienced some unfortunate setbacks, but that didn’t stop her.

Persevere and Conquer the Odds: As the company grew and became more popular, Brooke ran into a few obstacles. She was attacked in her own store — where she lost some of her sketches — and much damage was done to both her and the store. That took a lot to get through, but once she finally pulled through that, her mother (whom she does not have a good relationship with) took over the store. After a lot of upsetting down time, she finally realized how much Clothes Over Bros meant to her. She decided not to give up! Instead, she started from scratch again, which eventually led her to another successful multi-million dollar corporation.

Quick tip: You have to constantly believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing. If you do not care enough, then it is going to be nearly impossible to succeed in life. NEVER GIVE UP!

Get Yourself Out There and Try New Things: Brooke realized what her talents were early on, but the sky was the limit when she learned to harness them. For example, she isn’t afraid to take a risk for the greater good of her company. Through her network of friends, she got the opportunity to design the clothing lines for several different movie sets, which helped get her name even bigger. That wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t put herself out there!

Quick tip: You have to take risks in life, especially in a business. They do not necessarily have to be huge risks (don’t make rash decisions), but they should stretch your limits. When Brooke tried her hand at designing a clothing line for movies, she stepped out of her comfort zone. In her case, the risk-taking was a huge benefit. Of course, risks do not always end up in your favor, but you’ll never know until you give it a try. As some people might say, “go big or go home!”

She also kept her integrity by doing the right thing when the time came!

She also kept her integrity by doing the right thing when the time came!

Keep Your Integrity: Brooke ran into her share of pitfalls, that’s for sure! At one point in the show, a few people who worked for her were forging documents, which got Brooke and the company in a lot of trouble. It caused her investors to lose a lot of money. How did the caring Brooke Davis fix it? It took everything she had to pay back her investors for their loss. But she did it in order to right the wrongs.

Quick tip: By now, you should know the difference between right and wrong. You do not want to screw over anyone when it comes to your business, especially the ones who believed in you and the company all along. Brooke did not have to do what she did, but she knew it was the right thing, therefore she took what was probably the biggest risk in her company. That takes leadership skills!

At one point during the show, a character said: “Brooke Davis is gonna change the world someday, and she doesn’t even know it yet.” That certainly did happen! She changed the world in the show and made a difference, but she also taught life lessons for those who watch One Tree Hill. Brooke may be a somewhat unlikely role model at first glance, but she embodies all the key traits of a successful businessperson…and so can you!

What do you think of Brook Davis’s business takeaways? Do you watch One Tree Hill? Any more advice we could add?

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  1. Jen

    Great Takeaways Jaimie! I don’t watch this show (and I don’t plan to start) but I like that the characters evolve from partying teenagers into successful business people. I like the “Get Yourself Out There and Try New Things” section best. In order to be successful you need to try new thing and open yourself to new ideas and opportunities!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Yes, It’s crazy to think of the fact that is is on season 9 now, and they are all close friends who are successful. And way back in season 1, they all hated eachother and were immature and partiers.
      And Yes I agree Jen, getting yourself out there and taking chances is important in a big deal. And it can be fun, doing different things as opposed to the normal routine.

  2. Jill Tooley

    Great post, Jaimie! I’ve never watched “One Tree Hill,” but a few of my friends do/did. I’m glad that the writers added some depth to Brooke’s character as the show progressed…there are already enough shows about crazy party girls (cough Jersey Shore cough).

    I like the “work your butt off” section! Everyone claims that hard work is the secret recipe for success, yet not everyone can pull it off. The trick is to keep working until you can’t work any more! Your passions will go nowhere if you don’t act on them. 🙂 Of course, as you mentioned, it’s necessary to take breaks here and there, too. There’s a difference between working your butt off and working until your brain explodes! And “integrity” is a good one, too. Sadly, not all businesspeople embody this trait!

    P.S. I got a chuckle out of Brooke’s clothing shop’s name! Tee hee…

    • Jaimie Smith

      lol oh yes, Jersey Shore girls are a whole other story. It makes me laugh when they try to portray Snooki as a serious mature soon-to-be-mom now. I just do not see that whatsoever.

      But yes, I love that Brooke had integrity. She took responsibility for the company’s actions even though she was not the one who actually did it. And it’s crazy to think, because the Brooke Davis in high school was more selfish and probably would not have even considered that. Just another way to show how she progressed in her life.

      And as for the name, yes, I love that she named the company Clothes Over Bros. It was so perfect since she started it during a heartbreak. 🙂

  3. Amy Swanson

    Great post and great tips, Jaimie! I watched an episode of ‘One Tree Hill’ a couple years ago, but haven’t seen it since. I’m with Jen and I like the fact that the show focuses more on the success of the characters now as adults rather than as teenagers in high school.

    My favorite tip was the, “Get Yourself Out There and Try New Things” one. Success doesn’t come to the person sitting at home on the couch, but instead to the person who goes out and tries new ideas and approaches to problems. Great stuff here, Jaimie!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Thank you, Amy! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I had a lot of fun writing it just since I am obsessed with this show lol.
      But yes, it is awesome how much they progressed in their lives. It is a great show for teenagers to watch that were a lot like them in high school, because it can show that they can make a change and turn out to be successful.

  4. Rachel

    These are all really great takeaways. I’m drawn the most to the “Work Your Butt Off” tip, because it’s so true! You can tell yourself that you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur someday, but you’ll never reach that goal unless you actually do the work to start and maintain a business. It’s definitely an important point to remember, no matter what your dreams are. Thanks for the awesome post, Jaimie!

    • Jaimie Smith

      I am glad you liked the post, Rachel. Working hard is def key to being successful, especially when starting your very own business. It is YOUR business so you can not just expect everything to fall in your lap and be done and ready.

  5. Mandy Kilinskis

    Great post, Jaimie! I’ve never watched One Tree Hill, but it sounds like Brooke is one heck of a businesswoman! Building two multi-million dollar empires? That’s no small feat. (Ah, TV…)

    But these are great tips for anyone regardless of what they want to accomplish! Working Your Butt Off is advice that lots offer, but it’s hard for people to carry out. Hard work is just that…hard!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Exactly, If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
      Brooke Davis is def a role model for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

  6. Alex Brodsky

    As the only guy who will ever comment on a One Tree Hill post, let me start by saying:

    The finale is this Wednesday and DirecTV took away the CW!! I don’t know how I’m going to watch it! It’s killing me!

    Secondly, this is a great post. Brooke Davis is far and away the deepest and most well-written character on the show. This stems from the fact that in a show that is SUCH a soap opera (i.e. brother killing brother, bringing characters back from the dead, girl having a baby during her valedictorian speech, etc…), she is far and away the most REAL.

    She’s written for people to relate to, and in doing so, the writers have made her a role model for the young girls (or 27 year old guys) who watch the show.

    Nice job, Jaime (Scott)

    • Alex Brodsky

      P.S. I <3 Sophia Bush!

      • Jaimie Smith

        As weird as it is to say, I love her too, Alex lol.
        I guess if you can admit to liking OTH, I can admit to that lol.

    • Jaimie Smith

      HAHA Alex your comment just kills me.
      I am so glad that I have someone to talk about the show with here. I am just obsessed and love talking about it.
      As for not being able to watch the finale, that DEF sucks. Your actually not the first person I have heard say that. Why would DirectTV take away the CW in the first place? Thats just messed up.
      And I totally completely agree that Brook is the most well-written character on the show. She is defintely the most real, and I am sure is everybody’s favorite.
      I watched an episode of Season 8 last night, it was just so crazy to see Brooke now, and compare it to her character back in Season 1. She has come such a long way.
      And I am going to end this comment by saying that i LOVE how you called me Jaimie Scott at the end. lmao, hilarious/awesome!!

  7. Cybernetic SAM

    This sounds like an interesting show. It is cool all the take-aways you were able to extract. It reminds me about another show that perhaps may have inspired a blog for me to write, about Gilmore Girls. Though its run was only for 7 seasons and ended in 2007 there are definitely amazing points about how to become successful in life i.e. running your own business, achieving difficult goals, and having never ending determination!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Omg SAM! I used to watch Gilmore Girls too! I feel like that would actually make for a greatt blog post topic! How Lorelie (I have no idea how to spell her name) started her own business and everything. That would be perfect. Having a baby at 16 then eventually having her own Inn, def some take-aways in there. You should totally write one about that.

  8. Lalanthi Fernandez

    I love the acting of Brooke Davis. I have kept her as my role model. I have a daughter and would love to see my daughter too becoming a Brooke Davis.

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