7 Household Promo Items You Should Be Using for a High ROI

As a business owner, there are many things that need your focus and attention each and every minute of the day. But when your work day gets extra busy, certain things may have to take the back seat while the crucial items are handled. But your customers should never be put on that back burner! Businesses need customers; without customers, there is no business to speak of, right?

The best way to keep your customers coming back to your business (and not someone else’s) is to use promotional products! This way you can keep your business name and phone number in front of your customer base every single day….which means that when you don’t have any extra time, your promo products will be doing that work for you. They may not cost as much as traditional advertising, but they deliver a high ROI (return on investment) when you choose wisely.

Don’t think promo products work? Think again.

To test my theory, I went through a typical day in my own home with a camera and took pictures of the promotional items I came across…and I was shocked. I found promo products everywhere, and they were things that we have kept around and now use all the time! I know that some businesses owners think that people instantly throw away promo products, but they don’t. I’m living proof.

There were 7 items in particular that I held on to; these items are bound to bring you business once you start giving them away. Here are the top 7 promo items you need to be giving out to keep your business and services in front of your customer base daily:


Pretty cool, right? Quality Logo Products offers very similar items that you can purchase and imprint with your very own business name, logo, phone number, and almost anything else you want!

Here are some of my top picks of similar items available from QLP:

  1. Item# Q987: TranSport It Tote Bag
  2. Item# Q10544: Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight
  3. Item# Q00421: White Fruit-of-the-Loom Lofteez T-Shirt
  4. Item# Q00828: Bic Clic Stic Pen
  5. Item# Q01068: Budget Coffee Mug
  6. Item# Q11433: Simplicity Large Desk Calendar
  7. Item# Q02837: 4″ Keep-it Clip

These products are very similar to the products I have around my house, and they are also the ones we use all the time! So go ahead, get your business some products that will remind customers of the services you offer on a daily basis. Check out for more information on expanding your brand!

And just so you know, I’m not singled out here. Promo products are around all of us each and every day. Go ahead and take a look around, and make a special point to check out all of the blank items that could have your business name on them. You can get all of these products working for you, at a pretty small cost, to bring you more business and referrals than you thought possible. That’s a good return on your investment! And believe it or not, the businesses and services we (as customers) see on giveaway items are the ones we’re likely to call upon and use when we need something.

Which promo products do YOU have around your house? Do you use certain items more than others?


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  1. Mandy K

    Whoa! You’re right! I already have 5 in my sparsely-decorated cubicle!

  2. Jana Quinn

    Nice post, Amanda. We all love to think we’re immune from advertising, especially since we WORK in the advertising business, but your post just goes to show everyone that we’re STILL surrounded by branding and logos everywhere.

    I have three promo products in my purse alone!

  3. Jenna Markowski

    One of my favorite promo products are CD cases. Even though I’m like most people and download more than I buy CDs, I still can never seem to have enough CD cases! I probably have at least 3 CD cases from different companies (not that this stops me from creating towering piles of CDs without cases). But their promotional campaigns are working!

  4. JPorretto

    I’d be shocked if anyone reading this does not have at least 3 promotional pens at home. I have a drawer full and I don’t even know how I got most of them. I’m like 70% sure I didn’t steal any of them.

    • Amanda Sneed

      Seriously! The pens in the picture, are from that John Deere mug alone! We have an unbelievable amount of promo pens at home, and we use them all! As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many! We keep them in every drawer in the house.

  5. Joseph Giorgi

    I almost forgot about how effective promo chip-clips can be. Good call! I can’t even begin to imagine how many brand names I’ve seen on those things throughout the years, and the same goes for many of the products you listed. It’s funny how we never think to look at our lives in terms of how many brands we interact with on a daily basis until we make the effort to do so.

    Awesome post!

    • Amanda Sneed

      Agreed! We keep and use chip-clips like crazy too. We use them for all kinds of things besides chips–cereal, crackers, cookies, hanging up take out menus, to do lists, thank you cards (we put all this stuff up one our fridge instead of using tape or regular magnets, etc.). 😉

  6. LK

    Promo Products are AWESOME, and I’m not just being biased because I work in the industry, I swear.

    I have so many cool promotional products that I got from all the giveaways in college.
    One of my favorites is this round plastic pizza cutter, it’s so easy to hold and control and because it’s plastic the cheese doesn’t stick to it! I’m a dork and save most the promo stadium cups I get from places, even if it requires me carrying them for 5 hours (true story- this has happened).

    Some of my favorite pens are pens I’ve gotten as promotional items. I’m a sucker for pens that write amazingly and when I find one I like, I grab like 5 of them. Just think how long those pens are going to make an impression! Let alone that anytime someone has to borrow it I say, “make sure you give that pen back, it’s my favorite!” And then they look at it and notice my cool promo pen.

    Like I said, I love Promo Prods.

    • Amanda Sneed

      Same here! I love pens that write super smooth, and write every time…. Like the Bic Clic Pens….they’re the best! And they’re super popular, so I have a ton of them with companies names on them. Go promo products! =)

  7. Bret Bonnet

    It’s SUPER cool to hear you all chime in on this topic.

    A lot of people are just in business to make money. They see an opportunity and they try to exploit it. I’d say this covers about 90% of most small businesses today. They are PURELY opportunistic and RARELY passionate about their product and/or service.

    I like to think Quality Logo Products is different. I always got excited when I received free stuff growing up, and I always thought, someday – I hope I can be “cool enough” to have a pen with MY company logo on it. That day has come, and there is NOTHING more exciting, except maybe winning a golden ticket to the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory, than getting something in the mail for the first time EMBLAZONED with your company logo. You know you’ve “made it” once you’ve hit this point.

    With that being said, I remember realizing after the first day I started working in this industry – how BLIND to the EXTREME # of promotional products that surrounded me ALL the time. It was insane. The realization of the effectiveness of promotional products, how they work, where people get them, etc. got me ONE step closer to understanding the meaning of life.

    Promotional products rock and WORK, and not just because we sell them; I truly believe in the products that we sell and that they are one of the BEST investments one can make as a marketer.

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