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The 7 Most Inconvenient Phobias to Have in an Office Environment

What are you deathly afraid of? Whether you suffer from Acrophobia (fear of heights), Glossophobia (fear of public speaking), Galeophobia (fear of sharks), or my personal hell called Arachnophobia (fear of spiders — honestly, just typing out that word makes me cringe), we all know what it’s like to be extremely terrified of something.

If the thought of this on the roof of your mouth terrifies you, you may have Arachibutyrophobia.

If the thought of this on the roof of your mouth terrifies you, you may have Arachibutyrophobia.

As anxious as we get about our fears, imagine if your phobia meant you’d be afraid of things that are a part of everyday life. You know, like things you’d be forced to encounter when you go out in public. Such as…

  • Fear of fruit (this phobia name changes depending on the fruit type, but it does exist)
  • Fear of music (Melophobia)
  • Fear of the color purple (Porphyrophobia)
  • Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (Arachibutyrophobia)

Kind of ridiculous, right? It would be challenging to have a phobia like one of these because they involve objects in our lives on an everyday basis. What a nightmare to have things like these control your life! But, I suppose it could be worse; be thankful that you don’t experience a phobia that keeps you from getting a job (like Ergophobia, a fear of work itself).

If you have a particularly unusual phobia, then it could affect your productivity and work ethic in an office environment. Which one of these phobias would restrict you the most?

Anthropophobia: A fear of people and society. Being afraid of people would be absolutely impossible to get over while in the work place (and in life in general, for that matter). Communication is a big part of a business, and if you freak at the thought of dealing with people then nothing will get done.

Telephobics fear phones -- not convenient for an office!

Telephobics fear phones — not convenient for an office!

Telephobia: A fear of telephones. To many, phones simply deliver messages. But to others, phones are terrifying! This is another phobia that would be hard to get away with in an office. Phones are typically part of an every day job. You have to deal with customers and your coworkers, and the phone is a natural way of doing so.

Cyberphobia: A fear of computers. I cannot think of any office job that does not have computers within their company! Being afraid of computers would prevent you from accomplishing almost anything in an office, unless you use old technology like typewriters (which is not very efficient).

If time and clocks get under your skin, you may be chronophobic.

If time and clocks get under your skin, you may be chronophobic.

Chronophobia: A fear of time and clocks. No matter how hard I try, I can’t wrap my head around this one. No matter what you do or where you go, time is always there. Yeah, you can try your best to avoid fruit and spiders…but time? There’s no way out, buddy. It’s just there.

Papyrophobia: A fear of paper. Paper cuts suck, but getting one doesn’t usually cause us to forever avoid pieces of paper. Paper is used in every job out there — not just an office job. So if you’re afraid of paper, good luck finding a job where you won’t be sitting on edge all day!

Sinistrophobia (left) and Dextrophobia (right): A fear of having objects on either the right or left side of you. I guess this wouldn’t be as big of a deal as a few of the others I mentioned, but it is still bizarre. You would have an extremely cluttered desk if you needed to relocate everything to one side.

So there you have it: some weird, but actual, phobias that would cause you problems in the workplace. I didn’t think these phobias were legit before I looked into any of this, but after doing some further research I was surprised to find that some people actually do fear these things and cannot handle having a job because of them.

So, the next time you blurt out every curse word you know because you have seen a spider, imagine being someone who can’t even handle seeing a piece of paper. (Although, I should probably take this advice before I give it!)

Which one of these uncommon phobias is the strangest to you? Do you experience a phobia that’s not listed here?

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  1. Candice J.

    I’m pretty sure “Sinistrophobia (left) and Dextrophobia (right): A fear of having objects on either the right or left side of you” would be the worst phobia to have working in an office. Especially for us since we work in cubicles were there are objects located both to the left and right at all times. It’s crazy what exists these days.

    • Jaimie Smith

      Yeah its so weird! I can understand OCDness, like having things set up perfect on each side or something. But actually being afraid?

  2. Jenna Markowski

    While a lot of these phobias would surely make it difficult to be successful in an office, and a lot of them seem silly or weird, I’m sure that the people who have these phobias have them for a reason. There’s a lot of psychology behind phobias, so it’s a lot deeper and complicated than just being afraid of something.

    That being said, this is an interesting post, Jaimie! A lot of those phobias would be crippling for someone attempting to find an office job. Luckily I don’t have any of those phobias (or any phobia for that matter). The closest thing to a phobia that I have would be Aichmophobia, the fear of needles. But it’s more the idea of fluid being injected into someone’s veins that makes my skin crawl than the needles themselves. BLECH!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Yeah, it would be super hard to have a job with any of those phobias, thank gawd nobody here at QLP have any of them (that we know of anyway).

      And yeah, i hear what you’re saying about needles totally. Blood is my big thing. It makes me so lightheaded even talking/thinking about it. Getting blood tests is THE worst experience for me. I have to get it done a lot actually and my mom makes fun of me every time because of how I react (and yes, I still bring my mommy with me…but only due to the fact that I get super lightheaded and sometimes actually pass out, therefore my mom usually has to drive me home lol). But kinda like what you said, its not even the needle for me. I just hate the idea of the blood itself. They always have to lay me down and talk to me so I get distracted. I am such a baby lol. ughhh…okay end of comment before I pass out just writing about it.

  3. Cybernetic SAM

    People’s brains are so weird and it is marveling to see what it is capable of. Fear of the color purple!!!! That is crazy! I have an irrational fear of raccoons so I guess I can’t be a garbage man! I am also terrified of bleach, so NO maid jobs for me! 🙂 Interesting post!

    • Jaimie Smith

      Thanks Sam!
      I do remember you telling me about your fear of Raccoons, that is so interesting lol. They are not exactly my favorite, but I do not think I would consider myself afraid of them.
      And bleach?? Hmmm that is very interesting, I don’t think I have really heard of that before lol. But thats okay, Maid jobs probably wouldn’t be much fun anyway, QLP is where its at! lol 🙂

  4. Mandy Kilinskis

    I am terrified of standing being able to see under my feet. Whether that’s a glass window, or a glass-bottomed boat, it just freaks me out. I guess I’d like to see something solid on the ground at all times. I’m okay with heights/flying, though.

    Hands down, the worst fear to have working for QLP would be a fear of polyurethane.

  5. Bret Bonnet

    How about a fear of using public restrooms? I used to know this kid who would drive 30 minutes round trip just to use the bathroom at his home instead of using the one at the office! 🙂

    • Jaimie Smith

      lol WOW! that would suck!! Waste of time and gas! I would assume he barely drank anything and didn’t go too far from home due to this.

  6. Jaimie Smith

    lol that is for sure!
    And I never really thought of that fear of being able to see underneath you. But the more I think about it, I think that would freak me out too. I am not a fan of heights, so I am pretty sure that would just really scare me. At least you are okay with heights and flying!

  7. Jen

    I guess I’m right there with Jenna on this one. If someone has a deep-seeded fear, it’s probably because of something traumatic in their life. However I have a fear of cutting my feet and seeing them bleed but I don’t know where this started. I can’t walk on sharp, uneven, or bumpy surfaces without shoes…and even with shoes I get freaked out by gravel and side walk cracks. It’s really stupid, but I go out of my way to avoid stepping on a lot of things. I couldn’t even imagine being afraid of paper or time though. That would be awful!

    Cool post Jaimie, very interesting.

    • Jaimie Smith

      Thank you, Jen! i know it was random but it seemed interesting to me so I figured why not Blog about it.
      And wow, that is def an interesting phobia to have, a little more understanding though. I would probably say I am the opposite, though. I walk around barefoot all the time, especially during the summer!
      How do you handle being on the beach???

      • Jen

        I hate walking on sand, it kills!!!!

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