7 Wedding Favors for Destination Weddings

The average cost of weddings in the U.S. in 2011 was around $27,000 (which, to put things in perspective, is what the average American makes in a year). Sure, the respondents were only those who had been polled on the, which is a sample of people who are having an elaborate enough wedding to need a website for support, but there’s no doubt that the wedding industry is huge, and adding “bridal” to any kind of service is likely to jack up the price tag.

So why not skip the 200+ guest list, the 3+ hour wait between the wedding and reception, and the gigantic investment with which you could put a down payment on a house?

Think destination wedding.

Short guest list. Diminished drama. Built-in vacation. Spending thousands of dollars on a dream vacation that happens to have a little time set aside for a wedding may make forking over the cash more palatable.

So if you decide to have a destination wedding but want to keep the tradition of wedding favors, you’ve got to pick something that fits your budget and the size of your event.

Check out the 7 customized wedding favors below that have low minimums (13 or fewer) and are functional for guests on the go.


Solar Charger Pack

Solar Charger Pack

The Solar Charger Pack is a must-have for the people who forget their charger, put it in their checked luggage (that gets lost), or simply bring more devices than they have outlets. The solar power feature also helps out guests who travel from the ceremony site to the reception site and want their phones and cameras to stay fully charged.

Voyage II Travel Alarm and Photo Frame

Voyage II Travel Alarm and Photo Frame

The customized Voyage II Travel Alarm is a fantastic gift for destination wedding guests. Whether guests are jet-lagged or just have a hard time sleeping in a hotel bed, a travel alarm can be a life saver. The built-in picture frame can feature an engagement photo or later be used to display a shot from the wedding itself.


Milano Shoe Shine Kit

Maybe your guests haven’t worn formal wear in a while. Maybe they caught their toe on the door on the way out the door. Either way, this wedding favor will be much appreciated. The personalized Milano Shoeshine Kit is an eight-piece kit that includes shoe horn, buffing cloth, buffing brush, lint brush, sewing kit, black shoe polish, and sponge buffer. With interior bands to keep these accessories in place and a snap closure to make sure everything is snug in this compact shoe shine kit, it’s a winner for those day-of scuffs and scrapes!


Manicure Set in Metallic Case

In a metallic case that’s appealing to both men and women, the personalized Manicure Set is a fantastic keepsake for your wedding. The elegant design fits in with many wedding color schemes, and the five piece set (including nail file, nail pusher, nail flippers, a pair of scissors, and a pair of tweezers) are perfect for last minute grooming on the big day.


Zippo Hip Flask

Come on. Do I really even need to sell this to you? It’s a customized flask. You put booze in it. You’ll probably print your name and the wedding date on the side. It holds alcohol. Buy it.


Majestic Luggage Tag-Spotter Combo

Don’t listen to the haters who say there is nothing exciting about a luggage spotter; this gift is downright majestic! The bold colors will make your guests’ luggage stand apart from the rest, getting them away from the carousel and on the road to your nuptials quicker than ever. This personalized luggage spotter would be perfect to send out with save the dates.


Sheaffer Classic Travel Wallet

A personalized Shaeffer Classic Travel Wallet is available in basic black, the perfect complement to all formal wear. With your wedding date stamped inside a debossed heart, your wedding guests will remembered your big day on every trip they take! This is a fantastic favor especially for those who are planning extended stays at the destination location.

Which of the wedding favors above do you like the most? What else should be on this list? Sound off in the comments below!

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