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8 Unusual Stress Balls that Generate Buzz for Your Brand

Not every stress ball has to be round and ball-shaped! These 8 unusual stress relievers from the Quality Logo Products® website prove that promotional products don’t have to be boring and run-of-the-mill to generate conversation. If you’re on the prowl for buzz-worthy squeezies to give to your clients and prospective customers, then this is the blog post for you! Use your imagination and try to come up with a unique slogan or catchphrase for these fabulous (and sometimes hilarious) stress balls:

Buttocks Stress Ball

Should I pun this up by saying that this stress ball kicks ass? Maybe not, but you get the idea! Just think of all the fun and exciting things you could do with a personalized buttocks stress ball. If your intended recipients have a sense of humor, then they’re sure to appreciate these butt-shaped stress relievers! Plus, you aren’t likely to be slapped with a harassment lawsuit for squeezing one of these buttocks while at work.

Toilet Memo Holder Stress Ball

A toilet stress reliever will not flush away your advertising budget! These toilet-shaped memo holders could potentially advertise for you time and time again – I know that if I received one of these with a logo on it, I’d keep it on my desk at all times and get a chuckle any time I looked at it. These memo holder toilet squeezies are also available in the regular stress ball variety on our site!

Porta-Potty Stress Ball

Your clients won’t forget about this stress ball anytime soon! A porta-potty may not signify dignity to a lot of people, but you can be sure that it will be remembered. These unusual porta-potty stress relievers are conversation-generating promotional tools, whether you’re implying that your competition is crappy and easily knocked over or you’re implying that you can provide relief to your customers!

Ninja Stress Ball

These ninja stress relievers are exclusive to Quality Logo Products®, and they are welcome additions to our massive stress ball family! How many companies can say that they distribute custom ninja squeezies to their customers? Stand out among the faceless crowds and customize a promotional item that gets people talking!

Breast Stress Reliever

These breast stress balls are very popular to raise awareness about breast cancer, but many a business has customized them for other advertising purposes and been successful. Of course, you should be careful with these breast squeezies, because you wouldn’t want to convey a negative message! If you’re tired of being a marketing boob, then we think it’s time to imprint your logo on these awesome breast stress relievers.

Prostate Stress Reliever

Before I worked for Quality Logo Products®, I had no idea that prostate stress balls existed. Did you know they exist? Prostate-shaped squeezies generate buzz for your brand without even trying, because usually customers have something to say after just one look at them! And face it, what company wouldn’t want customers doing double-takes at their logo?

Cigarette Box Stress Ball

Even the non-smokers of the world recognize that quitting smoking can be stressful, and you can sympathize by imprinting cigarette box stress relievers! With the help of these innovative cigarette squeezies, you can not only help people alleviate stress but also get people to notice your logo and slogan.

Vibrating Grenade Stress Ball

The vibrating grenade stress reliever is an extremely popular stress ball. Why? Because it gets people talking! You have to be careful not to freak people out, but there are few strategies as effective as tossing one of these customized grenade-shaped squeezies at trade show attendees! People are almost guaranteed to remember your company if you have a sense of humor and an interesting promotional item like this one.

Which of these 8 unusual stress relievers is your favorite? Do you have any more out of the ordinary stress balls to add to this list? Let us know by posting your comments below, and be sure to visit the Quality Logo Products® website for a vast supply of buzz-worthy promotional items!