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9 Alternative Uses for Koozies That Will Blow Your Mind

You probably already know that here at Quality Logo Products® we can talk about all of the promotional benefits of custom koozies until kingdom come. Koozies make excellent giveaways at trade shows, company picnics, summer festivals, and they even make great wedding favors!

An imprinted can cooler with your logo on it is guaranteed to be a promo item that your customers hold onto for a long time. However, with some of these clever life hacks your branded koozies can last even longer!

Whether you’re planning on ordering some koozies for your next promotion or you have a bunch of old koozies laying around at home, your koozies are good for more than just keeping drinks cold. As long as you know how to operate a pair of scissors you can give your koozies a longer lifespan with any of these alternative uses!

1. Prevent shaving cream rust rings in the shower


If you keep your shaving cream in your shower, then you’ve probably struggled with those pesky rust rings that are left behind from the metal bottom of the can. Well, don’t worry, there’s a koozie for that. Simply place your shaving cream can inside a can cooler, and you’ll never be plagued by rust rings again!

2. Store light bulbs to keep them from breaking


Light bulbs are fragile, so obviously you can’t just go throwing them in a storage bin all willy nilly. If you want to make sure that your light bulbs don’t get smashed when you store them, may I introduce you to my friend, Koozie? Koozies are the perfect size to store exactly one light bulb safely to prevent it from shattering.

3. Use as a smudge protector while drawing or sketching


This idea comes from AC Osorio, an artist who came up with the idea to use some stray koozies as wrist guards while drawing.  AC said, “For me there is nothing more annoying than losing the SmudgeGuard when ready to do some illustration work on my Cintiq. It happens a lot, at least in my case. Because of that, I decided to make one out of a koozie and leave it near as backup when deadlines were close and time was short to handle a treasure hunt.”

Just follow the steps above to create your very own smudge protector with an old koozie! All you need to do is cut a thumb-sized hole from the side of the koozie and then fold the bottom in half so that it fits between your middle and ring finger. With those two simple steps you’ll have a wrist guard of your own!

I didn’t do this in my example, but Osorio also mentioned that if the seams in the side of the koozie start to rip, you can always reinforce them with a quick staple!

4. Keep your car’s gear shifter from getting too hot in the sun


This one is pretty straightforward, and comes from the Buzzfeed article that inspired this blog post. After your car has been baking in the sun all day while you were at work, your gear shifter can be pretty hot to the touch. You can avoid that extremely first world problem by placing a koozie over your gear shifter.

NOTE: This genius idea unfortunately will not work on all gear shifters. It really only works if you have a slim, round gear shifter. If your gear shifter is more oblong, it may not fit inside a koozie.

5. Store DSLR lenses


You can thank the aptly named Lifehacker for this great idea! DSLR lenses are expensive and valuable, so obviously any photographer goes to great lengths in order to store their lenses safely and securely. You can protect your lenses from harm using any spare can coolers you have laying around the house!

6. Protect floors from heavy furniture


If you’re planning on rearranging your furniture, don’t forget your koozies! Heavy furniture can scratch and damage hardwood floors or be difficult to budge on carpet. You can protect your floors and make your furniture easier to move by placing a koozie on the furniture’s legs.

7. Use to roll and store large posters


If you are trying to roll up and store a giant poster and don’t have any rubber bands or a poster container on hand, never fear! All you have to do is roll up your poster and stick a koozie on each end, and you’ve got instant, convenient storage!

8. Keep fruit from bruising in your purse or backpack


Taking an apple, orange, or pear to work during your morning commute or hiking trip? If you don’t want your fruit to get all bruised and battered in transit, try putting it inside a koozie before you put it in your purse or backpack!

9. Hold earrings


Earrings are teeny tiny and seemingly guaranteed to get lost. If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a plastic baggie full of earrings that don’t match at home. Whether you’re taking some pairs of earrings with you when you travel, or just need a new way to organize your earrings at home, you can use a koozie to store and organize them!

There are a couple of different ways to do this. You can use the koozie as is, as pictured above, or you can cut the koozie open and cut off the bottom to create a flat rectangle that makes it a little easier to put the backs on your earrings, as pictured below.


BONUS HACK: Koozies are just the right size to store Bubba!


I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning that a custom koozie is the perfect size for Bubba (mostly because he wouldn’t let me!). Bubba frequently uses koozies as sleeping bags, and who could blame him? That neoprene looks mighty comfy, am I right?

As you can see, there’s much more to personalized can koozies than meets the eye. If you are giving away koozies for your next promotion, rest assured knowing that there are countless ways your customers can put your promo items to use. And if you have a bunch of koozies in a junk drawer at home, you can try some of these ideas to put your koozies to work and make your life easier!

Author’s note: I apologize for how frequently some version of the word “life hack” was used in this article. Hey, at least I didn’t use it in my click-bait headline!

What do you think? Will you be using any of these life hacks? Can you think of any other alternative uses for koozies? What about other promo items? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Bret Bonnet

    Using a koozie to store a light bulb is in ingenious idea! 🙂

  2. Kelly Bird

    Thanks for the Friday smile guys! Fun ideas!

  3. PMO

    Heck yeah, no more shaving cream mess!

  4. Jon

    Awesome – after working in this industry for awhile I have amassed a huge collection of these and have started to wonder where to store them. I was starting to feel like that show Hoarders was going to come over and have to film me getting rid of them … but now if they show up I can say “I was just going to use that to store my posters/ Camera Lenses/ protect my shifter! I swear! Don’t take away all my cats!”
    I will direct them to this article too, to prove my innocence 🙂
    Thanks Jenna

  5. David Willits

    All of these are good alternative uses for Koozies but they are forgetting the most important one…..Keeping your Red Stripe beer cold. HOORAY BEER!

    • Mandy Kilinskis

      Well yeah… but these are ALTERNATIVE uses for koozies. Of course they will always be for keeping your beer cold. 🙂

  6. Julie Foster

    I LOVE the smudge protector idea. As an artist, I love to draw on my ipad, but as anyone who has tried to sketch on a touchscreen knows, the side of your hand tends to accidentally draw things.
    With a koozie keeping your hand off the screen, it might be easier to draw more naturally. 🙂

  7. Jaimie

    What a cool post, guys! 🙂

    The earing holder is clutch! May have to start doing that so I don’t have to go out and buy new earrings every week for losing them! 🙂

  8. Kat D.

    These are AWESOME!! Who woulda thunk it!? I actually MAY try that for the earrings lol 🙂

  9. Serenity

    These are all awesome ideas!!!! Great job!!! Ha!

  10. keith

    Awesome! I have so many movie posters at home. Now I know how to keep them rolled up when we move. Great ideas!

  11. Angie

    Who doesn’t have a bunch of these stored away somewhere at home? I will have put them to better use . . . I know I have some loose light bulbs that could you some protection. Fun post.

  12. Chuck

    Hahaha!! Left Hand’s Rejoice!!! A smudge guard! Awesome!!

  13. Jen

    Neoprene= microfiber’s cooler, more fashionable sister. As a lefty, I totally approve of the “smudge protector” wrist guard!

  14. Ashley

    I am constantly finding these around my house and now I can start putting them to good use!

  15. Melanie

    I love the tip on using them to protect light bulbs. I will definitely be using it that way from now on!

  16. Erin Johnston

    These are awesome! Koozies are so versatile…I’ll definitely be using it to hold my shaving cream to avoid those nasty rust rings!

  17. Ryan

    This is perfect for clients looking for something new and interesting. Old product with new and interesting uses that is! Thank you for this!

  18. Rondell Caraos

    And I thought I’d only use them to keep my beer cold! Brilliant! I love fruit but HATE bruised fruit! I going to use that idea for sure! Also, I jus recently moved my heavy dining room table on my wood floors 2 inches at a time… Wish I read this article first! Thanks for the tidbits! Great post!

  19. Dave

    I have a ton of koozies and was looking for ways to use them and this gave me a few new ways to use them. 🙂
    My favorite alternative use I discovered is to use them to store cords in. The koozie will keep the cord from unrolling or getting tangled and the cords ends can be accessed from the two openings in the bottom while it’s being used.

  20. Felicia Bittcher

    Koozies are the perfect size to store some smaller , delicate items like Christmas ornaments!

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