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You might be surprised to learn that koozies can be used for more than just keeping your drinks cold. You can use old koozies for a bunch of different projects at home or around the office.

If you have extra bottle koozies on hand, take a look at these ideas for what to do with old koozies! These alternative uses for koozies may just blow your mind. 

1. Use as Storage Holders

Small items like bobby pins and pens can get strewn around a drawer or easily get lost. Use a koozie to organize your junk drawer by filling it with pens, or by attaching bobby pins around the opening.

2. Furniture Moving Pads

Nothing is worse than scratching your floors when moving heavy furniture. The next time you’re moving or just want to rearrange your living room, place koozies on the feet of heavy furniture so it doesn’t damage your floors.

3. Glass Ornament Holder

Ornaments are beautiful to look at on a finished Christmas tree, but storing them can be difficult because delicate glass is easily breakable. The cushion of a neoprene or foam koozie makes the perfect ornament holder. You can safely store all your ornaments in a box once they are protected properly by a koozie!

4. Use as a Smudge Protector when Drawing

When you’re drawing or sketching, nothing is worse than smudging your fresh paint or ink with your hand. Simply cut a thumb-sized hole in the side of the koozie and fold the bottom piece in half so it fits between your fingers! No more annoying smudges.

5. Shaving Cream Holder

Keeping a can of shaving cream in your shower is convenient, but it can also cause pesky rust rings. Protect your shower by placing the can inside a koozie. No more scrubbing away rust rings!

6. Earring or Pin Holder

Small items like earrings and pins can be hard to keep track of! You can use a koozie to secure earrings or pins by poking them through the material. Then you’ll have these items easily on hand without needing to search for them.

7. Roll and Store Posters

If you don’t have a rubber band handy when storing posters, use two koozies on each end of a rolled poster! This method will keep your poster rolled up securely without having to fold it or risk damaging it.

8. Turn it into a Bottle Holder

Turning your koozie into a bottle holder is a fun craft idea for working out, running, or just to take your water bottle on-the-go. To make your koozie into a wearable bottle holder, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Cut off the bottom

Step 2:

Fold the koozie in half

Step 3:

Cut out the shape of a rectangle

Step 4:

Open the koozie and slide on to a bottle

9. Prevent Fruit from Bruising

Bring an apple to work for lunch or a snack and prevent it from bruising by placing it inside a koozie! There’s nothing worse than biting into a bruised piece of fruit, so you’ll appreciate the protection a koozie provides.

Who knew old koozies could be upcycled and made useful? Whether it’s keeping your beverage cold on a hot summer day or protecting your floors from scratches when moving furniture, koozies are perfect to keep on-hand. Dig around your drawer of branded koozies and put them to good use!

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