9 MORE Must-See Quality Logo Products Product Videos

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve highlighted particularly awesome QLP product videos, and we cannot let that stand. As long as our Media team and our actors work hard to deliver them, we’ll keep highlighting them on our blog!

These 9 videos were hand-selected to make you smile, laugh, and feel good about the promotional products you’re buying.

Here they are:

9. Koozie Six Pack Cooler

Whether or not you actually wear that holiday sweater knit by your dear Nana Betsy, you’ll enjoy this video. In fact, Patrick’s goal is to show you exactly how an insulated lunch cooler can help you look cool!

8. The Chill Tumbler

Mad scientists use personalized tumblers too, you know. This one’s special because it’s got a trendy shape and a buttload of potential for your giveaway efforts! Check it out and try not to cackle maniacally (good luck).

7. The Troy Pen / The Achilles Pen

Our newest promo video character, Miss B-S, knows her click pen history! If you’ve ever wanted to know the full story about the Troy Pen and the Achilles Pen, then here’s your chance. Do it.

6. Custom Frisbee

We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of bro jokes. The possibilities are vast and hilarious! Your customers don’t have to be total bros to appreciate custom Frisbees, but it definitely helps.

5. Angled Pocket Non Woven Tote

Hip indie types don’t take kindly to regular tote bags these days. You’ve gotta get with the times if you want to appeal to them, and that’s where this alternative bag comes in. Say hi to our newest character in this clever video! (Or not. You know, whatever…)

4. Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Straw (24 oz)

Speaking of characters, one of our favorite employees/actors does a mean Walken impression and he’s all about debuting it in this video. What would Mr. Walken think of an acrylic tumbler? Only one way to find out.

3. Baseball Stress Reliever

Baseball players aren’t the only ones who can relieve stress with a sporty stress ball. Anyone can do it! This player is almost too relaxed, though, especially since his x-rays are troubling his doctor…

2. Malibu Sunglasses

What do you get when you shoot a sunglasses video and add lots of references to The Breakfast Club? This. All. Of. This.

1. Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bag Small

This product video is slightly longer than average because it’s also a music video! Skittle — our resident rapper — is joined by a new sidekick and they’re not afraid to break it down for us.

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So, what did you think? Which one of these 9 is your personal favorite? Use that comments section and let us know.

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