9 Sweet Easter Promotional Items : Be the Grandest Company in the Parade!

With Valentine’s Day fresh in your mind, Easter may be FAR from the top of your list. However, you have to act quickly if you’re considering promotional products for your Easter-themed giveaways! Check out these 9 incredible items from Quality Logo Products that can help you hop to a successful spring:

Bunny Ball Stress Reliever

Bunny Ball Stress Reliever from Quality Logo Products

This little foam bunny is a cuddle bug if we’ve ever seen one! These cute bunny rabbit stress balls have a history of jump-starting promotions without even trying. Come on, why would you want to relieve stress any other way if you had one of these adorable bunnies to squeeze all day long?

Foam Bunny Ears



Keep your marketing plans running smoothly with these soft bunny ears! We can’t guarantee that people won’t chuckle at you when you wear these, but we can guarantee that you’ll love wearing them. Give these custom foam rabbit ears away during the Easter season and try to resist the urge to wiggle your nose!

Jesus Hand Fan

Jesus Hand Fan from Quality Logo Products

For the most traditional approach to Easter, Jesus Hand Fans take the cake. These customizable fans are extremely popular with churches and youth groups!

Egg Stress Reliever



Your customers won’t need to go on a hunt to find your contact information if you personalize some egg-shaped stress balls! These soft, squeezable foam eggs also work well to play practical jokes…try tossing one at a friend from a distance and watch how quickly they duck!

Egg Squeezie

Egg Squeezie from Quality Logo Products

For people who prefer a more natural brown egg, these egg squeezies will get the job done. Customize these egg-shaped stress relievers in addition to the bright white eggs above and you’ll have a better Easter basket than your competitors!

Apothecary Candy Jar



Everyone loves candy, and Easter candy is no exception. These Apothecary Candy Jars are an inexpensive way to get your company name out there and sweeten the deal!

Wonton Chinese Takeout Box



You won’t find this combination at your local Chinese restaurant! These promotional takeout boxes can be filled with one ounce of a sweet treat such as delicious jelly beans, Tootsie Rolls or caramel popcorn to give your clients something to smile about.

Jelly Beans Treat Packet

Jelly Beans Treat Packet from Quality Logo Products

If you love jelly beans but you prefer bite-sized portions, then these mini packets of jelly beans are perfect for you! Fully customizable with your logo, Jelly Beans Treat Packets are a grand option for Easter.

Sorbet Pen

Sorbet Pen from Quality Logo Products

Can’t stand candy or sweet little bunnies? These pastel pens provide a fun touch of Easter without going overboard. Just look at the spring colors of these Sorbet Pens!

Thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog! If you need assistance with these Easter promotional items or with any other promotional products, then don’t hesitate to contact us. You can comment on our blog, email us at, or call us at 866-312-5646. We hope to talk to you soon!

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