Best Easter Promotional Gifts

  1. Candy & other sweet treats
  2. Animal stress balls & toys
  3. Jute bags
  4. Pastel shirts & apparel
  5. Inverted umbrellas
  6. EOS lip balm
  7. Coloring books & crayons
  8. Drink tumblers
  9. Picnic blankets

Feel that fresh spring air. It’s the first Sunday in April, which can only mean one thing… it’s Easter! Make the most of the holiday by painting hardboiled eggs, spending time with friends and family, and of course, giving amazing promotional gifts to everyone on your team!

You may or may not celebrate, but either way, you can take part in the fun by putting together baskets full of goodies! Whether they’re for a parade, work party, or school event, you want to go with only the best Easter gift and giveaway ideas.

1. Candy & Other Sweet Treats

custom Easter candy

Shop: Custom Candy & Personalized Chocolate

The Easter Bunny hopped by and left behind classic jelly beans, mouth-watering chocolate truffles, and other sugary candies! No basket is complete without these sweet treats, so make sure you order enough for everyone on your list.

2. Animal Stress Balls & Toys

Easter animal toys

Shop: Animal Stress Balls, Animal Keychains, Stuffed Animals

Cuddle up with adorable, animal-shaped stress balls and toys! Bunnies, chicks, and sheep all belong in the menagerie of gifts you give out this season. They’re great promotional products for kids at your school, community center, or daycare, but the adults can also enjoy them as desk accessories.

3. Jute Bags

jute tote bags for spring

Shop: Jute Tote Bags

Do you want something more useful than an Easter basket? Go with jute tote bags! They have that wicker look, but are able to be carried around on weekends without making you look like Little Red Riding Hood! Fill them up with fake grass and an assortment of mini gifts. Your guests will love this idea if you’re hosting a spring wedding or Easter themed banquet.

4. Pastel Shirts & Apparel

custom Easter clothing

Shop: Custom Apparel

Easter is associated with soft, delicate colors that look as pretty as a field full of flowers. Create that look by ordering pastel shirts, sweaters, and other apparel as promotional giveaways or gifts for your event. Don’t forget the accessories like hats, scarves, and of course, bunny ears!

5. Inverted Umbrellas

custom umbrellas for spring

Shop: Inverted Umbrellas

April showers bring May flowers! Spring is a fickle season with some rainy and some sunny days. Everyone will feel better prepared with inverted umbrellas, which open and close in either direction to keep everything nice and dry. Give these umbrellas out as corporate gifts to everyone on your team!

6. EOS Lip Balm

lip balm eggs for Easter

Shop: EOS Lip Balm

Lip balm tubes are great promotional giveaways for Easter, but EOS takes it the next level. Their balm is shaped like eggs, which is the perfect touch for your party, parade, or celebration! Choose pastel colors that not only look elegant, but also have a yummy flavor like sweet mint, lemon, and passion fruit.

7. Coloring Books & Crayons

custom coloring books

Shop: Coloring Books & Crayons

If you’re throwing an Easter celebration, you’re going to want to offer plenty of entertainment. Coloring is the perfect choice since it’s something everyone can enjoy. Lay out spring-themed sheets decorated with flowers, butterflies, and cute animals. Better yet, set up an entire arts & crafts area with DIY Easter eggs and other themed activities.

8. Drink Tumblers

custom drink tumblers for Easter

Shop: Personalized Drink Tumblers

Set up a buffet full of delicious Easter food like ham, deviled eggs, roasted carrots, and lemon cookies. You can then fill up drink tumblers with special Easter cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks like juice and soda. It’s a one-two punch when it comes to promotional gifts as you cut down on the waste from disposable cups, while at the same time offering souvenirs to all of your guests. Do you manage a bar or restaurant? You can also celebrate with complimentary personalized koozies for all your patrons.

9. Picnic Blankets

custom picnic blankets

Shop: Picnic Blankets

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Custom picnic blankets are excellent promotional products for Easter, especially if you’re hosting a parade, barbeque, or outdoor egg hunt. Plaid is a classic pattern, but go with light blues, greens, or yellows so it feels more like spring and less like Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Promotional items are a must for Easter events, especially if you’re a business or non-profit. Gifts or freebies make your event feel more special.

You can hand these Easter promotional products out to everyone when they walk in to your event, put them in goody bags, or raffle them off inside of prize baskets. Whatever the case, be sure to put something together that gives the Easter bunny a run for his money!

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