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A Word of Thanks Goes a Long Way: Why “Thank You” Still Matters!

When I was a kid, my parents always told me that saying “please” and “thank you” was important.  If someone answered a question for me, gave me a gift, or even pointed me in the correct direction, I was taught to say those two little words.  Unfortunately, in my recent experiences, it seems that these words of thanks have fallen to the wayside!

Why is saying “thank you” so important?  What’s the big deal?

I’ve heard some people say: “Well, they were just doing their job…why should I thank them for that?”  Really?  I am both shocked and hurt by that kind of a response.  Sure, maybe that cashier at the Home Depot was “just doing her job,” but she helped you purchase the items you need.  She provided a service that you required in order for you to leave the store with your products, so why doesn’t she deserve to be thanked?

I don’t have time to say “thank you.”

This is a bogus excuse.  Who doesn’t have ONE SECOND to say two words?  Go ahead and say “thank you” quietly to yourself and see how long it takes.  Unless you speak in binary code, it shouldn’t take you longer than a second or two to say it.  It doesn’t take much to express your gratitude, and I guarantee your words will be appreciated.

He or she doesn’t deserve to be thanked!

Who doesn’t deserve to receive a “thank you?”  Even if you receive a gift that’s completely horrid or you don’t feel someone was friendly enough toward you, saying thanks should still be a part of your response.  The worst part, for me, is hearing a customer service rep say: “Thanks, and have a great day!” without hearing the person say anything back.  They just walk away.  Why is that acceptable?  Just say “thanks” or “you too” or something…it’s common courtesy!

Do you have proper “thank you” etiquette?  Do you feel that those two words are as important to the customer service realm as I do?  Let us know!  THANK YOU for reading the Quality Logo Products® blog, and we can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂


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  1. Cat Wagman

    Hello, Jill!

    You are so right … the words “Thank You” are two of the most gratifying words that anyone can hear on a regular basis from family, friends, and complete strangers. Just like any relationship, it works both ways, and conscious expressions of gratitude will nurture the appreciation felt by both parties.

    Thank you for reminding not only your customers, but others who come across your blog, why Thank You is so important.

    BTW, my book is titled, “Why … THANK YOU! — How to Have FUN Writing Fantastic Notes and More,” and it is the only creative writing book designed to help kids and grown-ups to improve their writing skills that uses the Thank-You Note as the teaching vehicle.

    Have a delightful day!
    Cat Wagman

  2. kari

    I have sent gifts to my neice, nephew, and sister.. and not once have they bothered to say thank you let alone send a card. We weren’t raised this way.. I’ve stopped sending xmas gifts, for this reason. But my neice has had a baby, and I’ve sent a big box of gifts down for the baby, and quite a few of them, I’ve made as I”ve done this for the other members as well.. but not even a call or card. or birth annoncement sent.. I’m guess my gesture wasn’t appreciated. And now, I won’t even bother sending or try calling them anymore. they are on facebook, so I know all is well. as I just have to click on to see. Doesn’t anyone send or say thank you for the gifts anymore. I think its rude not to even be bothered when others have taken the time, and money to help out. thats just my view..
    Thank you for reading this.

  3. QLP Jill

    I completely agree, Kari; it’s rather rude not to make an effort to thank someone who has gone above and beyond to help. I mean, how much effort would it take to make a simple phone call just to say “I appreciate your gift”? And if you’re friends with them on Facebook, they could just send you a message or something! It’s unfortunate that people neglect such an important term in their everyday lives…and I hope “THANK YOU” doesn’t completely fall to the wayside someday.

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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