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Want to know more about the people who regularly write for the Quality Logo Products blog? Good, because we were going to tell you anyway…

Alex Brodsky

Alex is part of the media department at QLP. Because he’s trained in media and screenwriting, his talents prove extremely valuable when making videos and writing for the blog. He’s one of the only sports fans on the Blog Squad, and he’s not afraid to let his sarcastic flag fly. Alex is often seen around the office with a Slurpee in his hands, but never a coffee.

Likes: 7-11 Coke Slurpees, Lou Malnati’s, SPORTS! Dislikes: J-Lo, Madonna, J-Lo.

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Bubba is the QLP mascot. He’s been around since our website’s launch in 2003, and he’s since shown his face our promotional efforts far and wide. Bubba changes outfits on the homepage whenever a holiday arrives. He doesn’t believe in pants, so you’ll rarely see him wearing a pair. But that’s okay with us — this is sort of his house, after all!

Likes: being yellow, firm handshakes, Chicago Bears. Dislikes: being thrown, wearing pink, olives.

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Joe G.Joseph Giorgi

Joe is the head of the Media Team at Quality Logo Products. He specializes in video and audio production, but he’s also well-versed in writing (and his acting talents come into play for product videos and demonstrations). Fun fact: Joe is the subject of our very first office meme, thanks to an inside joke from past blog comments, so his face is frequently shared via internal email.

Likes: Sci-fi movies, microwave dinners, bad 80s music. Dislikes: pennies, dust, Serenity Morris.

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Marianne Chrisos1Marianne Chrisos

Marianne is a Content Developer at Quality Logo Products. After getting her master’s degree in writing, she decided to dedicate her life to being a huge nerd and semi-professional animal rescuer. She spends most of her time reading and watching science fiction, eating Greek food, and listening to music that was popular in 2003.  If the writing gig hadn’t worked out, she probably would have taken up race car driving or roller derby.

Likes: Firefly, seltzer water, Ireland. Dislikes: People who don’t think Star Trek is a gift to mankind, Internet Explorer.

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Rachel Hamsmith

Rachel is the Data Entry Team Manager at Quality Logo Products. She consumes a variety of geeky TV shows, movies, and books, and she enjoys seeing funny cat videos and other Internet oddities. Rachel moonlights as a literary magazine editor and has never met a Skittle she didn’t like.

Likes: kitties, superheroes, all things Disney. Dislikes: spicy food, country music.

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Serenity Morris

Serenity is a member of the art department at Quality Logo Products. Like Alex, she’s a cynic and she’s not shy about revealing that to the world. She is a fan of eco-friendliness and she loves to draw and paint (her artistic abilities are often commissioned for the company’s graphics). Serenity is particular about the TV she watches and tends to favor British shows above all else.

Likes: being addicted to music and concerts, the great outdoors, being an Anglophile. Dislikes: cell phones, shopping, Zach Snyder.

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Shaun Zinck1Shaun Zinck

As a former journalist, Shaun is excited to be one of the content developers at QLP. You can still find him perusing news sites in between his quiet suffering and disappointment over his favorite sports teams (Bulls, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks). He’s addicted to Laffy Taffy and Starburst candy. Even though he was raised in the Chicago suburbs, he had never been to the top of the Sears Tower (it will always be Sears Tower to him!) until 2009.

Likes: Sports, pizza, staring at my phone screen during awkward social situations. Dislikes: Coffee, slow drivers, the Green Bay Packers.

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Sheila Johnson 1 smallSheila Johnson

Sheila Johnson is a member of the content team at Quality Logo Products. If she’s not working on stringing words together, she’s probably reading them—like half the people at QLP, she’s a particularly big fan of science fiction and fantasy. And if she’s not writing or reading, she’s probably thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a pet dog. Puppies are so nice.

Likes: comics, science, checking out too many books at the library Dislikes: having consistently cold toes

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