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Welcome to the Quality Logo Products blog, where you’ll find over a thousand blog posts about marketing, branding, promotional products, business, social media, wedding favors, technology, and more. We update our blog daily to keep our readers informed of the hottest trends and the freshest tips imaginable!

What we do:

In short, Quality Logo Products sells customizable items. You’ve probably seen companies give away freebies like promo pens, stress balls, coffee mugs, and t-shirts for special events or promotions, right?

Well, we can help you do the same for your business!

Who we are and why we blog:

You might be wondering, “Why in the world does a promotional products company need to have a blog?”

That’s a bit forward, but it’s a valid question!

The answer’s simple: We’re passionate about what we do, and our goal is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of marketing with promo items. And because so many factors affect the way people market themselves, our blog touches on a variety of marketing and advertising topics to keep things interesting. However, rest assured that there’s always plenty of promotional advice to be had here.

Our blogging team consists of more than a dozen committed Quality Logo Products employees — all from different departments and citing diverse interests — which means no two opinions are exactly alike. We like it that way! Each blog post is a glimpse into what makes us tick, both as a whole and as individuals, so we hope you enjoy what you read (and perhaps even subscribe for free email updates in the green box on the upper right?).

Why you’ve come to the right place for promotional products:

Look, we know better than to use this space to toot our own horns and tell you how much we think we rock. No one wants to hear that! It’s lame. We could throw statistics at you until our arms fall off, but that may not bring you any closer to choosing Quality Logo Products over a competitor.

In the end, your decision will likely come down to price and quality. If our low price guarantee doesn’t appeal to you, then take confidence in the fact that “quality” is our middle name (okay, it’s our first name — even better)! We don’t sell crappy junk on our website. You deserve better than that.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Perhaps you like reading reviews about a company before doing business with them. That’s smart! You can check out our customer testimonials on Google Local or on our official Facebook page, or you can just Google us to see what people are saying. We’ve got nothing to hide!

And if you decide to click away from this page and never come back, then we at least hope you enjoyed reading what we have to say. You seem like a cool person. Really — we have an eye for these kinds of things.

But hopefully, we’ll see you soon!

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