How Adorable Animals Use Promotional Items: Squee of the Day

Have you ever wondered how animals would use promotional products? No? Well, you’re about to find out.

As if these 10 animal photos weren’t cute enough..

**CAUTION: Terrible Photoshop work lies ahead. If you’re the kind of person who cringes at crudely altered images, then this post is not for you. Graphic design friends, I apologize for my lack of design skills!**

taco loving otter

This hip otter is rocking the AM/FM Radio Fanny Pack and the Taco Squeezie.

monkey sunbathin

This little monkey loves his Auto-Open Folding Umbrella!

seals dog tags

Dog tags: Preferred by trade show attendees and happy seals across the nation.

panda and bamboo

If you give a panda bamboo tongs and bamboo journal

kitten laser pointer pen

Use a laser pointer pen around a playful kitten sometime — you’ll be amused.

puppy see through glasses

LensTek Sunglasses won’t make you as cool as this puppy, but it’ll get you close!

rats in hard hats ftw

Come on, rats would be even cuter with Hard Hat Flashlight Keychains

guinea pig sleeping

A sleep mask and ear plugs set? What else could a precious guinea pig want?

bears with beach balls

Bears wouldn’t have a thing to argue about if they had Full-Size Inflatable Beach Balls.

march of caffeinated penguins

Sure, penguins can stay warm on their own. But what if they had Curvy Tumbler Mugs, too?

Which animal would you like to see holding a promo item? How many of these pictures made you squee with joy? Tell us in the comments section, and/or share away!

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Image credit to and Quality Logo Products.

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  2. Wash

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t find these pictures to be very realistic.

  3. Rachel

    I think the puppy with the sunglasses is my favorite. But let’s be real, they ALL make me squee!!

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