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The weather in Illinois has been pleasant lately, and that got me thinking about golf. No, I don’t play golf, but I know a lot of golfers who have been chattering with excitement over the possibility of playing in the near future. In case you weren’t aware, golf is an extremely popular recreational activity and people of all ages tend to flock to the green once the sub-zero temperatures start to fade. If you’ve been wondering how to get your logo noticed by a wide variety of potential customers, then you’ll love learning about the advertising potential of a few popular golf-related promo items!

Although imprinted golf balls do offer significant brand exposure, there are countless other options out there that are much more creative. For example, one of my favorite promo items on the Quality Logo Products site is the Walking Enthusiast Kit – this durable kit is easy to carry, and it allows for storage of smaller items like water bottles, car keys, or cell phones. If I were a golfer, I don’t think I’d want my keys jangling in my pocket to potentially distract (and subsequently piss off) other golfers, which is why it would be handy to store them in my sling pack. Wouldn’t that be a buzzworthy promotional product to distribute at chamber of commerce meetings or golf fundraisers?

Besides the sometimes-silly outfits, golfers are often most associated with wearing sun visors. If you want golfers in your community to promote your brand, then you should look into customizing an order of Golf Visors. These particular visors are high-quality and can be silk-screened or embroidered (for a small additional fee) with your logo. Wouldn’t you wear one of these if you wanted to stay cool and keep the sun out of your eyes? I would…even if I didn’t have crazy-patterned socks or pants to go along with it!

Don’t worry, budget-concerned golf enthusiasts! I have you covered with golf promo items as well. You don’t need to drain all of your marketing moolah in order to be successful, and custom Golf Tees are perfect proof of that. No golf outing would be complete without golf tees, and they’ll be welcome gifts because of how often they get used. The same goes for Ball Markers – your logo will be seen on the green all day long! For approximately a dime a piece, imprinted golf tees or ball markers can provide the kind of exposure you need to truly launch your logo to stardom!

Which golf promotional products do YOU like best? Do you have any more suggestions? Let us know by leaving your comment below! If you need to contact Quality Logo Products about these golf promotional items or about any other promo items for your business, don’t hesitate to do so! You can email us at, you can call us at 866-312-5646, or you can get a hold of us on Twitter or Facebook. As always, thanks for reading the Quality Logo Products blog and we hope to see you again soon!

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