Learn More About Padfolios


Learn More About Padfolios

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You might find yourself feeling a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to picking the right padfolio. There are different things to consider before you find the right one, especially if you’re planning on customizing it to advertise your business. Once you’ve chosen which padfolio is “just right,” customize it for your customers!

Follow these simple guidelines to make selecting a custom padfolio easier than ever.

How to Pick the Right Padfolio

Picking the right padfolio is similar to choosing a new wallet, purse, or backpack. You could spend hours shopping for the one with the perfect size, shape, color, and storage space. Since a padfolio will be an accessory that you carry to interviews, classes, or meetings, it’ll need to fit all of your requirements.

Consider the following factors when choosing a padfolio:

1. Size

There are two main sizes when it comes to padfolios: letter size, and junior size. Both options can provide ample storage options, but the main difference is the dimensions of the notepad or papers you can fit inside.

Letter Size

Letter size padfolios can perfectly fit 8.5’ x 11’ notepads or loose paper. This size is best for college students to store finished papers or syllabi, and for interviewees to keep their resume flat and clean.

Junior Size

Unlike letter size, junior-sized padfolios don’t have a set dimension. Junior typically means smaller than letter size. Most junior size padfolios will fit 5’ x 8’ notepads. Junior size padfolios are best for taking notes, sketching, or storing ID cards.

While letter size padfolios are most common, junior size can also be handy because it is small enough to fit in a bag or purse. Consider what the recipients of the padfolios might prefer to help you decide on a size. Be aware of the padfolio size because it will affect how large your design appears when it’s printed on the cover.

2. Material

Similar to bags and wallets, padfolios come in different materials. Each one has its own benefits compared to others.


Leather substitute is the perfect material for a professional-looking padfolio. If you plan to use your padfolio for interviews, meetings, or as a corporate gift, leatherette is the suggested material because of the sleek look.


Polypropylene is a non-woven material that is highly durable. Most polypropylene padfolios are coated and water-resistant. If you want a padfolio that has a bright color or design, this material is best for you. This material is also the most cost-effective.

Ultimately, when picking the right material, you should think about how heavily you or your customers will use it, your budget, and what type of design you might add.

3. Features

There are 3 main features to consider before finding that padfolio that’s “just right”: storage options, orientation, and enclosure type.

Storage Options

Storage might be one of the most important factors when selecting a padfolio. Some padfolios are specifically designed to store technology like charging cables or USB drives. Other styles have built-in calculators, pockets for ID cards, and pen loops.



Padfolios are available with a landscape or a portrait orientation. This is important to keep in mind when adding a design because of the way it will be printed. Orientation can also change the way the padfolio is carried or packed into a bag.

Enclosure Type

You’ll want to consider how your padfolio is closed, whether it’s with a zipper, elastic band, strap, or nothing at all. If you plan to keep sensitive documents inside, a zipper is the most secure. Other enclosure types like an elastic band or strap can do the trick, but be mindful of smaller items like pens or USB drives falling out.

Once you have your favorite features picked out, you’re one step closer to getting a custom padfolio. Now that you know what you want your padfolio to look like, it is time to get creative!

How is a Padfolio Customized?

Padfolios are great, but what makes them even better is adding a custom design! Depending on the material of the padfolio and your desired design, there are several different ways your logo can be imprinted.


Debossing is used with leather or leather substitute materials and is best for a simple design or logo. Since the imprint is pressed into the material, color is also not an option with this method.

Pad Printing

A pad printed design is basically stamped onto the padfolio. If your logo has one color, pad printing will work great because only one color can be stamped at a time.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer uses a hot iron to press your design onto the padfolio. It works best with fabric padfolios because of the high temperature.

Screen Printing

The most budget-friendly option is screen printing. If you have a single-color design, this imprint option will work best.

When it comes to customizing padfolios, less is more. Keeping your design clean and simple will help make it look professional and refined.

What Can You Put on a Padfolio?

Deciding just what you want on your padfolio can seem like an impossible task. Whether you want to advertise your company, law firm, or consulting services, you’ll need an attractive design.

Consider printing any of the following:

Company or Organization Name

A simple place to start is just adding a company name. Short, sweet, and to the point! You can sneak your business card and contact information inside the padfolio so potential customers can remember your company’s name and get in touch with you.



If you’re a one-person show, add your monogram! Whether you’re a realtor, consultant, or independent wedding planner, you can add a gorgeous monogram that adds a personalized touch to the cover of your padfolio. What’s better, the design will help clients remember your name!


Sometimes a logo is easier to associate with a company, think the “golden arches.” Adding a logo to your padfolios is a creative way to spread the word about your brand. You can always add the full company name below the logo, or let it stand for itself.


If your company has a short slogan, consider using it to personalize your padfolios. Add a message or cause you want to spread awareness of to the cover with an attractive font. You can still add a logo or organization name depending on the space available.

Award or Recognition

Use a high-end padfolio as an award, prize, or recognition. Instead of a trophy, a padfolio is a functional item the recipient will be able to use all while displaying their accomplishment.

Regardless of how you decide to design your padfolio, you can channel your artistic side to create something people will remember. Be sure whichever design you choose is clearly legible and stands out against the padfolio’s background.

How Can You Advertise with a Padfolio?

Using padfolios to spread awareness of your brand or organization is smart because padfolios are an item people will use. Because of their dynamic design and style, padfolios can be used for nearly any industry or profession.

Corporate Gift

Whether you give them to clients or internally to employees, padfolios have a sleek design that professionals can appreciate and put to use every day. You can always include a written note for clients, or other branded items with your padfolios.

Trade Show Giveaway

Anyone who has ever attended a trade show knows it can be tricky to keep brochures, business cards, and flyers organized. A padfolio is a handy giveaway for attendees to stay organized and tote around your company name!

Coaching Staff

Coaches have playbooks, rosters, game schedules, and practice times to keep in order. A padfolio is a useful way to look professional at games and keep track of their schedules and players. You can add the team name, mascot, or colors to the design.

Teachers and Administrators

Being responsible for a lot of students is no easy feat. Teachers can use padfolios branded with their school name to keep graded papers and attendance records organized. College administrators can also recruit future students with padfolios featuring the school mascot.


Padfolios are not only useful for helping realtors keep track of closings and showings, but they can make useful gifts for new clients. A realtor can give prospective clients a padfolio with their name on it so they remember who to call when they’re ready to purchase a new home.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, you have solid ideas for advertising with a padfolio. It is officially time to customize and spread your brand!

The Bottom Line

People appreciate stuff they can actually use. Padfolios are probably one of the most useful giveaways for any industry or profession. Think about how many people can be exposed to your design just by one person carrying around a padfolio! Your colleagues, clients, or potential customers will be thankful to have an accessory they can use to get organized and look professional.

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