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If you need to advertise, it’s not a bad idea to order a bunch of USB flash drives. You may be thinking…why should I bother? After all, this is a world of Cloud storage and Google Drive. Aren’t promotional flash drives kind of old-fashioned?

In short, no. Everybody should back up their files on a USB drive because technology fails all the time. It would be devastating to lose Word docs, photos, or music simply because you didn’t have a backup.

Flash drives also happen to be a great advertising opportunity for businesses, especially those who work in technology, education, or finance. Here are the industries that should definitely use some of their marketing budget to order custom flash drives in bulk.


technology industry

You work with computers all day, which make custom flash drives the perfect pairing for your industry. Print your tech company’s logo on the front, and you can then use these flash drives as trade show giveaways or to promote new product launches.

printed executive usb flash drives

Recommended for Tech Companies: Printed Executive Flash Drives



Whether they’re for fundraisers, orientation night, or recruiting new students, your school can get a ton of use from promotional flash drives. Look for USBs that come in your school colors, and be sure to keep extras in the bookstore for your students to purchase.

custom rotate usb flash drives

Recommended for Schools & Universities: Rotate USB Flash Drive



The best custom flash drives for photographers have a high capacity. There should be enough gigabytes for your thousands of photos, so it’s easier to sift through all of the images in one spot. You can later delete anything that’s blurry or where your subjects have their eyes closed!

Type C USB Flash Drives

Recommended for Photographers: Type C USB Flash Drive (64 GB)

Art & Design

art & design

Some artists still like to paint or draw on paper, but many are now using stylus pens and tablets to create their masterpieces. If that sounds like you, save your portfolio on custom USB flash drives. These drives come in handy for animators, graphic designers, comic book illustrators, and any other artist that relies on technology.

dye sublimated flash drives

Recommended for Artists & Designers: Dye Sublimated Flash Drives



Advisors, bankers, analysts, accountants, and anyone else who works with money should keep digital records of receipts and transactions. Back these up on promotional flash drives that are printed with your company logo. Your clients will feel better knowing that you’re always double checking your numbers.

type c slide flash drives

Recommended for Finance: Type C Slide Flash Drives

Music & Entertainment

music & entertainment

CDs and vinyl records are long gone, and most musicians are uploading their songs to Spotify or Soundcloud. For that reason, the music and entertainment industry should use custom USB flash drives. A wearable flash drive is best since it won’t get in the way when you’re strumming your guitar, pouring your heart out on the microphone, or banging on the drums.

custom flash drive bracelets

Recommended for Music & Entertainment: Bracelet Flash Drives

Law Firms

law firms

Cheap flash drives are fine, but if you’re a lawyer you want your clients to think of you as more high-end. Skip the plastic USBs and instead invest in aluminum flash drives. You can have all of your client information ready to go as you travel from courtroom to courtroom.

custom aluminum flash drive

Recommended for Law Firms: Sleek Aluminum Flash Drives

Real Estate

real estate

Do you advertise on billboards and park benches? Try something new by printing your contact information on custom flash drives. They’re affordable housewarming gifts for your clients and can also be used at your agency for digital copies of closing documents, loans, and other sensitive info.

key-shaped flash drives

Recommended for Real Estate: Key-Shaped USB Drives

Travel & Tourism

travel and tourism

Your clients want to have the vacation of their dreams, so make it happen by loading all the need-to-know info on custom flash drives. This should include: hotel reservations, airline tickets, rental cars, and a list of cool tourist attractions and tasty restaurants to try on their trip.

tag-shaped flash drives

Recommended for Travel & Tourism: Tag-Shaped USB Drives



There’s nothing like holding a good book in your hands, but let’s face it, many people prefer to read ebooks. If you work in publishing, embrace custom flash drives! They’re not only good for clients, but also make editing manuscripts way easier. You can even ask your writers to use them to submit query letters and their first few chapters.

custom flash drive keychains

Recommended for Publishing: Keychain Flash Drives



Doctors and nurses have to stay on top of the latest healthcare news. Just look at the COVID-19 pandemic where new information was coming in every day. Be on the top of the game and use logo USB drives to store training manuals, guidelines, and regulations. They might even be useful giveaways for patients when it comes to bloodwork or x-rays.

custom flash drive lanyards

Recommended for Healthcare: Lanyard Flash Drives

Promotional flash drives are useful for these industries and many, many more. It’s a digital world and most everyone stores their important files and data on computers. We can’t rely on technology to never crash and burn, which is why USBs are a must!

Print your name, logo, contact information, or slogan on custom flash drives. It also doesn’t hurt to have a variety of other promotional items for business. Your friends at Quality Logo Products® are one call or email away and will help you get started!

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